What is Your Fear?

The poet’s from Miss Gonzalez’s seventh grade class at Avondale Logandale have conjured up some of their scariest fears for your delight. These fear poems are exercise in creating suspense in our literature. Do not read these in the dark!


The Scary Dark Forest 

By Karianey G.


I entered the dark scary forest with my coat and I kept hearing weird noises from afar. I then heard the noise coming from the north side of the forest so I started to walk faster. Then I heard a sound that sounded like someone was growling and it kept getting closer.

So I started to run because it was getting creepy and I was getting scared but then I heard the sound again but this time the sound was in front of me. Then I got my flashlight on and what I saw was the scariest thing ever. It was dozens of zombies coming my way. I was about to scream.

But I hold it because I knew if I scream I was going to be dead so I started to walk to the biggest tree I saw and I started to climb it. Then I see the zombies getting closer the next thing I know is that a zombie is climbing the tree as well. I was frighten. At this point a big truck came.

It was killing all of the zombies one by done. I survived and I was pretty happy that the truck came and killed all of them.



By Jessica S.


I walk into the abandoned asylum, with chills down my spine.
The rain outside mixed with the whooshing wind created a hollowed echo.
At the end of the hallway stood a large blue door.

I opened the door and saw objects all over the ground.
My face turned pale as I observe all of the objects on the ground.
I picked up a tool and saw a red liquid all over it.


I dropped the tool as I realized what it was and ran for my life. I looked back and saw a group of dark shadows following me as they whispered to each other.

They stretched their long tin hands at me as I felt paralyzed and slowly closed my eyes.


By Jiaje Z.

Today was a chilly day the wind was strong and my dog was running into the woods;

There is no sign of him ever since I heard screaming in the forest a few days ago;

I saw many people running into the forest with torches but they never come back.


Three days later I saw a man without his hands running out of the forest something grabbed him and pulled him back.

The earth was shaking. There is a giant beast hiding in the forest.

I called the police to my house they think I’m mad. I told them it was real but they just laughed.


They told me there’s nothing to worry about but I felt i need to.

Tonight I heard the earthquake outside my house. There was beast was near me.

I hide myself under my bed and I saw a pair of clawed feet standing in front of my bed.

It lowered itself and I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes. Then it stretch it’s claws and dragged me out.



Unbearable Feelings 

By Giana E.


Something creeping out from the dark. The smell of blood lingering. There is no running. The fear of death closing in on you. The creepy zombie walking slowly towards you. Eyesight turning pitch black.


Then comes the demons. The things that seem to haunt the most. The cold shivers down your spine. The eyes staring a death glare into you. There is no way of running.

The things that your mind is creating. The thing made by your brain. All made just to scare you. The creepy eyes and a crooked smile. Blood very visible all around. Eyes glowing red.

Little orbs gliding across the room. Mysterious movements happening everywhere. The surprise that brings a person. But none of that is real.

The real fears. Strangers, unknown faces everywhere. Some give off weird vibes. Different faces roaming everywhere. The kind faces always hiding away all the evil. The sins each and every one of them have committed.

The pressure that is being pushed on you is just unbearable. Eating away at you every second of every day. The fear of being a failure. Not being liked after you give in. The way everyone is just tearing you apart piece by piece.


haunted house

By Kevin M.


In a haunted, abandoned house

smells old and dirty but the floors are full of dust with missed belongings

The whispering of an unknown presence can be heard

We came to explore the top floor, the whispering got our attention

Could it be that people are with us, in this abandoned house

As I got closer I hear them talking to us


I got even closer, once we got even closer

we felt pain on our both of necks, once we got there

There wasn’t anyone, but we knew someone haunted this place .


Look out at the dark, windy day    

By Jocelyn C.

One day I went to a haunted abandoned house. It was a dark, windy day when I went to explore. You may ask why? Well I heard rumors about that place being haunted and nobody living there. “Was it true?” I asked myself so I went to explore to see for myself. Was it a good decision?

Be careful when it’s night. It’s hiding during the day and during the night It only comes out at midnight” the people said as I went to the second floor to explore and I hear a scratching at the closet door and screaming. What can it be?

I checked and I saw nothing. There was nobody in the closet. I was scared then I heard the door slam from the first floor. I went to look and the entrance door was closed. I had enough, I was scared too much I left running from the place and saw it. It was a shadow standing there looking at me I ran without turning back.The next morning my closet door was opened. Did it follow me? My only advice will be to check before you go to sleep because in the morning the door might be open with scratches on the door.




By Jason G.

I went into a scary place?

There was a thing red nose white face

colored hair rainbow big pants.


You guessed it was a clown

went deeper and deeper and

continued seeing even more.


There was a clown that was

a different clown apart from the

rest with a chainsaw.


My Escape

By Selena F.

I walked all night in the rain,

They followed me home.

I hear them run faster towards me,

they’re breathing intensely in my ear..

I look back and see no one,

then turn back and there they were..

they had a big psychotic smile,

their faces are very dark and very dull.


I run towards the lake of fear,

I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim..

I’m scared to get close to them, yet I am so alone,

They pulled me and started running,

I was struggling and tried to pull out of his hands,

his hands were big and he had veiny arms,

My heart is pounding faster and faster.

We made it.

The home of the demon,

it’s very dark and looks bare,

it’s a very scary place to be.

The demon seems lonely and soulless,

he told me that one day we’ll share a soul,

He then pushed me in a dark and deep hole.

Then I awoke.

It was just a nightmare.



By Arichely Medina


My curiosity drove me to a weird looking  shadow behind a dark alley with a broken light.

The broken light was the only light in the dark street

It was weird because I’m the only one here


I go more deep due to my curiosity

As I go closer I get a nervous scared feeling

I freeze as my eyes are closed and goes pitch black


I wake up in a dark room

Then suddenly I’m in a chair tied up

With a little girl next to me




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.