It was a densely foggy morning as I drove to Skinner West for this week’s residency—the perfect start to a day where we read and discussed Octavio Paz‘s “Wind, Water, Stone.” The first thing students noticed was the repetition of the three elements in the title, which also appear throughout the poem’s stanzas in various iterations. Rather than relying on narrative, Paz coaxes his readers to contemplate the relationships between wind, water, and stone, as well as their interdependence, by using various literary devices we’ve studied so far (imagery, personification, rhyme) and also alliteration.

For their own poems, students were asked to write about weather.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

Season Gods
Aadhya H.

She shivers shrieking squirrels,
With hers turning to icy statues
Until March’s arrival.

Big, broad, bright blooms
As May’s tears comfort rivers,
When the next month comes.

Shimmering, shining sun,
Sparkling with God’s joy,
Until late August.

Mourning maple leaves,
A breezy season, bittersweet . . .
. . . but here comes December . . .
. . . on the thirty-first day,
And as the month ends,
A new year starts—

Siddhesh G.

Wind can move water
sun can move water
clouds can move water

when the wind grows strong
the leaves will fall

when the sun grows hot
homes are powered

when the clouds are sad
the water will fall

Whispering Weather
Charissa N.

The weather
whispers to me.
It says there is
a secret in the skies.

The wind
gives a warning to me.
The clouds
are calling.
The heart
of the hail has
The lightning
is luring me in and listening
to my thoughts.
The thunder
has turned.
What a tragic day.

The rain
is roaring,
to retreat.
The fog has fallen.
Forever fatal and forgotten.

The murmur of the moon
may be magic,
but majestic.
And at the end,
we have to save the sun.

each of these thoughts
are real,
but because
the weather is whispering to me.

Kendall P.

Wind, water, fire
water stops fire
wind scatters water
fire burns wind
wind, fire, water

fire, water, wind

fire burns wind
water extinguishes fire
wind scatters water

fire, water, wind

wind, fire, water

wind scatters water
fire stops wind
water stops fire

wind sings it’s swirling

water murmurs


The Weather Today
Olivia W.

The weather today is sad
The fog covers up the track,

So no sunlight to shine,
So bright in the sky,

The fog can settle at last.

Ms. Ball, 4th Grade

Bella J.

When she said wind water stone
I think she was talking about
the weather and when she said
wind scatters water I think she
was talking about throwing a
stone in the water and then
she said that water escapes and
wind I think she was talking about
how strong the wind was
and when she said wind sings
in its whirling I think she
meant a tornado.

Leticia L.

Weather feels nice
but weather is cruel too!
When it’s sunny or warm outside,
the weather feels good & calming,
but when it comes to rain & cold,
the weather becomes cruel.
Weather can be a good thing
but can also be pretty bad.
Enjoy the weather
& have some fun!

Cold Wind
Travion M.

wind blows out wind moves the
water into waves

Rose P.

Hail is rain
and rain is
hail. Hail is
made by rain.
Hail is a
bit of
pain. It’s
hard drops
of water
from the
sky but
very sly.
Hail is water mixed with
ice. You may have heard
this word before and
it’s nothing to ignore.

Bright, Rainy, Fog
Emma W.

Bright, rainy, fog
For fog is fierce
Remember rain makes roses
Bright brings beautiful

The fog blinds me
Covers my sight
For fog is fierce

Rain waters my plants
From time to time
Brings me flowers
Remember rain makes roses

Brightness can be positive
Lightens up my day
Helps me get energy
Bright brings beautiful

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Crazy Day
Zoey G.

Poetry is
rainy day or warm.

You look out
Hi sun.

The sun smiling
you go out
it’s freezing.

You look up you
say hey clouds go away,

go away clouds
make rain don’t
go outside

it’s a crazy day.

Ethan K.

the sky is dark
an itching feeling of angst
thunder rain wind
here comes the hurricane

the lion trembles in fear
when the earth has gone angry
the wind will whip
here comes the hurricane

the hurricane is coming
ruthless evil hurricane
the earth is experiencing anger
here comes the hurricane

Forest Ring
Carys M.

Trees, grass, leaves
Trees grow sweet
pure fruit
Grass covers as fruit
fall— leaves grow like vines,

Birds nest and breed on a tree
as leaves grow and fall
on grass
Trees, leaves, grass

rainy, pouring, thunder
flash— flash
through the air
rainy, wet, pouring
Boom! Thunder and
rain combine! Teamwork!
wet puddles cover land
and forest . . . birds hide
and shelter
Weather beats land
weather, rain, destruction

Why Rain?
Denym P.

The weather is pounding, bloomy day. Rain, Rain, Rain.

No going to the park no bike rides to Mia’s house.
Rain, Rain, Rain, UGH

No pool in the backyard no trampoline. Rain, Rain,
Rain. Ugh. Stupid rain

I wish the rain would go away
I want to play.
Being in the house isn’t fun.
No playing, no power. Rain, Rain, Rain, Ugh.

The Weather
Akeim S.

sun, rain, and snow
sun is the light that keeps
everything nice and hot
snow is for everyone to play
rain gives plants life and
rain, sun and snow
sun gives people hot days
and beach days
snow gives people snowballs
and fun in the cold
rain gives people puddles
and a wonderful time

Luca W.

The sun is super.
It shines on plants
It shines on us.
Super sun.

the rain rushes to the ground.
It pours.
It pours some more.
And more and more and more.
Rushing rain.

Air is awesome.
It is what we breathe.
When we are awake and asleep.
Awesome, amazing air.
Elements every day.

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

A Storm’s Life
Veda B.

A storm is born, in the vast darkness
It’s dark
A storm is growing, oh my he is a teen in rain
Teetering for someone to pour on.
A storm is old, black and dark thundering
A storm is gone, that is the one we saw
Grow but don’t be sad it’ll come again.

Aaricia G.

dirty skies
clear skies
foggy skies
cold skies
hot skies
different types of skies
snowy skies
lucky skies
rainy skies
all these skies are different
than just one sky

Silent Snow
Ella M.

Silent snow,
drifting where the wind can’t go,
it’s a cloak for the barren trees
like little balls of white silk.
Silent snow,
like a blessing from the skies,
a gift from the season of cold,
a reward from the clouds.
Silent snow,
why so beautiful?
I don’t know.
Silent snow,
little flecks of winter peace.
Silent snow,
from the look on their faces,
it might as well be rocks,
but not for me.

Sarah O.

I look out my

The fog is like silk.

I look out my

There is ice on my window
I check the weather
3 degrees.

I look out my window.

It’s sunny.

I look out my window.
It’s warm.
The fire is humid.

I have to drink a lot of water.

I look out my window.

It’s nice out
but not warm.

I look out my window
last day of winter!

I am outside not looking out of my

it’s windy but I don’t care.

It’s spring.

Weather’s Like?
Harshil S.

Storms boring
snow boring
fog boring.

That’s why weather so boring
like a rainy day.

That’s why weather can change to
good then
great like a sunny day.

That Rainy Day
Alexandria T.

Today the earth was mad
more than just some rain for the

It was booming yelling raining cats
and dogs. It was crazy you know.
My dog was gone never to be
found until the rain was all

You could say it was pounding.
You could say it was anything, anything
but nice.

Well . . . maybe not everything sad.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.