Week 2 at Washington: “You can have endless ideas!”

Our first unit at Washington introduces us to metaphor and simile, which may be the most important part of creative writing! To kick us off, Week 2 at Washington started with the first slam poem I’d seen that made me fall in love with the craft: “Thinking About You,” performed by Mike Taylor at the Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Festival way back when!

My philosophy in the classroom is to make sure we’re able to paint with as wide of a brush as possible, embracing any and every way that we feel. Poetry is nothing more than a beautiful way to look at life. Metaphor is crucial to this, so we’ll be hammering away at different ways to use it over the coming weeks! I asked the 8th Graders at Washington to tell me about what they’re thinking about, and the poems ranged from sports, to crushes, to high school choices, and to so many more cool topics! 13 years old is a really cool age to be, and it showed through in this thought exercise. It was truly a pleasure to read through them all, and it made me so excited for the year.

Here’s a few poems from Week Two of poetry classes at George Washington Elementary:


Group 1:


The Manga of My Heart
By Bella A.

This has my heart like a cat has a mouse,
Has me staying up all night,
Like my sister with her newborn,
The love I have for this
Has my heart running miles.
My eyes are red like my notebook,
I want them together so bad
Like my sister wants a boyfriend,
I would sell my heart and soul
For them to be together already,
I want this, I NEED this!


By Natalia G.

I’m thinking about high school,
Like the way adults think about bills,
Like how I think about crosswalks.
Like how I think about Christmas.
Like how bees feel about honey.

I hate it like dogs hate cats.
I worry about it like mothers worry for their kids,
I’m excited about it like kids at Disney World.
I’m ready for it like a runner at the starting line.


By Adrian V.

Basketball is my crush
When I score it’s not that
Big of a brush. I’m thinking
Of you like you’re my
Number one priority. I
Can’t wait to play
Because I mostly think
Of you all day. I
Don’t want to give
Up because an opportunity
Can come around, that’s
Why I always stay my ten toes on the ground.
When I’m playing, I
Have to run, but it’s
Okay, because I’m
Having fun!



Group 2:


You Remind Me Of
By Destiny B.

You remind me of the
Fresh, clean air after a storm

You remind me of the beautiful sea
and how calm it can be

You remind me of a soft, cuddly teddy bear
That I can hold and know will be there

You remind me of the excitement of Christmas
And the love of a mother to her cubs


By Yvette B.

It’s as cheesy as a mozzarella stick
Biting into it is like heaven in a slice
The pepperoni is warm and the taste is amazing
The crust is as crunchy as stepping on a leaf in fall


By Alexandra D.

Everyone says things so simply.
Not worrying about the aftermath of their words.
Then, I think about things so differently.
Overanalyzing like a psychologist.
What made them say those words

Is everything okay with their family?

No. No. No. It’s not my job to worry about them.
I have enough of my own worries
To think about.


Group 3:


By Jaimely C.

You are as fine and sharp
As a knife.
You are sweet as a cupcake.
You can say nothing, but with
Your smile, it’s like saying
Millions of words.
When you’re sad, it’s like
My whole world is ending.



About Him
By Jaydin J.

He’s sweet like candy
His smile is bright as the sun
His hair is like a cloud
While his skin is soft like butter
His eyes are almond shaped
But trust me, I don’t hate
He makes me feel safe
Like money in a safe
I do dream
It makes me scream
But my dreams are of him
Because he’s the only one I
Think about


By Adrian M.

Music is calming, like the idea
Of knowing that you don’t have homework.
Music is soothing,
Like the comfort of your bed
Music is like a dictionary,
There’s all kinds of things
Music is like writing;
You can have endless ideas!
Music is enjoyable, like
The idea of what’s for dinner



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.