Chilly Receptions

Continuing a seasonal focus, this week we read Robert Hayden‘s “Those Winter Sundays.” Beginning with the first line, I asked what “Sundays too my father got up early” suggested—did he also get up early during the week? If so, why? What was he doing, up so early in the morning “in the blueblack cold”? Also, why is it that “no one ever thanked him”? After defining certain words, such as chronic, indifferently, and austere, the students felt that this was a sad poem about a person remembering their unappreciated father later in life. Memories, then, were this week’s theme for writing their own poems.

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

Jaren B.

My memory is
about me first
making my own
painting first
I got paint
then I did
scribble scrabble
such because I
was a baby at that
time then I did
my first painting

Julia C.

A memory of mine is that
I had a black hat,
It was smooth and shiny,
A black top hat was shiny.

Memory of Preschool
Evan H.

Having fun eating donuts for breakfast
for lunch eating beans hotdogs and stuff
bouncy horse always walking to the park
dance parties picking movies and watching them
light ring parties and timeouts.

Stephen L.

A memory, memory, in the cloud,
the cloud, in the sky, all my memories,
in one place, myself, they will
be lost, then I found them.

A Time
Eli O.

When one time when
I almost broke my nose
I was on the highest thing
on the playground and I slipped
and fell on my face and my
dad had to come it really

Ayden S.

I had 2 grampas
and now I only
have 1 now
I miss him
when I had
him I had
I needed
and now
I lost him
so I lost

Ms. Beaudry, 2nd Grade

The Baddest Thing in the World
Adrija D.

Sitting on the dining table,
while I was looking at the sunlight,
As I fell straight down!
All because I lost my tooth when
I was 3 and I swallowed my

The Time This Baby Was
Isabelle D.

The time this baby was
laid in a very light blanket
which light hands
all laid hovering
above me.

The time this baby was
born in a crib, all
snug, all family
tied up around her.
She grew up.

The time this baby was
in preschool now
she is. I love
my little sister
like my little heart.

Jaylen J.

Playing basketball
I like it

The Dark Cloud
Ailey K.

The dark cloud rising above the
Earth then the storm rain clouds
hit my brain and lost my
pride in the horrible storm in
my life.

Joyous Times
Max L.

I remember. I remember that time when I first
rode my bike. Or when I went to the movie
theater for my birthday. Also when it was
Halloween and my friend came over. I also
remember having a video game-off with my
friend. But the best of all is spending time
with my family. These are memories that
make me smile.

I am happy.

Andy W.

The time I got a
I got a pet dog
I was scared it could
die I treated him
well he definitely
liked me now I have no
worries. One day it was sick I got
really scared it got well I felt good.

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Pharrell J.

One time… I cracked my head and
it was the last day of PK.
I missed PK because I went to the

Lindora K.

One memory I have is when I was a baby
I threw up on my whole entire family. One memory
I have is when my baby sister put her first pants
on by herself.

Frank K.

One time when I was in Kindergarten I slept
in a bed and when I woke up I teleported

Jakayla L.

My 8th birthday!
I went to the movies
I went to the zoo
I went to my Chuck E. Cheese

Samuel M.

Once upon a time me and
my dad and sister were putting
snow in a pile and we jumped
in it.

Play Chess
Nolan M.

Saturday morning I woke up and I
went downstairs and me and my dad
played chess and I won the game.

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Isaiah I.

The first time
when I met my dog
I was so happy
that I had a dog
then my mom had
to take him out
and my dad and
my mom and dad
surprised me.

John K.

I remember the Soxfest and got
some of the White Sox players’
autographs and I felt so so so

Roman M.

I remember me playing soccer and won 13-2
and I scored 4 goals and 3 assists and one
of my goals I headed the ball in.

I felt awesome.

Sophia N.

My memory is when I was 2
and my mom and dad were at
the store and then I thought a
man was my dad and I ran to
him and said “daddy.” But then my
real daddy came and then said “silly
girl I am your daddy.”

Damian P.

Last time I was in a game with
John we were going against
John’s brother Jesse my friend
Evan made the winning point it
was 14 to 12 we won our team
name was the Bad Boys the
other team’s name was the

Aramis R.

I went to the car muse-
um. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!

Chris W.

Once I made a buzzer beater
and I won the game 25-27 and
they carried me out of the gym. I had
no idea that the game was over I turned
around and they were charging at me.

Maxxim W.

Once the day before my brother’s birthday
I went to the doctor I was excited and
got him a sticker.

Ms. Carlson, 4th Grade

Mitchell F.

I remember when I
tied the string.
It was hard.
I tried and
tried and
I did it.

St. Louis, Here We Come!
Micaela J.

The day was cold.
We were going to a
gymnastics meet.
I was bold,
and ready to go!
I wanted to beat
everyone at the meet.

If I won,
I would be a star!
The events were hard
like the bar,
floor and

But it was fun,
and I won!

A Memory from Today
Jaylen M.

I was playing
my phone at
lunch. A game
called Geometry

Birthday Day
Willie S.

When I was 4 years old I woke up
my mom said to me with a big happy voice
Happy B-day I woke up and we and my
sister and mom had the best day of our
lives but it was more special because I got
to have fun with my family and I turned
5 years old.

