How to Write a Recipe Poem

Last week Shoesmith 4th grade discussed ingredients, instructions, and actions for things that they know how to do well, and foods they know how to prepare.  We read and discussed a poem by Shoesmith student, Nyah D., aka Peg Leg Gumbo Dupree, who wrote “Recipe for the Blues” last year.  Then students got busy writing their own Recipe Poems. Even Ms. Lehner wrote a fine poem that she titled “Recipe for How to Get Lost in a Book!” Enjoy!

Ms. Lehner
2nd Grade

Recipe for Life
Laniya W.

To have life you need 1 cup of being a newborn
To have life you need 2 cups of being fed
To have life you need 2 gallons of it becoming your first birthday
To have life you need 3 tablespoons of becoming older
To have life you need 5 grams of it becoming your first day of school
To have life you need 7 gallons of learning new things
To have life you need 8 drops of having new friends
To have life you need 4/8 cups of getting taller
To have life you need 5 drops of losing your friends
To have life you need 10 cups of moving to a new house
To have life you need 15 gallons of becoming an adult
To have life you need 20 cups of moving out
To have life you need 10 cups of getting your house
that’s how you have and make life.


How To Get Smart Overnight
Anthony H.

Read a book before bed
Think about what you know
Experiment on what you’ve
done and make it better and your IQ will
be 165 or even more

do all the work you can until
your hands hurt six times
a night.
if you plan to stop, close
the door because if you started
you can’t hold back anymore

give yourself a hard question
answer it six times until
you get it in your head

together these ingredients
come to 177 gallons of IQ


The Recipe of Family
Harmony H.

You’ll have to sprinkle a gallon
full of happiness and
smiling and breathe a sun
full of oxygen

Spin the power of love
in your brain and an elephant
full of hugs and kisses

A mouse full of hard
times, an eternity full of

A water bottle full of
helping wash the dishes


Recipe for a Great Summer
Kamya J.

First, you need a gallon of good
grades so you don’t have to
go to summer school. Make sure
the stove is on 1000 degrees.
We need it to be hot.
Sauté some good summer
energy. Season with some sleeping
powder for good nights of rest
for fun days. Pour some water
park fun.

Sauté prank tickets for
an adventure.


How to be a gamer god
Rashaun T.

First, you need to fry 2 cups of
teamwork. Next, you need
to stir 2 gallons of experience.
Then you mix 4 teaspoons of
courage. Also, you need a tablespoon
of grinding. After, you will need
7.5 handfuls of games, and a group
full of friends. You need a box
of game stations, then, one
person name Dominic, and that’s
all you need to be a gamer

4th Grade – Group 2


How to Forget Your Homework
Kameron P.

I forgot my homework
my heart was sliced in half
I made excuses. It was hard I can feel my
blood baking then it was boring.
my heart stopped. she said she
is calling my mom. It was 2 cups of
silence and a handful of tears and
a liter of tears ready to go down
and pouring tears in my eyes.


How to Be a Baker
Leelah H.

First mix 5 teaspoons of
knowing how to bake. Now pour
20 gallons of supplies. Soon after
toss in 1M handfuls of money. Then
use a pot spoon to stir 15 pinches
of aprons. After that chop 30
dashes of bricks to build the
bakery. Afterwards, season with 16
sprinkles of decorations. In the
meanwhile, mash up 3 table
spoons of food.


Recipe for Annoying Your Brother
Precious Y.

First throw things
at him for no reason

and turn off the
tv on his favorite

2 teaspoons of playing
loud music while he
is on the phone.

A pinch of yelling
while he’s doing

The last step is
taking his phone,
eating his brownies,
and turning off
his game while
he’s playing.


How to taste Animé
JaMarr N.

Animé is a cartoon many
people watch. It is interesting
and very cool. let me help
you taste it. you might
have heard of Dragon ball, demon
slayer, naruto, boku no hero academia?
Hop right in and you will
love the story and character development.


How to be mad
Taniya H. / Big Foot Parker

Stir 400 cups of yelling
Pour 20 cups of crying
Dice 10 bottles of bullying
Blend 100 of your happiness
Fry 100 of your enemies
Season one of your fights
Bake it all…
You’re left with how to be mad.


How to be a soccer player
Omari L.

First you will need a soccer ball and soccer field
to train 2 or 3 hours a day
Mix with 5 hours of hard work
Stir the training with 2 teaspoons of the arena
where lights and fans are spinning to make
cool air
Listen to the 3 guys who talk about soccer
players and the managers.
There will be raters, crowds, producers
and cameramen, too.


A Recipe for a Nice Life
Mason F.

First you blend 5 cups of sleep
the you boil 3 tablespoons of gaming
next you chop 1000 gallons of family
then you have to season 3000 cups of good food
for extra well you bake 5 sprinkles of pets and animals
of course you fry 50 truckloads of fun
and for some extra SPICE you freeze 89 handfuls of sleeping
Last but not least you need 1 pinch of education and learning






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.