Words are the Clouds

Last week at Symyser, the 4th graders and I read Words are Birds by Francisco X Alarcón. In addition to finding the connections Alarcòn makes between words and birds, we identified how the poem is thinking about translation and immigration. We also learned about metaphors and spent some time building our own. Both classes came up with wonderful examples of metaphors they already knew, so I pushed them to craft some unlikely metaphors in their version of a Words are ____ poem. Here’s what they came up with!


Mrs. Erzrumly’s Class


Words are the Clouds 
By Abigail

Words are the clouds
that appear in the sky
at day and at night
flying around in the sky

like they just don’t care
hiding the sun
hiding the moon
hiding the sky


Words are Helpful
By Slava

Words help us
how do we know?
Read this poem
to find out soon!

If there are no pictures to a book
use the words create images in your mind!
If words are bad to you
you will never have pictures in your mind!

Words are like lazer tag to me
the words are the lazers from the guns
Words are also just as fun as pizza!
The words are like the toppings on the pizza.



Plane, leaf, tree, and waterbottle
By Max

Clock is a plane
traveling through time
going to a future

Paper is a leaf
like a tree flatten
down to thin paper
or card board

Pencil is a tree
shaped like a
perfect stick
that can write

waterbottle is a waterfall
going down the mountain.



I love words sometimes not 
By Nathan

words bring you up
words help
words could be kind
words are love

words can bring you down
words can be hurtful
words can be mean
words are like a devil

but words could help bring you up
words can help your friends or cousins
words can be like christmas tree happy
words are a family to make me comfortable

That’s why I love words
and sometimes not



Bunny hop to the shop 
By Raven

The bunny hopped to the shop
he always hopped to the shop
he loved poems and hopping to go
shopping he also could talk and
wore a top hat but people made
fun of him because he was 3tft
and his name was Bob the Bunny
sometimes theyed call him Bobby.
he was a bad bunny and he
thought words were fried chicken
but words are fried chicken right?
and words are his favorite.



Some words are mean 
By Vivian 

some words are hurtful
some are sad
you can defeat them

if you can stay glad
then it wont hurt you

if you stay glad
say that in your
head or you will never know

you glad



Not Liking Homework 
By Ethan 

Homework is
falling hail in the
sky It’s raining
homework and
trying to dodge
the homework

homework is
finishing a job
that is cleaning

trying to be
the winner in a
race track me
vs. homework

having nightmares
about dreams
of homework
is a horror

homework tracking
me down.



A word is a song 
By Audrey 

A word is a song
you can play
you can dance
you can sing!

you can whine
you can cry
you do it all the time!
you can do anything!

A word is a song
you can sing along
You can do anything!

A word is a song
A word is a song
You can do anything!



Words are a football game
By Nickolas

Words are a football game
like when you catch a ball and
keep running

Or when you run and something
hits you and you fall to the ground
no matter what, you can get up
and keep trying

protective armor can keep
you from being hurt
people cheering for you
you know you can get better


Ms. Edward’s Class 


Words are Colors and Shapes
By Lugie

A star is a yellow sharp tool
A hexagon is a maze of corners
A trapezoid is a trap for rat in a hotel
A triangle is a magenta shape at



Words are a warm blanket 
By Erica 

Words are a
warm blanket
when someone
compliments you.

Help you feel
safe and sound
when you are

Words comfort
you when you
are sad or

Words is
a warm



Words are music 
By  Alyson 

Paper is a knife
because paper has a little
knife at the end of the paper

Turtle is a cup
because a turtle
is slow and a cup
is slow too.



Words are food 
By Nicole 

Words are like food
And I will tell you

You eat chicken
you spit out words

You drink water
And you get the
energy for running

You eat pancakes
And get full

But you
can’t get the
moment to
rejoice that
you got to

So you should
be happy, the
way you eat and



Words are fun 
By Aris 

Words are funny
Pillow is Hair
Books are Bricks
Mom is Diamond



Words are Comfy 
by Nahla

A chandelier is a swing like at a playground
they swing back and forth

A park is a ocean full with living

A screwdriver is a shiny star.



Words are Birds
By Ivanna

Words are dodgeball
Words are Birds
Words are bucket fillers
Words are games
Words are teddy bears
Words are Reading
Words are fans
Words are positive
Words are negative
Words are hairs
Words are stars.



Rolling ball
By Millany

my rolling ball
my favorite ball
no kicks
no rules

no one
kick no
one stink!

your words

stink is not
like trash
stink is



By Sharai

are feeling
like your
in the sky

like nobody
talks, nobody
clocks, nobody
falls in
with words.



By Sarah

A book is a
Flag Because a book can be about a flag

a phone is a poster. Because
you can post stuff about it

A pencil is a drawing
because you can draw with a pencil.

The sea is food because
there is sea food.

A football is fast because when
you throw it it’s gonna go flying

Relaxing is calm because
your not using a lot of











“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.