Asia W.

We went
camping in a log
in Tennessee

it was
fun they
had an outdoor

and they
had a pool table
I learned but it was

We also saw a bear
it was very big I got
scared then it left. I
had a great time.

Mr. Chau, 4th Grade

Jana G.

I remember
the start sounded
we leaped into the water
all I saw was blue
as I swim
faster than quicksilver
I fly
as a bird
soaring in the sky
swimming like the mighty
I climb out
like a monkey
I wait
like a sloth
for my next race

This time
we start in the water
I drop like a rock
I hold onto the bars as tight as
a remora
it sounds
piercing the air
I kick off the wall
in an arc
like a leaping
I stroke
head first,
pushing water
like the awesome
but derpy squid
I see the flags
I count
like a mathematician
my strokes
I flip over
I roll
like a gymnast
I kick off of
the wall
I fly quicker than
the eagle
I crash
I jab the wall
as hard as I can with
my finger
I look
with eyes of a tiger
I gasp
like a fish
out of water

My Memory
Tyler G.

Their house, Their house,
Their house
I remember that day, that awesome day,
when I first came there

I loved it. Like a mansion, it was.
It looked like heaven, it did. Visit it,
you should.
What did I do, What did I do
to earn this trip to my cousins’ house.

I just wanted to celebrate
and say, “I want one too!”

Expedition Everest
Lucien H.

Up the mountain,

Down the mountain
rushing through the loops
and corkscrews,
again and again.
Till we get back
to the station.
“Best roller coaster evah!!!
Let’s ride it again!!!”

Alice M.

I remember that day so vividly.
The day I first ate the jelly-like dessert.
It was black and tasted like tea.
There was sugar on it so it would not taste so bad.
I was in China and my grandma was feeding it to me.
I was one year old.
Yet I still cannot figure out where are my library books?

Lawrence N.

My memory is
when at lunch

we had a toy that
you flipped over
and when we flipped it
pop it landed in the air
and dropped back down

My Memory
Madison P.

My Dad and I
were riding down

My favorite song
played “Big Girls
Don’t Cry.”

It put me to sleep
it even made me

Oh how I wish I
could go back to
the age 4

Trayi S.

My cousin and I cuddled
in my bed. She read me Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Poor grandpa. I wished he’d
died later than sooner. 69, very
young. I felt bad for my brother,
he’ll never remember my grandpa.

January 30 (January 31, India)
is such a sad day. At least
my dad was there with him.
We still have an e-mail we
sent him, he probably never
got to see it.

Elton T.

I remember when I went on an
airplane I was so happy. Then it was
time for breakfast they gave the
passengers a big hamburger and cake.

Memory Poem
Nathan W.

My silliest memory is when
I asked my mom to buy me
a toy. My mom said no, but the look on
her face was suspicious. In the night, my
mom said she had a surprise for
me, so I waited to see. It was
the same toy I asked for!

Mr. Cox, 4th Grade

I Remember
Stephany G.

Nights my mom got up
to put her robe on
then with sore feet
came in the room to
take care of me.

No one ever thanked her.
I’d wake up in the morning
slowly I dress
and think what does
she really do?

My Night in Soldier Field
Saul G.

On my birthday
Thursday night at 7
we took the train
to Soldier Field that day.

We had a blast
even though they lost
I had a jumbo hot dog
and took a walk around
the field.

Alas, they almost won.
But still, it was a night
of fun
fun hit me when I didn’t have a shield
that’s why we had fun at Soldier Field.

Fun Memories
Brea H.

House is growing
kids are mowing
I am going to
get the pizza

Now it’s time
to go to bed.
Dream good
dreams in your

Have a goodnight
in your room.
We will play in
the middle of the day.

Memory, a Haiku
Ella J.

I fell in, Big Splash!
My brother laughed, my Mom helped
I was soaking wet

Samantha K.

Responsibility was what I thought every day
thinking that I needed more
than one day it finally came
my mom gave me an animal
which is a lot of responsibility

My Memory: First Word
Alec S.

Everything’s so big!
So confusing!
What’s that over there?
Big, shiny & red!

Poems of Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday
Tyler T.

My three poems I hold
they comfort me
when I am
This poem I
write & remember
things long ago.

Ms. Travis, 4th Grade

Dogs Dying
Devin C.

The day
my dog died.



I was scared
my sister was scared.
The dog was hit
by a car.
It was getting
the Frisbee.
It got


The World Champion Football 2014
Jimmy D.

The football was soaring by
it’s been intercepted
it’s flying touchdown.
The Seahawks score
a goal.

It’s a close
game. The winners
are the Seahawks.

A Beautiful Day
Jakyi H.

How was your
day going. Was it
good or bad. How
can you get better
in life. Think
about your meats
in life.

Daria I.

When it was the first
day of school. Ms. Travis
was very very very very
nice. She helped me be
smart and helped me learn.

She is pretty and nice.
I will always remember

Heaven W.

For my birthday
I was at Co-
Co Key it was
a water park I
went on the big
slide he pushed me
down and I was

All of a sudden
I dropped in the
water I was scareder
then I went again
it got dark, dark
dark and then it got
light and I was
outside then I drop
in the deep end.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.