What: Our Friends Four

This week, we read “maggie and milly and molly and may” by E. E. Cummings. For starters, I said we could discuss how the poet uses personification as well as rhyme and similes in the poem. I also asked if anything looked usual? Students noticed that it begins with all lowercase lettering—including the names of the four characters—but then capitals are used in the sixth stanza, perhaps for emphasis? Plus twice parentheses are used. Since the first stanza introduces everyone, and the four immediately afterward describe what each individual does during their visit to the beach, the last two lines could be summing up the poet’s main point or idea: “It’s always ourselves we find in the sea.” We also wondered about the ages of the characters, and their relationship to each other. There was a lot to ‘unpack’ in Cummings’ poem!

When it was finally time to write their own poems, the students focused on friendships, either real or imagined.

Ms. Kawa, 4th Grade

Far Friend
Hope B.

Together we chat and play
Not alone, but far away
I see you and you see me,
but we can’t touch each other
we chat on devices
we call to see each other’s faces
but usually only one of us is online
for you live hours away
and I can’t hug you today,
but we can still play
even if you’re far away

Casey C.

What are they?
who helps you
plays with you
hugs you

You might
argue, fight
with them, but you’re still

When you’re sad,
mad, who cheers you up
Just because you are
mad at them you’re still

When you’re bored who’s
always right next to you

There For You
Audrey D.

The hand that reaches,
there for you.

The soothing voice (that’s)
there for you

hearts break, hearts mend,
(there for you)

when Alone comes to take you
that hand that saves you?
(there for you)

there for you

Alyse H.

when we all get old
we are praised for knowledge

yet when we are young
no one listens

Ups and Downs
Alexis K.

Up and Down (all around)
“go see it”
tug, push, pull, lift

No sense
be happy
dark angry storm clouds looming

long time
ignore, ignore, ignore

See in hallway
cold glares
paired together (energy)

Now again

Ozzy V.

Friendship some
people don’t have
friends some do.

It’s important to
have friends other-
wise . . .

Chasing Friends
Nia W.

Friendship is sometime that
you lose but you have to fight
to keep it.

They are different friendships
the ones that you care
about and the ones you

Some people don’t like
their friends others do.
But friendship is mostly
about you you have
to decide if you
want to be friends
with that person

you have to make a decision
between that person and that person
so when you think
about friendship think
about you.

Ms. Nelson, 4th Grade

We Dream
Avani B.

My friend and me
Our brains on the invention
Dreaming one day we could
Become Scientists and Engineers

Our friendship will lead us to
Our dreams
And success

Let our friendship grow
Bolder and bolder
Cause friendship is more important
Than anything in the universe

Pink Doggy
Cora B.

Pink doggy is my best friend
She is a stuffy
She is my favorite stuffy

I got her when I was 1 week old
She is nine and so am I
even if she’s not alive
I still love her

Moo & Meow + Beep
Claire L.

cows eat together
play together
moo together

cats eat together
play together
meow together

cows and cats
don’t know
each other

going crazy
going cuckoo
going places

the cow says
the sheep says

All mixed up together

Mixy upper
going round and round

The Meansssss
Innocence M.

One day I went to
a coffee shop and saw a girl
with cool hair and I said
can we be friends she said
yesss I was happy

Jazzy M.

Friendship is a 2 way street
so don’t make your friends mad
or you might meet the devil in
your friend some are real some are
fake you must watch the road you take

Andrew P.

That feeling
of friends

feel good
having fun

great time


I have friends in
other classes on Friday
I have lunch much
and sit with my friend
we go to recess and
play tag have some
fun on Friday it’s
a good day

A Rockclimber
Hannah W.

Hop the bus.
Scale the wall.
I’ll be sure
That you don’t fall.

Because I will
Be here for you.
And I hope you know well
That it is true.

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Kayon G.

I sit at the hot
It’s so hot it’s like
baking in an oven on 900 F

for 100 minutes.

Then you step in
the nice cold water.

It’s like you
regenerate then
the water becomes
your friend
then you play
with the sand and
with your friends

Me and My Friend
Ethan H.

