I Wish – Yo Deseo Poems @Avondale Logandale 3rd & 4th Grades – Fall 2019

Ms. Lozada

3rd Grade


Yo Deseo

Yamileth D. 


Yo deseo que mis papas ya no se enojen 

Yo deseo que yo me vaya a Ecuador

Yo deseo que mi familia sean ricos

Yo deseo que sea una futbolista

Yo deseo que tenga a mis abuelos

Yo deseo que me valla a Paris con mis primos 

Yo deseo que tengamos una casa grande

Yo deseo que cuando sea grande que tenga perritos

Yo deseo que tenga unos aretes bonitos 


Yo Deseo



Yo deseo ir a Paris

Yo deseo ver la torre de Paris

Y mirar todo desde arriba 

Yo deseo tener una casa en Paris

Yo deseo tener dos gatos

Yo deseo estar con mis amigas en París

Yo deseo ser maestra en París

Yo deseo ir con mi familia a México

Yo deseo tener un Ferrari

Yo deseo nunca perder a mi familia

Yo deseo ser inteligente

Yo deseo ser lista

Yo deseo tomar mi tiempo 


Yo deseo 

Camila C. 


Yo deseo ir a Paris

Yo deseo ir a Corea y Nueva York 

Yo deseo tener un gatito 

Yo deseo responsable 

Yo deseo ser una doctora 

Yo deseo tener hijos a los 23

Yo deseo ir a Acapulco, Guerrero 

Yo deseo tener muchos amigos

Yo deseo tener muchos regalos para navidad 

Yo deseo tener una navidad feliz

Yo deseo ser rica 


Mr. Ramos

4th Grade


I Wish 

Ariana L.


I wish for a big castle.

I wish school is only for 5 hours.

I wish for a pony that can fly.

I wish I had a bakery in my house. 

I wish I had an art room.

I wish I had my own vending machine. 

I wish I could have $100.

I wish I had an ice cream machine. 


I Wish 

Elicia N. 


I wish for a nintendo switch

I wish I got all the snake toys

I wish for another dog

I wish everybody was nice

I wish I can get a house for my mom

I wish for more video games

I wish we can transform into anything

I wish my toys could come alive

I wish I can get a dragon toy 


I wish

Leslie M.


I wish we never died

I wish I had free Robux

I wish I had a unicron

I wish I can fly

I wish I can teleport

I wish I had 91 siblings 

I wish I had 31 dogs

I wish I had 1,000 bunnies

I wish I had a pretty room

I wish I had 3 baby sisters

I wish me and my bff were best friends till we die.


I Wish

Giselle Flores


I wish I can be with my family

I wish I can buy so many toys

I wish I can have a unicorn. 

I wish I have so many LOL’s.

I wish I got all A in grades

I wish I could be the president of the United States

I wish I could never die

I wish my tio could be here so I can meet him

I wish I had so many bunnies

I wish I had $10,000.

I wish I can be really smart.

I wish I had a new house for my mom. 


Ms. Pease

4th Grade


Angeliz G.

I Wish


I wish I could rule the world.

I wish I could talk to animals. 

I wish I was a game master. 

I wish I could help the people that are sick. 

I wish I had superpowers. 

I wish I had all the toys in the world. 

I wish I was a rabbit. 

I wish I could talk to food. 

I wish I was a billionaire. 


I Wish 

Michael N.


I wish it was raining money. 

I wish I could do magic. 

I wish I could teleport. 

I wish to have all the money in the world. 

I wish to help people in the world. 

I wish for two new dogs. 

I wish for pancakes to rain down on me. 

I wish for people to be happy. 

I wish for everything I imagine. 


I WIsh

Jocyana C. 


I wish in the future I could be a famous singer.

I wish that school would be every day. 

I wish for a million puppies. 

I wish for a million puppies. 

I wish that unicorns and mermaids exist. 

I wish I had a million books. 

I wish that I‘ll have a wonderful life. 

I wish that the bad people will turn to good people. 

I wish that homeless people will earn money to buy a house. 

I wish the bad things that are happening to the earth would stop. 

I wish that I would never have bad dreams again. 

I wish that people were kind to each other. 

I wish that everyone would have a happy life. 



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.