“I see the ocean dancing” ~ Writing to Music @ Avondale Logandale

Last week, we explored using soundscapes and music as inspiration for writing poetry. We read orchestra composer John Luther Adams’ poetic description of his  classical movement, “Become Desert,” while listening to the music. We had lots of fun brainstorming and writing the first thing that different styles of music and nature sounds make us see in our minds.  After our brainstorm session, I asked the students to listen carefully to a xylophone and marimba arrangement, Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint by Steve Reich, and let it guide them to imagine a scene in their mind, and write a poem or story about it using imagery and language that appeals to the five senses.

Scroll down to enjoy this week’s published poems written to music!


Ms. Lozada
4th Grade


A Tropical Song
Melany F.

A tropical forest
A bear dancing
I see the trees jumping
I see the ocean dancing
I see the monkeys singing
A tiger attacking a bear
I see the earth jumping
A person is drumming



Jasmin M.

I feel like I’m in the forest.
I feel like a flower.
I feel like a xylophone.
I feel like a monkey.
I feel like an apple.
I feel like a banana.
I feel like a tree.
I feel like a water stream.
I feel like a bunny.
I feel like a turtle.
I feel like a unicorn.
I feel like a bee.



End Game
Henry A.

A ringtone
It sounds like xylophones
Skeletons dancing
Monkeys going bananas
Under the sea sound
Fortnite music
Mario’s theme song
I feel calm

Dancing my way to heaven
Hawaii music



Salvador A.

I hear the people calling.
I hear monkeys running around.
I hear birds singing.
I hear a tiger singing.
I hear a jungle with different kinds of animals.
I hear people singing roses are red,
violets are blue.
That’s the song they’re singing.
I hear singing.
Jingle bell, jingle bell swing and
Jingle bell ring.



The Song
Michael S.

I see a car parking.
It is very quiet but old.
It is at a sushi place in Asia,
but it looks like a museum.
It looks super expensive,
but it is actually kind of cheap,
but it is super good,
and it has a forest inside.
there are birds, tigers, parrots,
and even jaguars,
but they don’t eat food
they just walk around.
Then I see,
the people walking out the restaurant.


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


Song Poems Adventure
Zakaylee F.

A xylophone playing
Playing in the beach
Playing a piano
A drumbeat beating
A roller coaster rolling
Hula dancers dancing
Pocket of bows
People hitting a box
A panda climbing
Mice playing
A Rainbow dancing
A dog flying



Hip Hop
Ariana L.

I see a bunch of colors.
I feel very warm.
I hear a lot of things.
I see people dancing.
I see people running to the water.



Lula Q.

Bear eating honey.
Dog chasing birds.
Bus coming, birds fly away.
Monkeys making banana pie.
Dogs scaring people away.
A woman crossing the street.
Picking apples from trees.
Rain slowing down.
People walking to the park.
Cars passing by me.
The king of monkeys is finding bananas.
Eating all the bananas.



Adriana L.

I see lions.
I see tigers.
I see people.
I see birds.
I see trees.
I see animals.
I see leaves.
I see skeletons.
I see pigeons.



Pop Mix
Nialaney G.

I hear 1-2-3-4 beats.
I hear people dancing.
I hear ding-ding-ding, pop-pop-pop!
I feel I am ready to move to,
to the beat.

I hear a drum beating boom-boom-boom.
I hear a bell ding-ding-ding.
I hear boom-boom-ding.



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade


Tap, Tap Music
Andrivel Q.

It reminds of a phone ringing.
It reminds me of a tropical forest.
It reminds me of birds flying.
It reminds me of Leprechaun’s Day.
It reminds me of people dancing.
It reminds me of birds dancing.
It might be a challenge.
It reminds me of birds.
It reminds me of animals.
It reminds me of a wedding.
It reminds me of the movie Rapunzel.



Mitzielys T.

Somebody tapping on the computer.
Polar bear’s making music with the ice.
A phone calling or ringing.
Flamingos having a party.
Someone painting so fast.
Water falling from the sky.
Monkeys eating bananas.
Somebody hearing the river.
The ants carrying food.
Birds playing with a ball.
A jungle with all the animals having a party.
Flowers communicating.



Untitled Story Poem
Jocelyn M.

I hear a xylophone going really fast.
I see it in a jungle.
It’s going in a rhythm.
It’s sunny and there’s a lake,
and a water fountain.
I see monkeys dancing.
I see fishes dancing in the water
and up to the air they come to dance!

Then, we were dancing and singing:
Move your feet, everybody!
Raise your hands!
We are in the forest dancing!

Then an elephant came and asked,
“Can I dance too?”
“Yes!” I said to the elephant.
Then, I said, “I wish this never stops!
Let’s dance!”

The music makes you dance
with all the animals.
It was going fast!
Everybody danced faster
than you ever danced in your life!

Then the party stopped.



Daisy E.

The phone is ringing.
There’s a ballerina dancing.
We are in the house.
The fishies are dancing.
Someone is taking xylophone lessons.
The ocean is waving.
The earth is dancing.
Everything is waving around.
Worms are waving.
Your heart is dancing everywhere.
The clock is going tick-tock.



Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Isaac O.

I see people meditating.
I see a monkey dancing.
I see a volcano erupting.

I see a snake eating food.
I see a lion growling.
I see a tiger running.
I see a dinosaur running from the zoo.

I see a ball hitting a tin can.
I see a rhino running from the zoo.



I Hear…
Leah F.

I hear music.
I hear sounds.
I hear colors.
I hear peeking.
I hear clicks.
I hear dogs.
I hear barking.
I hear rainbows.
I hear Snow White.
I hear singing.
I hear love.
I hear people.
I hear birds.
I hear ponies.
I hear flutes.
I hear bats.
I hear pop.
I hear popcorn.
I hear Manny talking.
I hear honking.



Seeing Music
Angel L.

I see a person playing the violin.
I see a frog jumping in the lake.
I see a party.
I see a mystery.
I see a game.
I see a dog with a ball of energy.
I see a xylophone.
I see a computer keyboard.
I see leaves falling off a tree.
I see someone banging on a tree.
I see someone playing music for a monkey.
I see someone playing.



Going to the Forests
Alma A.

I hear music.
I hear sounds in the sky.
I smell bananas and apples.
I see sounds in the sky.
I see a xylophone in the sky.
I see books in the sky.
I feel slime in the sky.
I see birds in the sky.
I see frogs in the sky.
I see monsters in the sky.
I feel a jump rope in the sky.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.