Write the Seasons

For our second week of classes, I brought in “Spring in New Hampshire,” by Jamaican-American poet, Claude McKay. Last week was the first day of spring, so this seemed like a good choice, even though our dreary weather has not exactly been reflective of a change of seasons. Some concepts we discussed included McKay’s use of personification, rhyme, and imagery, but our focus kept returning to the speaker’s tone or attitude in the poem. We decided that they might be sad or even angry because of having to work, instead of being able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather portrayed in the poem. Maybe soon we will get some nicer days here in Chicago, too.

The prompt was to write a poem about a season or seasons. Here are some selections from each class.

Ms. Carlson
Room 316

Payton B.

Spring is springing in the air,
Oh, springing so joyfully.
The air is wet,
The birds are tweeting,
Oh, singing their song so joyfully,
The flowers are growing,
With smiling faces,
Oh, smiling so joyfully,
Spring is springing in the air,
Oh, springing so joyfully.

Ian F.

Color, color everywhere,
Red, brown, orange, and yellow
Leaves of many colors.
A day of scary, many days of cold,
First day of school, last day of fun.
6 o’clock, very dark,
Cloudy, windy, and cold.
The start of Winter
Has come.

Fall Leaves
Mila M.

Leaves fall off the trees,
onto the ground.
Red, orange, yellow,
and brown.
They crunch beneath my
feet, a cool breeze comes
like a soft storm. Falling
leaves are in the air.

Luka P.

I love summer,
my birth-day comes with it.
But I hate the bees,
they make me, ah…ah, sneeze!
It’s too hot,
but I cool off at the beach.
If you hate summer,
that’s a small bummer,

Winter to Spring
Julia S.

I am sitting here in class
Staring glumly through the glass
Thinking, when will the winter end
Spring will surely be my true friend.
I imagine myself running through the grass.
Through the wind I will pass.
Enjoying the sweet breeze
Zig zagging through the trees.
But I am here in this class
Staring glumly through the glass

Winter, Winter, Winter
Solomon W.

White sheets covering my house.
The birds are flying away.
I wish I could go with, because
I don’t want to stay.
Walking through the white cloth
With crunching boots.
Putting on jackets, socks, coats.
Hats and gloves.
At least I get some
Good out of it.
I don’t have to go to the
building called s-c-h-o-o-l.
No homework and no teachers.
And the big red man with the
reindeer is coming soon.
Yes this is winter.

Mr. Chau
Room 220

Spring Time
Sofia A.

Spring is April
April is my birthday
Spring is no school
April is spring break!
Spring break is awesome
April is amazing!!!

The Winter Takeover
Amari B.

My yogurt is mold, mold, mold
The big winters are cold, cold, cold
Boy I wish it was summer time
So I can dance and fly
Boy oh boy I hate winter
Just like I hate snow blizzards

fall and winter
Olivia C.

leaves falling,
brown, yellow,
orange greet me
as I step outside.
crisp cool wind
scatters leaves.
trees are preparing
for cold, dull winter (but I like snow)
and I am too.
kids love tree leaves,
and when winter comes,
snow substitutes for
leaves. My dog gallops
blindly, and I just
come out and now I drink

Summer Has Come and Gone
Romell F.

Summer is fun and long with
kids outside all day long. The days
are hot but with kids all night,
summer is fun for you and me
too bad so sad summer has gone
Finally summer has come again
spring and fall are good too but nothing
is better than summer. Kids are ready
once again, kids are out once
again having the time of their life
without an adult. Kids are swimming
and diving to the fresh hot air
of summer. I wonder what next
summer might be like but it
is so far away.

Fall, Winter
Alex I.

Fall oh the mighty
fallen, they call out
and fall down.
Fall, children play
with a ball, and
eat spaghetti and
meat balls.
Winter, chocolate is
not bitter, the sweet
jewel fights the
bitter snow.
Winter, Santa brings
presents to the
jewels of the world
(Children) so go to
sleep, and await

Winter Is Cold
Deshawn J.

Winter is cold all around like
when summer touched the sound.
You see winter kidnapping all
other seasons but have no
clue or reason.
Winter is cold all around
like fall touching the
ground. Just like spring
was just found.

Mr. Cox
Room 312

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring
Tailah J.

Summer, fall, winter, and spring,
all make me want to sing.
Summer I eat ice cream.
Fall I jump into a pile of leaves and scream.
Winter I look at the glossy wintry trees.
Spring I smell the beauty full flowers.
I close my eyes in my room and dream
of different seasons, I always want to
listen to the wind singing.

Summer Oh Summer
Rebekkah J.

The warm sun heat beating on your skin
Oh, the smell of flowers, and breezed wind.
What can be better than a glass of lemonade outside
Or a picnic in the park, don’t forget the grill-outs
The dogs and owners playing fetch in the park
What’s better than traveling somewhere like Puerto Rico
Or some fun in the pool and some music
Have dance parties, enjoy the warmth before it’s gone
Summer oh summer you are great
I can’t wait for you next year

Winter and Summer
Gabrielle N.

Winter with white puffy clouds
with white snow and hail
snowflakes falling down
with white winter.
Otherwise summer the opposite
with hot sun and sand
with little string clouds
very different but friends.

Sophia R.

The painters get their brushes ready,
as summer fades away.
And start to paint the autumn leaves
as we know them today.
They start to turn all golder brown,
and purple, orange, and red,
I wonder how they ever do that,
it ponders in my head.
But then the time comes
and they must fall,
and onto the ground they go,
falling, falling, every day,
even though I command no.

Jeanette W.

The sun hangs in the sky
glaring down at us.
It feels like all the scorching heat
has burned us all to dust.
The bugs bite,
even at night,
and we are hungry for rain
to come again,
and soothe our pain,
for the cold winter to start
once more

Winter in Chicago
Parker W.

My scarf is too tight
during a snowball fight,
the hot cocoa’s too hot
right out of the pot.
The blankets are too thick
with too many ticks.
Oh, please oh, please
make this winter stop!
Oh please oh please,
or I’m gonna pop!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.