Wishes on the 100th day of school!

When I arrived at Shoesmith for my first session with 4th graders this year, there appeared to be a number of senior citizens, some stooped over and walking with the help of their canes. Men with graying beards and mustaches, and women wearing bonnets and bathrobes were in the hallways and classrooms. Despite these tell-tale signs of aging, their faces were suspiciously youthful looking, and I wondered what was going on? It turned out that these were students dressed up as centenarians, to mark the 100th day of school for the 2022-23 school year. This turned out to be quite the ice-breaker before we turned to talking about poetry and writing wish poems!

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade – Group 1

by Jordana R.

I wish I will get in a college.
I wish I will be an actress.
I wish I will get more Jordans.
and I wish I will move soon.
Also I wish I was a famous person.
I wish for a huge bedroom.
I wish my sister will come soon.
I wish I will get more clothes.
I wish for a new pencil case.
I wish for a new phone case.
I wish I will have a cheetah.
I wish I will get into Notre Dame.
I wish I will win my water polo game today.


Kendall D.

I wish I could have a baby sister.
I wish I can read minds.
I wish my sister will stop banging on my door.
I wish I could get $200.
I wish to get a new iPad.
I wish I had more friends.
I wish I could visit Florida again.
I wish I could see all my siblings.
I wish I could go to college.
I wish to get a bike.


Kiyan M.

I wish to go to Paris.
I wish to learn to speak French.
I wish to have a puppy.
I wish to see the Eiffel Tower.
I wish to get anything I wish for.
I wish to fly.
I wish to go to Tanzania.
I wish to learn how to swim.
I wish I had any V.I.P. pass to do anything.


Hillary A.

I wish my mom will get another baby girl.
I wish I can control water.
I wish it was summer right now!
I wish we can have flying cars.
I wish I can have a makeup room.
I wish I can get Starbucks every day.
I wish to be in Paris.
I wish I can see my old BFF.

4th Grade – Group 2

My Wishes
by Tevin R.

I wish I had so much candy.
I wish I could have a car.
I wish I could be a football player.
I wish I could have infinite money.
I wish for a game room.
I wish it would be Christmas.
I wish it could be summer.
I wish my Grandma was still alive.


Dear Wishes
by Aayan A.

I wish students teach teachers.
I wish to go to the library.
I wish I could stay younger.
I wish kids can do anything.
I wish that every year I will get 1 million dollars.
I wish nothing bad will happen to me.
I wish that a shooting star will actually give you your wishes.
I wish that parents will listen to kids.
I wish I can write a book.
I wish I was famous throughout life.


Miles T.

I wish I had a secret dimension.
I wish I had Chipotle right now.
I wish I had my own amusement park.
I wish my door was Gryffindor in Harry Potter.
I wish I had an unlimited supply of candy.
I wish I had every Air Jordan in kid’s size.
I wish magic was real.
I wish I went to the Super Bowl.


Bayleigh T.

I wish I was 13.
I wish I could have all A’s.
I wish I could eat gas station food every day.
I wish my dog didn’t die.
I wish I can meet Kobe Bryant.
I wish I had a ps5.
I wish to be a child actor.
I wish I went on a cruise.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.