Walls Are Secret Doors & Other Comparisons @ Avondale Logandale

This week the students and I discussed similes. We tried our hands at surprising comparisons, to see what exciting new ideas might emerge from strange pairings…


Ms. Pease

4th Grade Literary Arts


Room 216 Literary Arts

All The Weird Things Of My Mind
Jade O.

Big sisters are like a ninja at midnight
Zombies are like a hurricane
Hot days are like a giant barbeque
Brothers are like the Hulk
Cotton is like bunny fur
Giraffes are like sky scrapers
Candy is like heaven
Homework is like a rotten
moldy piece of meat
Make up is like sandwiches
Drawing is like sailing


SSENMODNAR (read this title backwards)
Emmanuel G.

My big brother’s TV is like a thunderstorm
Legos falling are like a baby screaming
Big sisters are like a human Instagram
Poetry is like Ms. Beth
Pizz is like heaven
Legos are like bricks
Any teacher is like finding gold
Words are like nothing
Cookies are like games
Minecraft is like legos
Nail polish is like girls


Everything, Really
Aaliyah C.

Movies are like life stories
My house is like a tornado
People are like puppets
My daddy’s belly is like a big donut
Teachers are like geniuses
Homework is like my baby sister crying
Eyes are like donuts
Hair is like noodles
Names are like character traits
A dog’s fur is like a fluffy cloud
Lips are like baby butts
Grass is like money


Cool/Weird Things
Solfabiola G.

My brother is like a parrot talking to you forever
but in front of someone else he starts to act
like a sweet cupcake
Summer is like you’re being trapped in
a world full of money
Home works is like a world of fire
Vacations are like a world full of all
different kinds of junk food
Little cousins are like herds of animals
all over the world
Christmas and birthdays are
like summer forever


Room 214 Literary Arts

What Would You Like?
Maya Q.

Glasses are like extra eyes
Walls are like secret doors
People are like robots
Sticks are like magic wands
Icecream is like a floating iceberg
A bird wing is like a person
waving their hand

Cannon H.

Big sisters are like lightning
Little sisters are like smoke
Baby sisters are like rainbows
Little brothers are like me


Makail S.

A big brother is like a clock
that has woken up–oh no!
A big brother is like a barking dog
all day long.
A big brother is like thunder all
through the house.
Like an egg that just fell
and now the yoke comes out–oh no!
A big brother is like a furry dog
all over you and now you can’t get
the fur off–oh no!


David M.

Scarecrows are like tree branches
A brick is like a hard cover book
A piece of paper is like a blanket
A blanket is like a bed
Watching TV is like playing video games
Reading is like a silent whisper


Comparing My Family With Sweet Things
Alex T.

My sisters are like the cake I had
for my birthday. My brother is like
a human shield. My parents are like
the guardians of my life. My family
is the light of my heart.


Room 215 Literary Arts

Is Like
Lucila R.

The wind is like helium
Juice is like sugar
Clouds are like cotton candy
Barking is like thunder
Whistling is like howling
Stomping is like rocks
Peas are like poison


Gael L.

Clouds are like a cotton ball
Glue is like white paint
Sugar is like snow

John D.

A house is like a road
A fence is like a snake
A tiger is like a termite
The snow i like little snowballs
A bucket is like a heating vent

Big Sister
Andy R.

Big sister is like a nice sister
Big sister is like a hugable sister
Big sister is like ice cream
Big sister is like snow
Big sister is like a window
Big sister is like an ice cream sundae
Big sister is like chocolate



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.