Enchanted Masks

This week at Shoesmith we learned about persona poetry, where the poet puts on the identity of someone else. In Greek the word persona means mask. Large masks were often worn by Greek actors in a theater performance to differentiate between various characters. Together we read fantasy writer Jane Yolen’s poem “Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary.” Yolen is known for giving a modern spin on well-known fairytales. In her poem Yolen takes on the persona of Beauty who is now an old woman celebrating the anniversary of her marriage to Beast. In Yolen’s version of this fairytale the Beast never turns back into a human prince. Through Beauty’s eyes we see how she stills loves the Beast, but regrets not having children. This made students question what happens after the Happily Ever After.

Inspired by Yolen, students put on enchanted masks, taking the personas of heroes, villains, and minor characters, allowing their unique voices to be heard, and giving readers new ideas about these classic tales. Enjoy this week’s published poems.


                                               Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                              Group 1


The Mouse from Cinderella
Sergio D.

I was so nice, for a small
white mouse.

I could be a good character.
Why was I created to help
if I’m not important?

That brat Cinderella let
the dress get ripped by
her goddang stepsisters.
Why me! Why now!

Walt Disney please take me
away. I should be in a Pixar
movie. I quit!


Rapunzel’s Mom
Nyla G.

She doesn’t need her hair.
she deserves to be bald.
My spell backfired.
I didn’t want her to have
glowy hair, shining like a
golden star at night.

I wanted a daughter,
but not one with so
many problems.

Hair waxy like the candles.
I’m her mom, she was
born with it!


The Cinderella Tale
Xavier H.S.

I wanted to leave the ball at
midnight, because I didn’t like
the prince.

I didn’t like his hair because it
was black.

And honestly, he kinda looked
like a rat. He also couldn’t rap.

But his brother could!



                                           Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
                                                          Group 2


Kalisse D.

I trick mermaids for their souls.
So, when they don’t get a kiss
they have to swim back home.
I always take and never borrow
the souls to make myself more


The Wolf from Red Riding Hood
Quinai K.

I stalk Red Riding Hood in the woods.
I’ll turn Red and her entire family into
a large buffet of food.

Maybe I will eat the basket of cookies first.
Which will make me get a real thirst,
for tasty Grandma and little Red.


Regina, the Evil Queen
Kaleigh R.

I’m more beautiful than Snow White
and Red Riding Hood.

I’m the girl that cried for my lost
love Robin Hood.

Being evil was never my dream,
but evil, evil, evil is all people
ever see.

But if I’m not an evil Queen.
who else can I be?



                                           Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                         Group 1


The Big Bad Wolf
Cole B.

I eat what I want.
I have no regrets.
I’m the baddest of them all.

Don’t make me mad.
I’ll knock your house down.
I love no one, but myself.

I’m gray, white and hungry.
Don’t step in my presence.
I love the taste of pigs.

My lung capacity will scare you.
Your house will be no more.
I never run out of breath.

Don’t look at me.
I’ll make you regret it.
I’m the one in charge.


I’m the Mistress of Evil
NGone D.

I was never evil.
My sister the queen, betrayed me.
Yet, her daughter is my only love.

In the royal family,
I was the hated child.
They didn’t care for me.
They didn’t even invite me
to Aurora’s baby shower!

Yet, they lock me up.
They try to strip me of my power.
I will get my vengeance.

But no one knows my part of the story.
And I’m the bad guy.

I wasn’t the bad guy.
My sister was.
She wasn’t supposed to get
the throne.
She lied, she manipulated
But its ok.

Because I will get my Happily Ever After.


Free Rapunzel
Brooke S.

I know that I am basically a prisoner,
but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable
of anything.

I grab my rope, pan, and chair.
I don’t need a boy to climb my hair.

He came in my tower and I banged
with power. He woke up tied to a

The weird, evil witch has left and now
I have to handle this kid.

I can escape by myself with no one else.
I don’t need him to leave. My healing hair
I thought was weave. But I know
I’m special.

I will escape with this boy.
I must leave to find my family.



                                            Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
                                                          Group 2


Maleficent’s Backstory
Amir B.

Ok here’s the reason why I’m so evil,
because I did something super lethal.
So listen to my story. If I didn’t do
this. I wouldn’t have had all the glory.

So, I went out with this royal, as I expected
it didn’t go well. I was accused of not being

Don’t care anymore, tried to be friends,
but turns out our relationship all together
is dead. It all had to come to an end.

So yeah, it’s kind of a letdown. But I
feel good doing what I do now.


Grumpy from Snow White
Tsehai D.

For once I’m not grumpy.
I’m actually quite hungry.
Snow White never takes care of else.
Even though we took care of her.

We dwarves still love her,
even though she never shows it.
But we are getting quite old.

I hope she doesn’t forget us.


Tiana from Princess and the Frog
Bailey L.

My name is Tiana, I love my restaurant.
It was recently established, but make
sure to stop by. I met this boy named
Naveen. But I’m playing hard to get.

All I know is that Dr. Facilier needs to
sit down. I did nothing wrong. Every
time I see Naveen. I get butterflies.
I just won’t admit it.

He is kinda self-absorbed,
but he is actually kinda charming.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.