“Does School Miss Us?” Virtual Poetry Lesson #1

Last week was my first time creating and submitting a Virtual Poetry Lesson for the 2nd graders of Swift Elementary School! In one of the videos I was able to express how much I missed coming to Swift and being with teachers and students in their classrooms where we can explore poetry up-close-and-personal. While thinking about missing that experience, I began to wonder: Does the school miss us? I asked students to write Persona Poems by using their five senses and taking on the voices of places and things that may be missing us during this pause as we Stay at Home. Usually I would only choose a few poems from each class to post here on the Swift Poetry Blog, but today I make an exception by publishing ALL of the Persona Poems that students have submitted to Ms. Amato and Ms. Popovic. Finger snaps and applause all around!!

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

Sardor P.

I miss seeing teachers!
I miss hearing people.
I miss tasting school food.
I miss smelling food.
I miss feeling happy.


I am a classroom
Ayusha R.

I miss seeing all the students.
I miss hearing the noise of students.
I miss tasting the different colors of bags.
I miss smelling the shoes that students wear.
I miss feeling the soft touching of their hands on my wall.


I am the gym
Samantha F.

I miss seeing kids running right past my legs
I miss hearing kids laughing and playing by my arms
I miss tasting the bouncing balls
I miss smelling the healthy vibes


I am a paint brush
Greyson R.

I miss seeing people making art with me
I miss hearing all the joy in art class
I miss tasting the little paints
I miss smelling the paint
I miss feeling the creative art on the paper


Ines I.

I miss seeing friends
I miss seeing teachers
I miss tasting food
I miss smelling spring air
I miss feeling my desk


I am a classroom
Meldin K.

I miss seeing the students listening to the teacher speak
I miss hearing the silence of students working and learning
I miss tasting the expo markers when the teacher was writing on the white board
I miss smelling kids working hard
I miss the feeling of students respecting and loving their teachers.
This shows that they are like my second family and I am their second home and it is very different without them being around. Reminds me of when they are on any break but this is a VERYYY long one.


I am a Gym
Youssef L.

I miss seeing kids working out.
I miss hearing kids enjoying and playing.
I miss tasting the bouncy balls.
I miss smelling sweaty kids.
I miss feeling happy and having fun with all the kids running and laughing


I Miss my School
Jane I.

I miss seeing my friends play together
I miss hearing my teacher say questoins on her board
I miss tasting our school lunch
I miss smelling Mrs. Popovic’s air wik in her classroom every time I come in her classroom
I miss feeling my friends hands when I need it


Art studio
Alina P.

I miss seeing my art studio
I miss hearing students voices while they working on art
I miss tasting the paint on canvas
I miss smelling different paint
I miss feeling paintbrush and paint strokes on the paper


Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

I am a Library
Lacey V.

I miss seeing all of the kids coming in ready to read.
I miss hearing the sound of pages turning.
I miss tasting the shelves of books.
I miss smelling the fresh covers of books.
I miss feeling all of the new kids sitting on my rugs and chairs.


I Am the Art Brush
Jade B.

I miss seeing children
using me
I miss hearing children
I miss tasting the
water from the cup
I miss smelling the liquid
I miss feeling the tickles
in my bristles

I am a Lamp
Marcelo L.

I miss seeing all the kids in the classroom
I miss hearing all the kids talking in the classroom
I miss tasting their friendship
I miss smelling the fresh air coming through a window
I miss feeling their friendship


I Am a Rug
Milo D.

I miss seeing all the kids shoes
I miss hearing the clatter of feet
I miss tasting the gum on kids’
I miss smelling kids’ stinky feet.
I miss the feeling of kids’ bottoms.
I’m so soft. The kids don’t
sit on me anymore.


I am a park
Ethan B.

I am so lonely no kids jumping on my
No one sliding down my arm
No one swinging through my hair
No balls rolling on my stomach
No hide-and-seek being played on
my shoulders


School misses
Agnes L.

I miss seeing Agnes, Lacey, and Samantha
I miss hearing Agnes, Lacey, Samantha…………….
I miss tasting the air all of kids
I miss smelling the books in the halls
I miss feeling the excitement of kids





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.