Dear Cheetah: You should move to Chicago

This week the Darwin 2nd & 3rd graders read Blake’s “Tyger” and then wrote a poem to a mysterious animal. For their poem, they could ask the animal any questions they wished. You might recall that last week we introduced the notion of line, and this week we added stanzas.

Below you will find not only ingenious questions and mysterious poems, but you’ll also find that a number of students really took a cue from Blake’s cadence and rhythm, and you can hear it below. Enjoy!

Ms. Robbins
2nd & 3rd Grade

The Strange Snake
Mashaun K.

Are your skins made
of gold? Why are you
glowing, bright red?

Why is your tail so spiked?
And how did you get teeth?
And you tongue, so pointy?

The Zebra
Jayden M.

Why do you have stripes?
Why are your stripes black and white?
Can you run fast like me?
Do you go to the veterinarian zoo helper?
What do you eat?
Do you have a family?
Are you a boy or a girl?
Are you a baby or a kid?

Nathan M.

I wish a lion
and he roars loud
and he has sharp teeth
and a wet tongue
and a fat tongue
and he is tasty
and he is made of fur
and he has a stripe

Ms. Arango
2nd Grade

Maria V.

I want to know where you got your stripes.
In the store or on the beach?

I want to know where you got those teeth.
In the store or where?

I want to know how you move.
I want to know how you wake in the night.


Cynthia H.

How do you have those white and black stripes?
When do you buy your stripes?
Where do you run fast?
Do you have a mom?
Do you have a dad?
Do you want to be my friend?


Ashley S.

You bite
the teeth
you bit
the skin
you bite


Michelle E.

¿Cómo tienes esas líneas negras?
¿Quién te hizo?
Quién es usted?
¿Por qué eres un animal?

How do you have those black lines?
Who made you?
Who are you?
Why are you an animal?


Ms. Vargas Mendez
3rd Grade

Christyan M.

How are you always on fire
with your red fur?
Did you get a fire arrow
when they were hunting you?
How are you so sneaky?


The Cheetah

How do you run so fast?
Did you eat a power up?
How did you get those spots?
Did you steal them?
Do you like to dance?
Do you have a birthday?
Do you go to school?
Are you hot?
You should move to Chicago.


Omar B.

Do why do you bite
and why are you mean
why are heavy and
why do you hate cats

Brianna A.

How did you
get your stripes?
Did you buy
them in a store?
Or, your mom
bought it for
your birthday?
Do you have
a brother?
What do you
like to eat?
Do you play
with your mom?
How are you
black and white?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.