13 Ways Of Looking

The Taft 7th and 8th graders and I continued down our path of strange realities with an appropriately winterized poem this week, Wallace Steven’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

Our writing goal for the day was to take an everyday something and look at it from as many angles as possible!
Here’s some examples of what our illustrious poets came up with this week–
Ms. Foley
8th Grade, 8th Period
“Toothbrush” -or- “Not Me”
Max V.
Waiting with my kind
Ready to be used
Nobody else gets as up close and personal to teeth
as me
He’s never asked if this is the life
for me
Everyone here waits between meals
like me
I don’t have legs
nope, not me
Oh and when he doesn’t rinse my bristles
Or leaves bubblegum paste on my tummy
That’s not for me
How I hate when leaves me on the window sill
Staring out at all the worry free bees
This is not the life for me
Victoria K.
One way to look at it;
the pencil.
It writes across the
paper, and then,
it erases.
It gets lost
underneath desks
and kicked by shoes.
The tip of the eraser
is chewed and
a grown-up pacifier.
An advertisement
disguised as a
piece of fancy wood.
#2, #1,
decorated, plain,
and many others alike.
In the end,
it always flies
across a sheet of paper
to complete a
piece of
unfinished homework.
7 Ways of Looking at Taft High School
Bart B.
1. The smoke curls,
Out of bathrooms
On the high school side
2. Classrooms buzzing,
Like a hive of hornets,
Silent in the hallways
3. Smack of an open book,
Scribble of a misfit pen,
An army of scratches,
A sea of pencil shavings,
Cover the classroom floor
4. Bubbles on paper,
Some half full,
Pristine, Round
Graphite to the brim
5. Sound of school bells,
Echo, reverberate,
remind of the past,
remind of the present
6. Littered floors,
Apple cores,
Cover the floor of the lunch room
7. Front of the school,
An old reality
Kaela G.
The foundation of life’s happiness,
paper and pencil; the ingredients for a happy receipt
Smart Phone
Gus K.
1. The bleeps are pops
as flappybirds echo
from the phone to all
crevices of the train.
2. The nuissance of the
tone broke the immersiveness
of the play.
3. Many a time has a plastic
rectangle been used to
resolve ones sense of
4. From computers the size of a house
to a single device the size of your hand,
technology leaps where others dodge.
5. Soon there will be P.A.A.
Phone Addicts Anonymous
Ways to Look at a Mirror
Lia G.
Here there
you follow me, but
I find that when I exit
you don’t follow
We are the same
me and me
but indifference can be the least
Look close and you’ll see
I looked at the mirror
expecting to see me
but just as every other day
the morning was eating my face
I told my sister
there’s a stranger in my room
she turned around and then
pout, shrugged, left
I heard a knowcking in my room
I looked to the door
But the sounds don’t come from there
it was the mirror… again
Ms. Taylor
8th Grade, 6th Period
5 Ways of Looking at a Sandcastle
Sara L.
A mom and a daughter
running to the ocean
to grab water
to make the perfect sandcastle
The seagull lands on the deserted pill of sand
that was once a palace
for a princess and the prince
The child looks for shells
to decorate the broken castle that
she made too close to the shore
Boyfriend and girlfriend
create their dream home
with the necessities of the beach
Packing and packing
Journey of the Paper Scrap
Ryan D.
It begins its journey
from an overflowing void
the scrap sits on a mass of disorder
A discarded idea
a child’s dream
a dirty joke
the scrap keeps these secrets to itself
Its creator abused it
whether ripped in half
or rolled into a ball
flowing out are the ideas
The wind tells
it, O young idea
dont give up yet
another child may find you
and keep you
The scrap has anger
as it cuts through the
skin of something human
while blaming the strong winds
Its dark, its scared,
abused again in a hurried
Is this my dream?
No, it can’t be. I
am neither dead nor
alive I am not a being
Buried in dirt for
over 40 years. Still forgotten
still unknown. It still
cannot even hear the
footsteps above
While a human forgets
a scrap of paper instantly,
that “scrap” has its
own journey.
Maybe, just maybe,
it had more of a journey
then you could ever dream of.
10 Ways to View Your Dog
Jennifer P.
Maybe a companion,
or even a bestfriend.
Maybe a rabbit jumping in the yard,
or a coyote in the woods.
They can be a person you go to,
or maybe something you run from.
Something you can play with,
or something to push away.
People and dogs
are one.
Young Love
London M.
Young love is beautifully ugly.
There are no ways to see it
but yet there are thousands.
It is painful beyond repair;
young love flushes unhappiness down the drain.
I am so far from feeling young love,
but soon will ask to break free.
Young love isn’t real; its concrete.
Up and down hallways, young love is
seen, heard, and lost.
Young love is something everyone desires to have,
but only some can capture it.
Seeing two love birds, I wished I
grew a beak; yet I
cannot, so I do not.
Young love is something Aristotle
can forget, but something
nobody can take
from their mind.
It is harsh and amazing,
light and dark;
young love is endless
but it ends too close to its
9 Ways to Fly Away
Sahra A.
Jump out the window
and take to the sky
Let the breze
carry you away
Jump with joy
and fly around
Become a bird
and flap your wings
Fall asleep
and dream away
Meet a fairy
and tell her why
You deserve to learn
to fly
Make a wish
as you go to bed
Remember there’s no limit
as you fly away
Ms. Asvos
7th Grade, 7th Period



