“I am as creative as an artist” Figurative Language at Dulles

In Mr. Bridges’ Poetry Specials, we talked about using similes and metaphors to make comparisons in our poems. For examples, we read through translations of Issa and Buson’s haiku, and Francisco X. Alarcon’s On Monday I Feel Like a Dragon. We wrote poems about ourselves and what we’re like, and then wrote poems about our loved ones using figurative language. Check out some of our pieces below:


Mr. Bridges

4th-6th Grade


By Maliyah V.


My sister is a


My dad car is a


My sister is


My uncle was

Bob the Builder

My bed is


My hair was a


My writing is a



I Can Take Advice

By Santana P.


I’m lazy like a sloth

I’m brave like a bear

I be taking people advice like

a game that I can beat



By Amerie P.


I am as brave as a bear. I have

nothing to fear

I am as creative as a artist.

I like to draw things

I am as early as a bird. I

like to be on time



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.