“I give the thoughts that speak through my heart”

I was pleased to be invited to return to Swift as a poet in residence, again – this is year five! For our first session of this school year’s residency, it was all about getting acquainted, and, in the case of the 3rd graders (who were last year’s 2nd graders) getting re-acquainted! When I asked the 3rd graders if they felt they were different from when they were in the 2nd grade, some shared that they had grown taller, were less shy, and had improved in reading and math.  I had to give a lot of first bumps! We talked about the poetry residency as art class with words before reading and discussing my poem, “You Can Call Me Friend,” which is adapted from the Bio Poem format as a way to introduce oneself. I loved line 9 of Evlin’s poem so much, that I had to borrow it to title this blog post – Enjoy! 

Ms. Urquiza
2nd Grade

Avril la bonita
by Avril B.

My name is Avril
I am happy and silly and I like to paint
I am a girl
I love my Mom and Dad
I feel happy and cute
I need a sister
yo doy amor
yo tengo miedo a nada
me gustaría ver un oricornio
vivo en Chicago


All About Kingston
by Kingston D.

My name is Kingston
I am a person who will look at the night stars
I love my ancestors
and I always will
I feel like the god of Brazil or the god of Africa
I’ll always feel mixed
I am afraid I will always be happy
I would like to see my great grandpa
who was in the army.
Just call me silly


This is All About Me
by Diego C.

My name is Diego
I am good and smart and kind,
funny, cool, and I like to draw
I am a friend and brother
I love running and drawing
I feel happy
I need some times help
I give hugs and hi-fives
I am afraid of heights
I would like to see Sonic Running
I live in Edgewater
Just call me friend.

Ms. Pendola
2nd Grade

Introducing Myself
by Minnah 

My name is Minnah
I am kind, funny, silly, and nice
I am a friend to Sosan
I love making friends
I feel happy all the time
I need my friends when I need help
I give bracelets to my friends
I am afraid of the dark
I would like to see everything
I live in Chicago
Just call me Minnah


Myself Poem
by Sosan

My name is Sosan
I am smart, medium and kind and
I like science and art
I am a friend to Minnah
I love my pet mouse
I feel good
I need an artist to teach me
I give love
I am afraid of a spider
I would like to see my cousins
I live with my family
Just call me Star.


by Lea

My name is Lea
I am a puppy lover
I am a tall girl
I love puppies
I feel happy
I need books to be smart
I give love
I am afraid of sharks
I would like to see Harry Potter
I live in Chicago
Just call me Lea


Ms. Herlo
3rd Grade

Ryan V.

My name is Ryan
I am a boy.  I like food and coffee.
I like birds.
I am the oldest brother
I love my pet bird, Grey
I feel happy
I need nothing
I give my toys
I am afraid my pet bird would die
I would like to see WWII stuff
I live in the U.S.A.
Just call me Short Man or Ryan.


A World of Imagination
by Evlin

My name is Evlin
I am special, loved, strong, powerful, sassy
informative, and intelligent
I am the cousin of my baby cousin: Nova
I love my ideas because they warm my brain
and cool anger
I feel calm – relaxed
I need food and water to feed my brain for my poetry
I give the thoughts that speak through my heart
I am afraid of sorrows pushing through the last peace on earth
I would like to see Paris, to see the Eiffel Tower and “Mona Lisa”
I live in color
painting my mind smart with stories
Just call me happy


Things I Think About Myself
by Ikeyah C.

My name is Ikeyah
I am kind, nice, brave, proud,
moody, and a lover
I am friendly and helpful
I love when my mom or dad
make breakfast in bed
I feel mad when I have to leave school
I need more attention and food
I give love, gifts, treats
I am afraid of ants, spiders, and mean people
I would like to see my Grandma that’s in heaven
I live with my mom and dad
Just call me bestie, friend, or Ikeyah.


Ms. Reed
3rd Grade

Sirisha’s Life
by Sirisha

My name is Sirisha
I am kind, getting good at math, a student,
and I am getting better at reading
I am Stella’s and Anjila’s friends also
Ms. Reed’s
I love my family
I feel excited when I hear my teacher saying my class is going
to a field trip
I give out hugs
I am afraid of the dark
I would like to see stars in the sky at night
I live near Edgewater
Just call me Sirisha, or best friend


Me and Myself
by Sumin K.

My name is Sumin
I am good at math, good at solving 2 by 2 rubik’s cube,
creative, and curious
I am the son of Santosh and Yamkala
I love my dad and mom and sister,
and pokemon
I feel awesome when I finish work
I need more Pokemon cards and rubik’s cubes
I give gifts to my friend’s birthday
I am afraid of the dark
I would like to see Japan
I live in Chicago near Lake Michigan
Just call me Sumin Cool Pro 

All About Me Being Rizzy
by Mobin M.

My name is Mobin
I am creative, better at soccer, and tall
I am a brother, a friend of Suhash and Sumin
I love my mom, dad, and sister
I feel happy
I need more money and robux
I give presents
I am afraid of the dark
I would like to see my family
I live in Chicago
Just call me Mobin or Buddy, or Rizzy















“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.