When Feelings Come Alive @ Peterson 7th Grade

The other week at Peterson, we read and watched a performance of “Explaining my Depression to my Mother” by Sabrina Benaim. As we discussed what makes spoken word different than written poetry, we also learned about personification of the emotions. And thus, started writing our own poems. Students got into partners and picked an emotion at random and were asked to write a poem personifying that emotion. We then performed in partners as we had our own Peterson Open Mike in each class.


Mrs. Ionita
2nd Period


Leia R. and Kevin T.

After many years
we finally accomplished, our goal.
Someone in yellow pats me on the back
A since of proudness fills my cap.
It’s time to finally graduate!
Mother said “I did a great job”
Now it’s time to move on.


Janecia A. and Dina
We’re Now Included

Yes! We’re in the group
we’re energetic as ever, we’re
hoping we dance
we’re finally laughing
as we have a chance
people use to look
as if there was something

I was always left out
by the other around
but now we’re fitting
in with the crowd.
But that doesn’t matter
as long as we’re proud!


Kelly C. and Issac L.

Silence nothing but silence
full of regret and nervousness
too scared to break the silence
I fill you with anxiety
I fill you with regret
I look every where, waiting
The spawn of anxiety
A by product of nervousness
I see you, everywhere, 24/7, any place in the
I wait patiently I feel off the nervousness



Mrs. Ionita
3rd Period


Cristian L. and Sebastian S.

I’m disgusted on our decisions
disgusted on our leader
disgusted on what we have
become as a nation and who we depend on
I am disgusted that we have to live in a world
where nukes are giants
our planet is being wasted
I am disgusted that all people care
about is Power and money
disgusted walks among us
disgusted lives insides us causing problems
in a world that’s so wonderful


Drew B. and Aime M.

I think I talk too much.

All my classmates think I am annoying.
Sometimes, I don’t even know what I’m saying.
Like, just the other day I was with Sheran
talking about chocolate.
She was like lindor is so good.
And I was like ferrero rocher tho.
then she was like: you wanna go buy sum.
And then I was like: you know it best!

Wait, what are we talking about?


Ahmed B. and Madeline E.

She does every thing perfectly
She perfects every thing
I am impressed
She makes no mistakes
Her clothes are perfect
Her mind is right
She never gets in fights
Oh, I am so impressed


Mrs. Ionita
4th Period


Rehan A. and Jared G.
Disgusted Sights

Disgust escorted me from the sight of lives being lost,
It made me want to forget what we’ve seen
He forced me to feel nothing but negativity
my entire body.


Jeremiah C. and Adam D.

Every day I wake up
I dread what I have to do
And what I have to do
Is get bullied at school

They say I’m awkward
because Im so tall
They say I’m awkward
because my body’s small

They call me skinny
They say I am mini
They say my voice is high
Which is weird for a guy

That’s my life every day
very boring and very gray
I am very awkward
but I am going to move onward


Amber H. and Minah O.
What It’s Like to be Talkative

I can’t make it stop
I always end up making someone’s ear fly off
My mom tells me to just stop talking but I can’t control it
It has a mind of its’ own
I try to hold in the beast, but it breaks open the gates
that held in the urge to speak
no one truly wants to be around me because I’ll just
talk them away from me.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.