Me and my friend email each other
Even if we haven’t talked to each other
I feel very sad
For about 5 minutes

Boy, Are Friends Tough
Jane K.

As all my friends fight
I sit in the corner
Lilly, Lavender, Lucy and Lollie

I don’t fit in
I’m not the same
Was I mean?
Do they hate me?

Then I hear my name
Where is it coming from?

Lilly is screaming
Screaming my name
She is saying . . .
How horrible I am
How bad I am

Was I ever mean?
Maybe so?
Why would I know?

Annika L.

Friendships are more than
just having friends

because some
last a long time

it is more than
just being friends

it is a commitment
it is a big part

of your life
so make a good one

that will last
until you pass

Lucas M.

Be a good human
and you won’t have problems with

Don’t grow devil horns
and you won’t have problems with

Or you’ll just have to be friends with the
metal pole

George Q.

Friends are nice, kind,
supporting us, and that’s you too,

friends are like wood, it can
be broken by the hammer, the rudeness.

With or without friends, you can
still always try, and again.

You do not always need
friends, but they are useful.

To make friends are like helping,
and being kind, nice, and not


Khloe S.

oh so very strong
like a giant rock on
the sandy dock

oh so very colorful
like a sparkling firework
in the shining sky

Valentina S.

Friendship is a beautiful thing
that holds people together
it brings joy
it brings laughter
friends care for you
friends love you
friends have empathy for you

Ms. Lyons, 4th Grade

The Friends
Sai B.

I was walking then my Whopper friend
went like singing, one Whopper, double Whopper,
triple Whopper. Then he said spicy sauce
is best sauce. I got him a spicy Whopper
with spicy sauce.

Alone with Unknown
Kendall C.

I knew we were friends in 3 months
But she wanted to add her own touch
1 2 3 K.W. jumped in
And became friends to the end
Sitting alone waiting for someone new
But she almost stole them too.

Charlotte F.

Birthday birthday
the time has come
friends come over to have some fun!
But this peace came undone
war was waged and Charlotte won!
Forced in a pillow everyone fell
Ebott will eat you beware
the couch!

A Friend That’ll Never End
Ebio H.

It first started with me and Jaxson.
Then it was Jaden and we started a friend group
called the bois “with an I.”

Lastly we started playing sports together
like basketball and football. Also our last basketball game
I had 50 Jaden 20 Jaxson 22.

Kenneth J.

I like how Daniel is creative and
playful, he is also really funny and is
smart, he also never gives up.

Raylon J.

My friend and I went to the park.
We played on the structure.
We swung on the swings.
We slid down the slide
and we play tagged each other.

Ms. Makris, 4th Grade

Hanging Out with Friends
Victoria B.

On summer days you may hang out with friends
you can be happy or sad maybe even mad

Some days you may want to play
but others you just want to hang

On some hang outs, you could have fun
others could have none.

Friends may be sad or mad
but you could try to make them glad
like they had a not bad friend.

Abigail B.

Friends are fun to
play with and enjoy.
Life can go through
ups and downs but you
can work through them.

Friends are friends to
help you out.
life is life to work
You can help yourself with
friends and they can help
through life.

Friends can work but
they can also play.
I need friends and
I have them next to me.
Move on world and move
on friends.

Miguel C.

We always play and help and travel together.
He is like a brother.

Bing & Bong
Jack K.

Bing and Bong wrote a song so loud
that they couldn’t play
so they say, “We’re the best of
bestie twins we cause trouble
everywhere you go we terrorize
and are annoying our sister
we don’t go to school
we’ll hide and play we scare
our mom with fake clouds
and that’s the end of the day!”

Ella K.

Skiing oh skiing I like to do

Ellie oh Ellie how much I love you

Skiing oh skiing I sure do like
you but nothing’s the same without
my BFF, Ellie.

Ellie I like oh Ellie I love

Ellie my BFF oh Ellie you are the
BESTEST of friends

I love skiing with you oh Ellie my

Jack S.

cook, dance, climb, jump,
football, basketball, eat,
fun, new, bread, meet,
apple, pencil, pen,
paper, police officer,
fireman, leg, hand



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.