Who? Where? What? Why? When? How? Twain 6th graders want to know!

For their seventh week of poetry Twain Elementary 6th graders explored the purpose of asking questions. They were asked “Why do people ask questions?” and “Does every question have to have an answer?” Most students mentioned how people are natural curious, need information, and want to gain new knowledge. Students were introduced to rhetorical questions, questions that are often asked to emphasis a point or create an effect “Why is the sky?” or “Why do fish swim?” Other types of rhetorical questions are asked without expecting a clear answer such as “What’s the meaning of life?” or “What happens after death.” These questions are for self-reflection that allows us to find deeper meaning.

Together we read and discussed the poem “India,” by Sandeep Kaur, who was a teen poet featured in the WritersCorps anthology “Tell the World.” In her poem Kaur directly asks questions to India, the country of her birth. India why didn’t you tell me to stay in your arms?/ Why can’t I see you from my window? Why didn’t you come with me?/ Why don’t you understand how much I miss you? From these questions students concluded that Kaur feels lonely and homesick. She misses the country, which is not just a place but a friend she left behind.

Inspired by Sandeep Kaur, students wrote their own question poems containing no answers. But allowing the readers to interpret the answers for themselves. Please enjoy this week’s published poems.



Mr. Burford 6th Grade
Group 1



Root Beer
By David M.


How many roots are in root beer?

Who made root beer?

Why does root beer have the word beer in it if there is no beer?

When was root beer made?


Why is root beer so good?

Who made the root beer float?

Why do I have a root beer addiction?

Who made the root beer candy?



Questions About The World Around Me
By Eddie S.


Why is the sky blue?

Why is winter cold?

Why is grass green? 

Why is there light on earth

But no light in space?

Why is the sky blue

But space is dark?

Are aliens real?

Why are there asteroids?

Why is there no oxygen in space?

How is gravity different on other planets?

Does space have another space?

Are there living things on other planets?

How is the sun on fire in space?



Mr. Burford 6th Grade
Group 2



Questions for the Sea
By Issac R.

Why are you so huge?

Are you friends with rivers, And Lakes?

Do you have problems with fire?

Do you fight with sea animals?

Why do you create giant tsunami´s, And waves?

Do you respect sea animals?

Do you travel across countries, And states?


School Questions
By Luka E.

  1. Why does the hand sanitizer smell disgusting?
  2. Why is the boys bathroom always being vandalized ?
  3.  Why do we have to wear uniforms?
  4. Why does school determine our future ?
  5. Why can’t schools branch out their subjects to more diverse topics?
  6. Will school really help me in life besides simple reading and math?
  7. Why does school not teach us money and how to do taxes?


Questions for Mexico 
By Julissa H.


1.Why are you so violent sometimes?

2.Why do your people kidnap kids?

3.Why is your food so delicious?

4.Why is your candy so good?

5.Did you discover Avocados?

6.Why do you let America bully you?

7.Why did you look for an eagle on a cactus with a snake in its mouth for your flag?

8.Why are you my favorite country?

9.Why Mexico why?


Mr. Barr 6th Grade
Group 1



Pizza Questions
Flavio B. 

What don’t you understand
That I’m hungry?

Why do you always take
Long to pick up?

What do you put on you
That make you have a good flavor?

What’s better sausage or

Why is the bread always
So good?

How do you not know how
To cut yourself correct pieces?

Why do you always have
Such a good flavor?

Why does your cheese always
Fall off?



Questions to Them
By Juan L. 

Why did you do that?

How did we meet again?

What did I do?

When are you leaving?

Why aren’t you talking

Who’s that?

How bout you do it?




Mr. Barr 6th Grade
Group 2




Why did you do it dad
By: Esmeralda R. 

Why did you do it?

Why did you drink?
Why did you drive while drinking?

Why didn’t you lesson to the police?
Was that not enuff?

Why did you do it if you know you have a new family?
Do you even care that you had a new family?

Was stop 1 not enuff from the cops?
Did you need more than 1?

Do you think you needed more than 1 stop?
Do you need to be arrested?

Did you want to get arrested?
Did not believe that you could get arrested?

Are you surprised that you got arrested?
Are you proud of yourself?

Did you think how much your kids
Well get a heart in their future?

Did you even care that you got arrested?

Did you even care a little bit?
Just why, why did you do it?


Planet Earth?
By Zoe S. 

Why does the wind blow on summer days?

Are you friends with other planets?

What kinds of things do you do for humans?

Can you stop humans from polluting?

Does it hurt when we cut down trees?

Will you always be here?

When and will humans become extinct,

If so, who or what will roam next?

Do you know something we don’t?




Questions for Barcelona
By Bartlomiej Z.


Barcelona, will you win the champions
league next season?

Will you win against
Bayern Munich next season?

Will you win La Liga Again?

Will Messi come back?
Will he be good?

Will you win the treble?

Will Lewandowski win the
Golden Boot again?

Will Dembele come back from the hospital? (joke)

Will Ter Stegen win the Yashin Trophy?Will Araujo become the best defender of all time?

Is Balde, Araujo, Cristensen, and Kounde
still the most developed defense?

Do Gavi and Pedri become the next Xavi and Iniesta?

Are you better than Real Madrid?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.