“Comparing Madness!” 5th graders play with figurative language

Students have not allowed the months of distance learning to thwart their imaginations! The title of this post is borrowed from Michael N. in Room 206 – one of the 5th graders at Avondale-Logandale who have been experimenting with figurative language.  After reading the poem “Things That Look or Sound Like Something Else” by Ana Gomes, students created their own comparisons.

Mrs. Pannell
5th Grade – Room 204

Giraffes and Me
Nialaney G.

My height is like a giraffe’s body
We are both tall
We like to eat carrots and lettuce
it is like a magical place of vegetables
Both giraffes and me are friendly and soft like pillows
We have brown eyes like a frame.


My Comparisons
Angelina A.

Hugs are like love – they both last long
Covid is like a relationship – they both last long
Dogs are like humans – they both eat food
Books are like humans – they both talk and talk
Hair are like trees – they both keep growing and growing
Rocks are as hard as a cold hearted person’s heart – both don’t break easily
Brown eyes are like the Earth – both carry beauty


Andrivel Q.

Paint is like flowing water in the river
Glue is like sticky gum
Paper is like flat clouds
Colored pencils are like a rainbow


Mitzielys T.

The virus is like a hug.  It’s very contagious and by that I mean
that if you get close to it, it will trap you in!
My dog is like a fridge. They can both hold a lot of food inside of them!
My dad is like an elephant in the kitchen trying to wake me up.


Comparison poem
Destiny. O

The ice is like a cooled pool in the winter
Dirty laundry is like garbage cans outside
An eraser is like a bathbomb
Lysol is like soap
Milk is like cheese
A baby bottle is like a water bottle
Lotion is like shampoo
A zoom meeting is like school
2020 is like trash


I compare….
Daisy E.

My eyes are bright like a diamond
The ocean is wet like a drop of water
My smile is bright as a light
The wind is quiet like a leaf
The clouds are puffy like a pillow
Hot coco is hot as the sun
The snow is cold as an ice cube
A book is a story like a piece of paper
A bed is bouncy like a trampoline

5th Grade – Room 206

Gems or Nature?
Sophia B.

The sky is like Diamonds:
Oh, so blue.
The milky way is like Amethyst:
Purple like my veins.
The sun is like Gold –
Why are you so yellow?
Fire is like Rubies:
Red and vibrant like a red pen.
The moon is like Obsidian –
How dark are you?
Quartz is like a white rose:
You’re both so pretty.
Rubellite is like cherry blossoms:
You’re so pink!
Curine is like mars –
Why are you so orange?
Aquamarine is like water:
White or blue?
Gems have many colors.
Many shapes.
Many sizes.


Yelitza R. A.

My eyes are brown like dark chocolate
I’m unique like a zebra
My hair is curly like curly fries
I’m pretty like a princess
My lips are pink like a rose
I’m smart like a dolphin
My earrings are bright like the sun
I’m funny like a clown
My glasses are black like coal
My teeth are white like snow
I’m clever like a fox
My personality is awesome like a diamond


Comparing Madness
Michael N.

Sticks are as weak as a pencils
Metal is as strong as Titanium
Red wood trees are as tall as the Statue of Liberty
An ant is as small as a pebble
Paint is as useful as wood
My sister’s toys are as useless as my brother’s toys (They don’t use them a lot)


My True Comparisons Forever
Megan T.

My smile is like the brightest sun
Always positive and never negative

My fists are like rocks
Almost unbreakable and very powerful weapons

My shoes are like emeralds
Very expensive but also super clean

Trees are like umbrellas
They keep us from the rain and there are different types

A cup of hot tea is like fire
It will burn you and it is painful

My eyes are like pieces of dark chocolate
Very dark but have a good meaning

My turtle is like an alligator
It will bite anyone when hungry!


I am as me as … Um, Me?
Jocyana C.

My smile is like hot cocoa on a winter day.
My eyes are as brown as my dog’s fur.
My hair is as soft as butter.
My dog is more special than gold.
My cat is as sneaky as a mouse.
I am as big as a lion.
I am strong like a wolf.
My sister is as skinny as a stick
My mom is as pretty as a princess
My dad is as strong as a superhero
My face is precious like a diamond
I am unique  – like me.


Comparison poem
Angel L. Jr

Stepping on Legos is like stubbing your toe (Seriously, these two really hurt)
Chimpanzees are as crazy as me (no one is as crazy as me)
Cheetahs are as fast as the flash (HOW??)
Monkeys can climb like spiderman (Wait,  what?  how?)
Christmas is like my birthday all over again (Seriously: Christmas is the best)
Sloths are as slow as me walking to my door in the morning
Day is so loud but night is so silent I can’t even walk around
Black Panther looks like Batman in the night
Raccoon’s eyes are as shiny at night as a crystal
Lions eat like my dog (my dog eats so fast)


Lava and trees
Jaliyah D.

Trees are like big green crystals because
trees are big and they’re pretty.
A cup of hot tea is like lava in a cup because
it’s hot and if you touch the water/tea it will
burn cuz it’s hot
like lava.
She is like a dark purple or black color and sometimes
love is like a black color.










“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.