A Day in My Life – Avondale Logandale 5th Grade – Fall 2019

For the first session of our Fall 2019 Poetry Residence we read Eve L. Ewings “notebook kid”.

We reviewed poetry elements like line, stanza, rhyme, comparison, and similies.

Ms. Pannell’s 5th graders then wrote creative poems describing a day in their life.


Ms. Pannell

5th Grade 

8:45 AM


A Day in My Life



I wake up

I hop out of my bed

Take a long breath of air and pick up 


A Day in My Life



I go to the kitchen and get chocolate milk

I walk to school I see cars and the bump in holes in the ground

“Bum, bum” “bum,bum”

I go to volleyball

I like it because of the sound when it bounces


When I get in school my heart beats fast for volleyball


When I get to math class I feel tired 

I want to sleep 


A Day in My Life

Salvador A. 


My favorite subject is reading and science

I have a dog and its still a puppy

My favorite sport is volleyball

My pattern is 

home school 

home school

home school 


My favorite season is summer

because we can play outside with my friends

and we don’t have school

that’s why I love summer break 

I also love school because our teachers are the best 

she makes me happy 

I love to learn 

that’s why school is important

I love school 

I also love poetry 


Ms. Pannell

5th Grade 

10:00 AM


Un Dia En Mi Vida

Franklin L.


Yo estoy orgulloso de ver a mis padres

durante tanto tiempo

ha sido 10 anos 

esos 10 anos he vivido con mis abuelitos

pero no me gusta llamarlos abuelitos 

me gusta decir mami o papi 

ellos me hacian mucha comida deliciosa

y si no ibamos a un restaurante 

ahi comiamos un platano con queso 

aso me hacia sentir bien 

todos los dias tambien ibamos a vender 

juntos en muchas ciudades

ademas me pusieron en una escuela 

y ahi estudiaba dibujo 


A Day in My Life 

Michael S. 


Yo whats up kid who comes school

kid who goes to taekwondo and gets yelled at and does 100 pushups

kid who goes to area 51 and naruto runs

kid who wakes up and says “mama quieres que te lave los trastes?”

kid who likes to do math

kid who thought as a little kid you did a crime for stealing a rock

kid who needs a gas mask because asando chile

kid who cries when he cant get his way 


Un Dia en Mi Vida

Stalin M.


me voy a despertar y voy a comer un helado 

después me voy a jugar en el parque con mis amigos 

Y después me voy a mi casa para comer en la tarde


Ms. Pannell

5th Grade 

12:10 AM


A Day in My Life

Dylan V.


When I wake up in the morning

I’m tired

When I wake up my favorite food is crepas

I always go to my room

it looks like I’m in a big jail 

When I run I think of myself as a cheetah

When I go to a field I think that I am free

I want to be a soccer player

When I do poetry I think of my feeling

When I am sad I am rainclouds

When I feel mad I’m a volcano 


A Day in My Life

Brayan A.


All the days when I wake up 

the first thing I see is the sun 

Shiny and bright

the moon getting away 

Smelling the delicious drink that I love in the morning

the coffee with cookies

then in the afternoon the sun getting away

in the night

I see the beautiful moon and stars

then sleeping in my comfy bed


A Day in My Life

Adamaris S.


Sunshine rushing through a window

Reading amulet on a busy car ride 

getting to my aunt and uncles house 

Hey, let’s get back on the road

Going to see my cousins from Iowa

I peek out the window

I see cows and farms and the plains

Hours and hours go by

Never-ending road

made by many stops for food and bathroom

Finally, we spot the house

we say hi to my cousins or one day

The next day we go back home.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.