Week 4 at Washington: “This day is different, not just a regular bore..”

“do you know what it’s like to live
someplace that loves you back?”

– Danez Smith, “summer, somewhere

We often use art, and specifically poetry, to help process the more difficult things of life. So many of the classic pieces we read in class are on subjects of grief, solipsism, and further frustration with life as we know it, and at some point, a typical kid in the United States might think poetry is just a tissue to wipe away tears; a pain-filled medium with writers that stare out the window and contemplate the confusing parts of the world.
And you know what? Fair. Poetry is a pretty sad genre. Very fair. But I believe in imagining joy just as much as we imagine pain! Even if it comes from a painful place. In Week 4 at Washington, we imagined our own utopias as a means of exploring extending metaphor. Luckily, Danez Smith gave us a wonderful example of how to do that with “Alternate Heaven for Black Boys,” an excerpt from their longer epic poem, “summer, somewhere.”

Amongst the tundra of a Chicago winter, we imagined what our perfect day would look like. Many of these stories took us across the world, or even just up the block, or kept us in a bed a couple minutes past the alarm clock. I hope your heart is warmed as much as mine was while reading these poems from Week Four of poetry classes at George Washington Elementary:

Group 1


By Danny R.

I wake up on a chilly day,
Then I remember the Packers play today, yay!
Aaron Rodgers and Jaire Alexander come over to my house
We plan on how to win! They won’t squash us like a mouse!
We go to the stadium and the stage is set
Expectations will be met
They end up winning it all!


By Aston O.

Just waking up in the morning,
Gotta thank God,
I stood up, got my grub on,
Then went to the gym before dawn,
Came back, called my friends saying
“Where y’all playing baseball?”

Went down to the field,
Hitting it far, making my boys fall,
Went to dinner with my boy,
Then went on a shopping spree;
Lost a lot of money!


By Joshua S.

I wake up in the morning and I step outside
I’m really thirsty, got coconuts on my mind
Going out with the fam, getting something to eat
It’s really hot, I’ma need some ice cream!
Meeting Jidion and Stephen Curry,
Hoping to be big like them, you see!
Staying up late, plating video games,
Getting W’s on a perfect day!


Group 2


By Adonis W.

My perfect morning is breakfast in bed,
The sun’s out, nice Sumer day, my father out back
Fixing cars, then we hit the gym.
It’s just me and him. Then we go shoot some,
And I love to hear the swoosh!
We go outside for some fresh air, nobody hurting anybody else,
It’s the perfect day.

I go talk to my friends Anthony and Ace
And we go get some ice cream.
On the perfect day, I never want this to end,
Because nobody is killing anybody else,
and we’re just having fun,
We don’t have to worry about any guns,
Then I meet a nice girl with the perfect teeth
But she’s so shy and you won’t hear a peep
Then I ask her out to eat,
Tell her it’s my treat,
Then I go to the studio with some friends
We’re just rapping on some beats
Then I go back home and get some sleep.

Then I wake from my sleep
And I sit there and think,
“Wow, what a crazy dream!”


By Anabel M.

The weather feels great on a nice bright day.
To the corner store, my cousin and I make our way.
Shelves filled with Mexican snacks, that it’s difficult to turn our back.
The ice cream store filled with different flavors.
Chocolate, vanilla, mango, lemon, and more.
This day is different, not just a regular bore.


By Jizelle B.

The bright green grass sways to the refreshing water from a sprinkler. Sun rays from my window greet my dog’s face. My sister talks as loud as a lion outside. A Notification on my phone says: From Mika. The blinding sun seems to be smiling brightly.

… and I have a slurpee from 7/11 🙂


Group 3


By Anallely A.

Waking up from bed, with my dogs barking,
Knowing the day is knocking.
The smell of French toast my mom can make
With a side order of cake!

It is a sunny day.
Reminds me of Tampa Bay –
The weather isn’t too hot or too old,
I don’t feel old,
Reading a book in my living room.

With the perfect day, I can loom
Walking to the park,
Hoping it doesn’t get dark.


By Bernardo J.

I wake up, yawn,
I be eating eggs and bacon.
Then I talk to my mom and dad.
I spend time with my mom.
Then at some random basketball court,
Then I’m chillin on the block,
Then I go on the porch
And sit down and chill
Until the block gets too dangerous.

I go inside
And sleep.


By Yareli M.

Waking up with a big breakfast in Mexico,
Go shopping with my family and cousins,
Riding in four wheelers with them.

Climbing on mountains to see the beautiful view,
Eating tacos and puzzle at night
Riding horses and helping my tia at her shop.
Buying bracelets and snacks at the plaza,
Talking to my tios and my grandma
About my day. Wishing my day would never end,
Wishing this day will continue every day
Of my life.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.