Avondale Logandale Takes a Cabbage Apart

This week we read an exerpt from “Some Puts a Pineapple Together” by Wallace Stevens. The students discussed how Stevens takes an everyday object and sees many wondrous worlds inside of it. I asked them use their own imaginations, to write many scenes about a new object… a purple cabbage! Enjoy!

Ms. Pease
4th Grade Literary Arts

Room 214

Purple Cabbage
Melanie M.

A gigantic grape,
round and soft,
wrinkly but purple

It landed on the seashore
from the milky way,
like a brain with an unusual color

So moist to touch
Six arms so pale,
so white, so pale, white snow


Someone Put a Cabbage Together
Eduardo H.

A brown and purple brain

Half like a zombie no, a
neat zombie ate it

A miniature dome for
mini Super Bowl 50

A rare purple turtle
inside its shell

Frozen volcano lava
from 3,000 years ago


Isaly H.

A big tree in the middle
surrounded by darkness
and dark magic.

Back like a beetle’s shell,
like a witch’s brain,
filled with darkness.


The Backstory of the Cabbage
Jovanny B.

A gigatic purple mountain
with all its beauty and

If the extinct lumpy owl
was here now,
it would take away the purple
lumpy grape

A very yucky brain–
an unusual color for a brain


Room 215

Hector F.

A brain
A purple root
It’s growing up
A purple tree
Like lava


The Purple Cabbage
Emmanuel M.

The purple flower
Growing with purple Water

With a purple person
Who is big


Jair M.

The tree is black
And looks like a brain
Like a ball


Someone Puts A Cabbage Together
Erick R.

The face is a tree moving the branches
Like a wolf blowing the branches away

Purple like a brain
Like an eye looking at you
Like an alien in space

And a purple world on top
Like aliens waving branches
And flowers that are like houses


Room 216

Daevian Put a Cabbage Together
Daevian S.

It’s a tree of fire
A ball of fire
A teacher’s vocabulary
When it comes out of the ground
I can’t wait for it to grow
We cook it up today
With some cornbread
And the best greens ever


Angel M.

Looks like a tree for me
And from the front
A brain


The Purple Earth
Bryan G.

The earth cut in its half
Inside it’s wetter than the sea
The outside smooth as the cover of a book
Colors mixed and matched in a pattern
Are you a head?
No matter what you are, don’t tell me
Even if I ask.


Someone Put A Cabbage Together
Christian L.

I hope we could throw the purple dodge ball
What a weird shape but gigantic
The big house never stops rolling over
Just like a brain but too purple
Growing like other plants



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.