Kevin W.

On the big cliffs, the only thing moving is water.

The water zoomed down the cliffs, all you heard was splash.

The water & cliffs are 1. The water, cliffs, & rocks are 1.

The icicles melting in the winter snow.

People moving through it like rats.

Water falling from the clouds.

Getting wet, having fun, frozen fun.

Water is a differential way of life.

13 ways to see a Flower

Anahi M.


A flower given for happiness

Bright petals make somebody’s eyes bright

Thank-yous and hugs are given

In happiness


A Flower given for sadness

In a time of need

A flower is given to cheer up a soul.


A flower is given to congratulate

Given to tell someone how well they did,

How hard they worked


A flower is given to remember someone special

To show respect and love

Looking back at the memories

A flower is put on its stone.


A flower is used to make a room brighter

A pop of its beauty can do lots.


A flower is used for its delightful smell

An amazing fragrance that

Makes a flower, a flower.


A flower is used in a garden

Many, many beautiful flowers

All unique and beautiful

Pulled up in one amazing scenery


A flower is used to peel off its amazing petals

“He loves me, He loves me not”


A flower is used for an amazing thing,


Given to a special someone from a special someone,

To show how much they mean to them.


Flowers can show love.


A flower is given between lovers, on a special day.

February 14

Valentines Day

A day especially for love,

Flowers, maybe roses, are given to show their love.


A flower is used on that special day,

Flower girls throwing petals to the ground

Walking down the aisle with flowers in your hand

Adding that special touch.


A flower is a beautiful thing,

Endless amount of different kinds.

Roses, tulips, sunflowers

All beautiful and unique in there own way.


Most importantly, flowers are used for their meaning.

Flowers can show a lot of care for a time in need,

Or a very special day.

A flower can mean so much to one person.

13 Ways of Looking at the Sun

Michelle S.


Sometimes shy Hiding in the clouds


Sometimes vivd, bright and loud


Some days its mean and shy

Some days its kind and warm


Helping things grow

Melting the snow


Forcing the winter to run away

But making it warm and nice to play


Yellow and bright

With rays shining, with all their might


Bright Sunny Rays

Shining for days


Chasing away the cold

Because its so bright and bold


If you lay at the beach on the sand

It’ll make your skin golden and tan


Morning to night

With strength and might


Sometimes its too hot to handle

So dont walk with bare feet! Walk with sandles!


Sunglasses to hide the rays


But dispite the warmth and the rays

Nobody gets tired of summer days

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Tear

Georgia C.

Starting at the beginning

That very scary place

Where no one wants to be

Causes the tears

To try to break free

Of the undetermined future

They feel they’re unprepared for

In the quiet hospital

The only noise came

From faces

Filled with tears

Though tears spoke

More than faces

Tears went everywhere

When nobody understood

That all they asked for

Was some food and sleep

Not getting that thing

That everyone had

Brought tears and sadness

To those who thought

They almost had it

In their hands

When they’re “still too young”

And “act too old”

The tears run to hear

Freedom calling their name

Tears that have had enough

And feel they aren’t enough

To please the society

They feel they need to please

Last only until they break

And silence themselves

The tears that don’t know

Who they can trust

And whom they should make

Their enemies

Get confused

And don’t let anyone in

Wishing they could go back

To those simpler times

Tears start to remember

Where and when they came from

And they start to question

Why they came

In the first place

Wondering if they made

The right choice


Celina D.

13 windows and,

through all of them

stares the butterfly

The river flows north,

and following the river,

is the butterfly

In the summer, spring, and winter, or fall,

I sit up tall,

and there, watching me, is the butterfly

As peaceful as it may be,

sitting on a tree,

it’s there, watching me,

the butterfly

Running towards the danger,

Sitting upon my shoulder,

is the butterfly

Wherever I go, wherever I sit,

it’s always there next to me,

the butterfly.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.