Moos – Week 11

I wanted the young poets to write about sounds this week, and so what better model poem than Li-Young Lee’s “Falling: The Code”?  There is no better poem.  Well maybe.  Anyway, here’s their poems about sounds they heard (or pretended they heard) last night.

Ms. Ramirez – 4th grade
Room 214

“Meow Meow said the cat”

Meow meow said the cat
shut up, you’re so annoying
said the boy. Meow meow
that’s all you say.
At least shush, you’re so annoying.
I want to play my game, Left 4 Dead,
said the boy.

You want me to talk then? I will talk
meow meow
said the cat.
wait, wait – you could talk? said the boy
yhea meow meow
said the cat.

Awesome!! said the boy
Let’s play then said the cat.

“When My Dog Barks”
Anna J.

When my dog barks
my other dog barks
my head hurts a lot

“My Brother Comes, He Holds His Fist”
Juan E.

My brother comes
he holds his fist, then
he went to me. Boom!
then Bam! The table
shaked. My brother kept
on hitting me. He went
Kaboom! to the ball. I roared
Uh-oh. Then the juice splashed
all on my new white shirt. I
got mad, so I did
the same. he went OWW!
I kick the ball
it went poof to his face. He
was right crying
and called me the B-word.

Ms. Morales – 6th grade
Room 307

“A Farty Night”
Rosy M.

Last night, I was sleeping
and I heard
a fart.
I woke up and there
was a strange girl sitting next to me.
I get scared and fell
I locked my door and the girl
tried to open it – click click. I
tried to escape but the door
wouldn’t budge.
Bang Bang! but then boom! the door
of my room opened. The girl came
close to me and she told me
if she could use the bathroom
cause she had diarrhea
she fart again.
She said she can’t afford
toilets, so I let her in, but
sniff sniff
I need to be air freshener
so my mom doesn’t suspect anything.

“I Wish My Mom Will Call Me”
Antranette B.

I wish my mom will call me
oh, there she is
I answer the phone
the rain goes outside
now someone’s at the door – Boom!
was that the thunder, or a volcano?
Bang-Bang goes Chief Keef on his 3
music video, he’s so negative. Chi-ching
goes the cashier in the bank
time for me to get my money. I love
to shop. Yea, I need a new pair
of Uggs.

“Last Night I heard a Bang”
Taja T.

Last night
I heard a bang from the door
slam from the door
closing behind the movers
helping us. Then I hear
a boom from the box
falling. I also heard
a woosh
the man quickly passing by.
pow! from closing the trucks
from my little brother
sleeping. Bang!
I hear other door.

Ms.Moss – 4th grade
Room 212

“When I Was Dancing”

When I was dancing
my hair was wooshing around
everywhere. When my feet were
my floor shaked and all
I heard was boom! it was very loud.
When the music came on
all I heard was ding! thump. and thud.
It was fun and exciting. My hands
tapped, clapped, and snapped and
I forgot to say
my hands also titak. All
I heard in my brain was
tititi, tatata and that’s all. Once
I got all those moves right 7 times
all I thought of was
bedi bedi bomb bomb.

“I Love Money”

I love money because they
go ching-ching. When I get
money I say
Yea, baby! When I walk
by Family Dollars and Cermak
I see the money truck. Money
can buy me anything
but when they ring your stuff
up it sounds like ding ding
but most of all I love money
because it goes ching ching!

“Last Night I Heard Boom!”
Jeremiah S.

Last night I heard boom! I got
Ohhhhh, I just fell off my bed
cha-ching! my mom’s check
came. You got your check, mom?
Ohhh, false alarm, back to sleep. Bam!
Nope, that was my brother
that fell off the bed
that time.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.