Empowering voices from 5th & 6th graders

For our 6th week of poetry, 5th and 6th graders explored slam competitions and spoken work poetry. A slam competition is where poets perform spoken word poetry in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. Together we watched a video recording of the 2016 Louder than A Bomb Team has they performed their spoken word poem at the We Day Celebration in Chicago. The team consisted of young teen boys and girls who used rhythm, repetition, elements of storytelling and hip hop to describe the power of their own unique voices.

Malala taught me my voice is a conch shell
full of power
for every teen who can’t wear a hood
in their hood for every teen who’s never
heard but always see. Your voice can be a
picket sign, your words can cast spells,
speak the city you want to see into
existence. Your voice matters.
When you speak, you change the world
with every syllable


Inspired by the Louder Than a Bomb team, 5th and 6th graders wrote spoken word poems describing how their voices can empower themselves, their loved ones, and communities.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


My Voice is Powerful
by Caden B.

My voice is powerful.

My voice is louder than a protest.

My voice is like a cougar.

My voice is louder than an elephant.

My voice is like a dirt bike.



My Voice Is…
by Latasha B.

My voice is an earthquake, power and wants to be heard.
My voice is a siren, loud and wants to be heard.
My voice is a siren’s song, it attracts attention.

My voice is an oak tree, it stands tall, and it stands proud.

My voice is a samurai sword, you won’t see through it.
My voice is a poem, it makes a difference.
My voice is a pencil with no eraser, it won’t make mistakes.

My voice is meant to be heard.

My voice is me.


My Voice
by Jamarr N. 

My voice is a rollercoaster of emotions.
My voice is water, changing flows.

My voice is automatic, changing tones.
My voice is deep like the ocean.

My voice is as beautiful as flowers.


Zoe’s Voice
By Zoe S.H.

My voice is powerful like
an unbreakable metal.

My voice is always spoken with courage.
Never being broken.

My voice is as bright as the stars,
shining at the dead of night.

My voice is strong like
a march for our rights.

My voice is the art shown
in a museum.

My voice is like my grandpa’s,
loving, once caring.

My voice might be loud at times,
but will always make me.

I’m part of the people I love and respect.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


My Voice
by Amare H.

My voice gets me in trouble.

My voice is louder than an ice cream truck.

My voice matters when I speak.

My voice taught me never to be scared.

My voice is for people who can’t talk.

My voice is powerful.


My Voice
by Jamayle H.

My voice is scary, it’s like a monster
under your bed.

My voice is loud, it can bust
your eardrums with one word.

My voice is mine, I don’t need
a filter to change it.

My voice is shiny, it like the sparkles
on jewelry.

My voice is strong, it doesn’t need
to be corrected because it’s never wrong.

My voice is drained, it goes into your ears
like its pouring rain.


Spitting Fact
by Akira S.

My voice spits flaming facts.
My voice is spicy as hot sauce.
My voice is a meaning of power.
My voice is intelligent work of art.

My voice is violet, like the night sky.
My voice is a fast and smart talker.
My voice a musical instrument,
like a saxophone.

My voice is my lifetime talk spear
My voice is a talking moonwalker.


My Voice
by Kyrie W.A.

My voice is like a hole in the ground.

My voice is squeaky like a mouse.

My voice is strong as a brick.

My voice is loud like a dirt bike.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
Group 1


My Voice
By Grace A. 

My voice gets tested when people say I’m not right.
My voice is like paint, chooses when it wants
to respond.

My voice is like a pretzel, I can be salty.
But I can also be soft and sweet.

My voice is like a protector,
it can be defensive.

My voice will never be in the dark,
it will always be kept in the light.


My Voice Will Be 
By Zamarrion A.R.

My voice will be a shield.
My voice will be strong like a rock.
My voice will be as strong as a force field.

My voice will be like rain,
it will make people grow.

My voice will be like a house,
it can withstand anything.

My voice will be a microphone,
it getas louder.

My voice will be like the dark,
people are scared of it.

My voice will be like a bat,
people will not know, I’m there.


You Can Hear Me? 
By Kyliegh F.

My voice has a choice.
It chooses who it reaches,
never overheard.

Told someone what happened,
now its a lie.

My voice told no story,
but you believe the actually author.
How could you not see that they
are the imposter.
The one committed the slaughter,
who casted the roll of the slaughtered,
a true actor.

But my voice is now the slacker?
Hiding from the attacker.
Well, when you take my voice,
I no longer equip a knife.

But now she’s dropped the cloak
and you see from the same eye, as I.



My Voice Is Different
By Aleah G.

My voice is strong.
My voice is like a storm.

My voice sounds like pouring water.
My voice is like a cow eating green grass.

My voice is like an action movie.
My voice is the voice of my mom, Chloe.

My voice is like an R & B band.
My voice sounds like a violin.

My voice is like a loudspeaker.


My Voice
By Vincent W.

My voice is deep as the ocean.
My voice is ice cold.

My voice is like art.
My voice is like a running car.

My voice is like hip hop music.



Ms. Henry’s 6th grade
   Group 2


My Power, My Voice
by Azaria A.

My voice is like stone, its hard
My voice is like a monkey, its wild, its loud.

My voice is like a bear
I’m funny and fearless.

I’m smart and self-confident., it scares people away.
My voice is like a cube of ice.

My voice is the ball on the court.
My voice is powerful.


My Voice
By Nyah D.

My voice is as loud as thunder (boom).
My voice shines like lightening.

My voice is as soft as a cloud.
My voice is a party full of thoughts.

My voice is as pretty as a sunset.

My voice is as strong as a storm.

My voice is powerful, like my soul.
Speaking truth into existence.

My voice.


My Voice
By Rocky L.

My voice is a choir singing their hearts out.
I won’t hesitate to scream and shout.

My voice is an engineer making an invention.
I’m a leader, I’m the one giving detention.

My voice is popular, to see me you
wouldn’t need binoculars.

My voice is not a liar, I am open
with no barriers.


My Voice
By Josiah R.

My voice is hot and spicy like a pepper.
My voice shines on dark areas.

My voice gives power like MLK.
My voice is like an energy surge,
powerful and shocking.

My voice is tall like a giant on a mountain.
My voice is like a speaker, booming and loud.

My voice is sweet and sour like a sour patch kid.
My voice is a motor, non-stop talking.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.