Begin With a Question

Do you know the recipe for courage? What about the recipe for how to be a fast runner? Most recently at Swift, 2nd graders in Ms. Urquiza’s class worked on their Recipe Poems. Students in Ms. Amato’s class wrote poems inspired by lines from How to Write A Poem by Kwame Alexander & Deanna Nikaido, the first lines of which are:  “Begin with a question, like an acorn waiting for spring…”

Ms. Urquiza
2nd Grade


How to Sing Perfect or Recipe for Being a Singer
by Suhash S.

Listen to songs.
Practice singing for a whole month.
Be a perfect singer.
Practice more.
Bring your friends for the band.
Sing a lot of songs like “Believing” and “Sigma Rules.”
Do beat-boxing.
Look good or scary.
Sing a scary song.
Be a winner.


Recipe for How to Be a Fast Runner
by Mobin M.

To be a fast runner
you will need to eat a trillion spoons
of good health. Second,
eat a billion vegetables and fruits.
And lastly, wear
your favorite gym shoes
or something else.
Now you are a fast runner.
You can race people or
your friends. And maybe
you will win the race.


Recipe for How to be a Gamer
by Anjila K.

Play video games
but first do your homework
so you don’t have to do your homework
Pausing your game because someone 
might be the leader when you were.
So do your homework first
then play video games
a lot so you can be a gamer
and play all day long but only play
for 2 or 3 hours or your eyes will hurt.


How to Build a Mansion
by Melis G.

Build a wall. Build windows.
Add 10 doors. Build a living room.
Build upstairs. Build a bedroom.
Build a dining room, Build a kitchen.
Build a bathroom. Pour in a basement.
Build a balcony. Build a roof.
Build an attic. Build a chimney.
Put some carpet inside the mansion.
Build a porch.


Recipe for Being Sleepy
by Aarav C.

If you want to be really sleepy
you will need to play video games all day
put 7 cups of tiredness in your milk
drink it when your Mom tells you to go to sleep
and you are not tired.
You will have to play video games 20 hours
drink the milk in 1 minute. Get sleepy
then go to bed. Go to sleep in 2 minutes
or it will not work.


Recipe for Being Strong
by Samip N.

Do 50 push ups. Meditate
every day. Do 10 minutes of
plank. Go to the gym every day.
Do 1000 jumping jacks. Take a 
run every day. Do 50 pounds of weights
and curl it 50 times.


Recipe for Confidence
by Ayza U.

First, mix two cups of bravery
Second, throw away the expired shyness
Third, make 2 bowls of friends
Fourth, add a handful of trophies
Fifth, add a half spoon of popular
Sixth, zero spoons of nervousness
Seventh, a thousand White Houses
of being confident of yourself.
And eighth, five bowls of loving yourself.


A Recipe for Besties
by Shradha N.

First, mix your name
with your friend’s.
Add a club with more friends.
Spill some tea.
Put a world full of
and eat it with your BFF.


Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

Questions that were on our minds before we began:
What do acorns do in spring?

When is Jesus going to come?
What happened to Avani’s book, Wish Upon a Star?
When will my baby brother get out of the hospital?
When is pizza tower coming out on PS4?
What flower will my plant be?


Imagination World
by Avani R.

What happened to my book
Wish Upon a Star?

When I fall down I become
an angel making people’s wishes
true. I hear Mother Nature’s
beauty. Imagine you can fly
across the sky
try to reach the end of the world and
meet the king of the
gods sitting in a golden seat.
I see beautiful art works
making the magic world truly
yours and when I fall down
I fall down on a unicorn’s back
into a world of fantasy
like the land of lollipops,
the land of flowers.


When Will Dylan Come to Earth?
by Aiden M.

I think he will be born
very very soon.
I think he will be as cute
and cuddly as angels
falling from heaven. googoogaga!!!!
I am growing IMPATIENT!!!!
I wonder what his first words
will be?


My sweet baby cousin
by Delphina O.

when am I going to see
my 2 month old baby cousin?

When I open the window of my mind 
I land in a hammock
in the rain forest
I hear minty rain drops

like the sound my baby cousin
makes with his mouth
I swing in my hammock
while minty rain drops fall
on me but it is magic
I don’t get wet.


What flower will my plant be?
by Mishika S.

Planting a tiny little seed
Waiting for it to grow
Look, a tiny little plant!
What flower will it be?
Could it be a marigold or a 
blue enchanter?
We won’r find out today
but maybe in a couple of weeks,


How to make a plant grow
by Aries S.

First you will need to find
a star and open your
imagination and face
your fears and open
back up then make
the land and the cup rise
then let its petals



by Ileana B.

I open the window
suddenly I am outside
it’s not the outside you think it is
it is the

Robux and robux falling from
the sky.
I see a roblox building
I go to the second floor
I open the window
everything goes black
suddenly I am in the
back rooms 
I see something in the distance





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.