Elephants: Why are your eyes the same as my uncle’s?

This week the Avondale Logandale 4th graders read Blake’s “Tyger” and then wrote a poem to a mysterious animal. For their poem, they could ask the animal any questions they wished. You might recall that last week we introduced the notion of line, and this week we added stanzas.

Below you will find not only ingenious questions and mysterious poems, but you’ll also find that a number of students really took a cue from Blake’s cadence and rhythm, and you can hear it below. Enjoy!

Room 216

Zicharee S.

Zebras, zebras, zebras, why don’t
they try to kill me? When will
they act fearful?

In what area will they act
calm? Will they ever realize
they’re not alone?

Will they feel courageous? When
will they realize they are mythical?

Elephants and Dolphins
Adamari Z.

Why do you stomp loud?
Why do you swim instead of walk?

Why do you have trunks?
Why do you have fins?

Why are your eyes the same
as my uncle’s?
Why are your eyes black
like mine?

Elephants and Dolphins here, see 'em
Elephants and Dolphins here, see ’em


How Bat
Uriel G.

Dear bat were you
born in the sky?
Why do you sleep in the day?
How do you eat?

Do you have plastic wings?
How do you shower?
Do you have stinky breath?

David F.

Why so
brown, white,
and black?

Why so
slow and

What animal
is friendly
to you?

What animal
is not friendly
to you?

Solfabiola G.

Turtle Turtle how could you be
that slow, sometimes you could
be as green as some plants

How did you get your hexagon
shaped shell, its like a soccer ball

Does it hurt when you put your
head inside your shell, maybe
do you think you could use
turbo shoes

Your friend could be someone
that has the same speed as you,
for you to catch up with, maybe
a snail.

Can’t you hold your breath
underwater like a mermaid?

Room 214

The Wolf

Isaly M.

Wolf, wolf
glowing eyes
deep in the
night growling
and snarling

To get your
prey wolf
can you survive
for years and years?

Come to howl
at the moon
if you desire.
Paw prints in
the deep, deep water

Of the sand with
sharp claws and
sharp teeth

The wolf will get you
if you come to me.

Wild Cat
Alex T.

Wildcat how do you live?
I am a tiger I know how I live.

We are different types of cats
but we are cats.

You survive with meat and heat
and so do I but not so much meat.

Your family is wild
My family is not that wild.

The Panda
Brianna G.

What is your secret
Those mysterious round
black eyes, oh I wonder,
Oh yes I wonder.

Why do you have to
eat bamboo, why
can’t you eat strawberry
or vanilla ice cream?

Tell me if you
can but just
tell me!

King Cobra
Caleb C.

Why do they call you King Cobra?
Are you the king of all the cobras?

But is there a queen cobra?
Do you have a castle?

And do you have
a daughter princess cobra?

The Dangerous Animal
Makail S.

How did you get on this earth?
Are you a dangerous animal?
Did robots make you?
How tall are you?
Are you strong?
Are you made from robots?

Room 215

Dear Ox
Cristian G.

Are you an
angel? How
are your kind
of animal

Are you
an alien?
Did you
come from
a species
of dinosaur?

Were you
made in space?

Jelly Fish
Lucila R.

Jelly fish, Jelly fish tell me
Why do you sting today?
Why have you no eyes or teeth?

In what distance do you float?
Pink or purple is the glow,
What’s the flavor of night today?

Squiggly body floating
Tell me why like to jiggle?
Bye bye jelly fish in the night.

The Snake
Daniel L.

Snake snake in the forests
What big body? How big
are your venom teeth?

Snake are you bad or good?
And you’re strong?
Your scales are always there.

You’re strong in the forest.
But familiar in town.

Jaguar Questions
Andy R.

Jaguar are you a meat eater or a vegetarian?
Are you mean or are you a nice jaguar?
Are you playful or are you boring?
Are you a sad jaguar or a happy jaguar?
Are you jumpy or do you always stay put?
Are you smart or do you not know some stuff?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.