Does a Pencil Go on Spring Break?

Our 10th sessions at Swift landed on the last Friday before spring break, and everyone seemed to be counting down the hours before it began. 2nd graders had been on a field trip to the Shedd Aquarium the previous day and many were still thinking about fish and octopuses! After chatting about such things we swerved over to talk about personification, and enjoyed reading “Ode to My Shoes” by Francisco X. Alarcón. Students brainstormed lists of things that could be personified in a poem, and some managed to get a first draft of a poem written. Enjoy!

Ms Urquiza
2nd Grade

Breanna V.
A backpack singing Justin Bieber songs
A pencil drinking juice
A book reading to another book
A phone eating bread

Christian C.

un reloj trata de ver su hora
un telefono se habla el misma
un silla camina
un espejo trata de verse el mismo

Diego C.
A PC that watches tv and jumps on clouds
A duck that is a millionaire
A swan that eats McDonald’s
A teddy bear that dances

Emanuel D.
An owl singing to its friend
The moon talking to earth
A dog playing board games
A fish driving a car
An acorn flying

Ms. Pendola
2nd Grade

Azarah M.
When a cloud eats a watermelon
juice gets on its white jumpsuit
sometimes seeds go in its mouth
and the cloud spits the seeds
in a pile of dirt

When the sun shaves its mustache
the mustache gets on him
and it gets in his mouth
and then he chokes and spits it out

Things That Do the Same Things As Human Do
by KeAndre W.

A dog wakes up in the morning talking about shoes
A banana walking to the grocery mart
A cat reading books

Inas F.
When a cloud is singing
sometimes birds get in her light
pink dress and all
jump ropes will fly in the sky

Ms. Reed
3rd Grade

Anjila K.
A book doing kung fu
A water bottle walking with me
A soccer ball chewing gum
A pencil kissing a pen
A pencil sharpener acting like a model

A cloud that cries when it gets a F-
on the test
An American flag eating a burger
with a Saudi flag

Sumin Cool Pro
My house doing a back flip
My book eating Momo
Mobin’s shoes smell his socks
My water bottle running faster than Mobin

Ms. Herlo
3rd Grade

The Crazy Things I Have at Home
by Moyo F.

At home I have a cat that talks,
a dog that gasps, and a crayon that

I also have a pencil that
tickles, and a raindrop that hums.

I have bird that gives kisses,
and a monkey that drives.

These are all the crazy things I have
at home.

Evlin A.

A pencil that cries every single time it writes,
a coat of wet paint that could sneeze a-choo,
Imagine a bubble that speaks every word it can think
of just until it pops
or a bead that wonders and ponders on any thoughts of
questions it may have.

Have you ever been to a recital where a flowers dances
to beautiful music?
or have you seen a bell that’s drives for miles and miles
before finding destiny

The Hard Life of An ice Cream Cone
by Abby

Ice cream running on the sun
freezing cold in the freezer
grabbed by a human feeling sad

getting grabbed by the sun
getting a friend
hiding behind a bush

laying on the sidewalk feeling tired
getting pushed by a bully feeling sad



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.