West Park Hauntings Part 3

As promised below are the horrific stories from the 7th grade Poets of West Park. Today we put the final touches on our stories then we shared and listen to each other. I hope you can still sleep at night!

Castle of Hell

Delaine S. and Maritza S.

In a small dark misty village. There were two adopted brothers named Tadashi and Alejandro. There were not as rich as other kids. Which is why they stayed in the house for fear of being bullied. But one day as they were playing in their house they heard their parents talk about something called the Castle of Hell. It sounded scary to the two boys. They promised to never go to a scary place. That was until years later.

10 years later…

Both the boys had grown older. Alejandro being 18 and Tadashi was 19. They lost both of their parents to a deadly virus called H8 that began 3 years ago. It had locked people up in their own homes. By now the whole world was in disarray. There were fights and much worse. Today was an awful day as thousands die and continue to die every day. We were trying to figure what to do because we had been locked up in the house for such a long time.

Alejandro said “Oh I remember now! The Castle of Hell, the place where the neighbors go and never come back.” Alejandro and Tadashi boarded a rusty ship they had never seen before and then they heard a BANG! A loud explosion went off in the background, it was a nuke!

“Everyone get down!” Tadashi yelled out to the scared and lifeless crowd. All of the bodies were affected by the aftershock of the nuke. But Alejandro and Tadashi survived the attack. Six hours later they arrived at the Castle of Hell…to be continued…

Part 2. We all found it out that is in the head of a 13 year old


Creepiest Night

Damarion W. and Jadis D

One day Michael and his friend James were playing with Legos at James’ house when Michaels’ mom said he has to come home. He got on his bike and slowly rode down the hill, it was very dark. He heard somebody screaming so he went towards the sound. He seen a monster eating the soul of a girl. He ran for his life. When he got home he ran to his mom crying. His mom asked what happened. He was still crying but his mom tried to calm him down. His mom asked again if what happened and if he was okay. After listening to Michael, his mom thought he was crazy and told him he was making stuff up. She sent him to bed. The next day when he woke up and he heard his mom scream to the top of her lungs. He looked in the mirror and had seen that he turned into the monster!

That day he didn’t go to school but he kept hearing voices in his head telling him to hurt people. He went to the store and saw James. The monster again took over his body. He tried to control it but couldn’t. He ran into the woods and his hand turned into part of the monster. James saw this and wanted to run but he couldn’t for some reason. He asked if Michael was okay and what was wrong with his hand. Then Michaels’ hand turned back to normal. James asked him again about his hand. Michael said he woke up with it like that. As they walked home Michael told James what happened last night and this morning. James said one time he heard loud sounds from the woods. They both went to go check it out. They found a small house that looked like wild bulls ran through it. The door was locked. James kicked the door down. There was blood on the floors and walls. They saw a door leading to the basement. They stood there frozen, thinking if they wanted to go down there. They went down there but ran back out yelling and crying. When they ran outside the beast was there waiting for them. It caught Michael but James got away and never came back.


Haunted House

Edwin A.

John, Brandon and I went to a haunted house overnight. Brandon suggested we all go in.

Brandon said let’s go inside but John and I said “No are you crazy!”

Brandon said “Yes of course I could even say scary stories.” But then John and I heard our parents calling us and John said let’s go inside but hurry up. I said okay but hurry up. So everybody went inside and we open the house and the door. We went inside and I heard many noises like a girl crying and someone laughing they were laughing so soft hehehe. I started to shake and I started to bite my nails and Brandon and John said to me don’t worry. Then we heard laughing and John said run! We went inside of a room and we hid in a closet. We heard someone coming up the stairs. The floor was so loud it went boom boom boom! I grabbed a bottle next to me and I threw it at them. There was loud thunder and rain. I started not to feel well I felt lazy and dumb and I fell on the floor. Everybody was helping me to stand then 1 minute later everything went boom! Then the police came and arrested us and everyone was crying. Next the police searched the house and they didn’t find anything so they left. We could see the girl was looking out the window and started to smile and no one never went back to the house.


Ghost Clown

Yareli A. Vianney T. Marianna T. 


One day a girl named Anna wanted to play in the playground with her best friend Henry. Both of their moms agreed to take them to the playground near their house that was near the forest. So they got there and started playing with a joy. Anna and Hendry decided to play hide and seek with both of their moms. The kids decided their moms would count, soon the moms started counting. The kids thought the park was an easy way for their moms to find them. They agreed to hide in the forest together so they wouldn’t get lost by themselves. They thought it was a good place because it was dark by the trees and hard to find. After a few minutes they got worried that their moms wouldn’t find them. They got out of their hiding spot because they heard something and saw a balloon pass by them. They couldn’t find their way back to the park and started running and got even more lost.


Then all of the sudden they heard a voice saying “Why are you leaving? Let’s keep on playing hide and seek.” The kids said no then the strange voice said “Why not? I’ll help you guys find your way back if you play hide and seek with me and my friends.”

“Who are you?” The kids said.

“You don’t know me?” Said the strange voice. “Well, I’m going to tell you something about myself I was a kid just like you playing hide and seek on Halloween night with my friends well, my fake friends. After I got home I brought my friend with me, and my dad was drunk then he told me that I should go to the car with my friends because he had a surprise for me. When we got to the car one of my friends said I forgot something in the kitchen. My dad said I’ll go with you and then they brought something and put it on the trunk. We got to the forest and then my friends grabbed me and pulled me to the ground then my dad grabbed something in the trunk. Then my friend said are you ready you dirty clown. Then my dad put a sharp knife on my chest and they said good night. After that day I got betrayed and became a ghost clown since then I find friends. You got betrayed too. Now you know about me so are you ready?”


The kids said no! “Then I will just grab your friend and turn him into a clown like us if you don’t play.”

Then Anna decided to play. The ghost clown gave her five minutes to hide so she started running and found a hidden spot. She was quiet until her mom and her best friend mom yelled their name. She got out of her hiding spot and began to run until 3 cops stopped her. She screamed for help. To be continued.


Armani and Sean

It was a warm night. I could hear the sound of wind and trees tapping my window. It echoed in my silent room. I could not sleep this night. That’s when I decided I would go outside to look at the stars. Once I was outside I saw it was starless night. That’s when I heard it… “Ah! Help me!”  I looked around. A black flash blurred between my vision. I called out “Who’s there? Show yourself” I heard it again “Help!” I walked slowly and carefully through the forest watching looking around cautiously with every step. There he was. A man in his mid-20s. He was knelt over very clearly in distress. “Sir are you okay? Do you need help?” The man started laughing hahaha then he started screaming. Then he started to change, growing rapidly, his arms lengthening, his legs stretched. It was a horrific sight. He turned and this menacing disgusting looking figure staring at me with a malicious intent. He ran and flashed a light into our face. Everyone was breathing hard. I was horror struck. I could not move from the shock and fear. The figure sat there breathing hot breath and not moving. After around 20 seconds I came back to my senses. I turned around and ran. I never ran so fast. I kept running until my legs went numb. A study set of footprints streamed behind me. Until it happened. It’s arm caught me and put it’s arm through my shoulder. I screamed and saw red gushing down my sleeve. Then another one went straight through my chest. Everything went black. Memories flooded in my head my life was flashing pass my eyes so this is how it happened this is death? I heard that maniacal laughter one more time before I went into the light. Hahaha.


Brisia, Kayla, Nely

Una niña qué se llama Yari estaba caminando para ir a la escuela. Después vio el director que entró con una niña que se miraba enferma y que estaba sangrado de la mano. Pero el director se miraba extraño. Sharif fue y habló con la niña la niña se llama Cristina. Cuándo Yari se fue al baño miro sangre y pensó que era la sangre de Cristina. Pero luego vio que el director tenía un cuchillo. Yari escucho un grito de una niña. Luego Cristina fue detrás de Yari. Y Cristina sé espanto con el grito de la niña. Y le dijo a Yari que llama a la policía. El director se dio cuenta y corrió a dónde estaba Yari. Yari le dio el teléfono a Cristina y el director mató a Yari. Cuándo Cristina llamó a la policía ella se fue y nunca regreso.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.