Weather or Not

This weekend marks the beginning of spring, so our poem this time was “Spring is like a perhaps hand” by E. E. Cummings. The poet is renowned for messing around with grammar, syntax, and punctuation; Skinner students are familiar now with the idea of this kind of play, but I told them that since Cummings wrote this poem almost 100 years ago, it was not received well when it was first published. We looked at how Cummings intentionally smushed some words together, and talked about his use of parentheses to provide additional information within the poem. Since the title is repeated twice, we refreshed our memories on what a simile is and I asked how spring could be like a hand? There were many amazing answers—the students really ran with this idea!

For their own poems, the topic was spring. Check out the wide variety of responses in these examples…

Ms. Thiel, 2nd Grade

Deondre C.

This spring I’m going
to Indianapolis. I
get to go to
Game Stop. I
will have new games.
I can go get new
cool games at the
store. I will play my
dad’s Xbox One.
I will play
with my smallest
sister. I will
go to my auntie’s
house. I will go
swimming with my
dad. I will
play Halo 5
with my dad
online. Spring
rocks man.

Aurelie G.

Spring…Spring Spring Spring.

Flowers, bees buzzing, leaves
all the work of Spring.

I’m just loving Spring.

Spring Sp Sp Sp

Sp Sp Sp Sp Sp Sp Sp

Spring Spring Spring Spring

flowers, bees buzzing, leaves
All the work of Spring
I’m just loving Spring!

Jane H.

Spring is a wonderful
season to see nature,
see the heart of wonderful
nature. Spring is like
a smile face with lots
of love, such a wonderful
thing in the world.
Oh, spring, such a
wonderful season.

Awesome Spring Story
Mitra S.

Ahh spring is awesome do
you know how spring was made?
Let me tell you mmm
once upon a time
lonng long ago lived a princess
and a dinosaur they were best
friends! One winter morning
in 20000000000000000000
March 21, lots of dinosaurs
were there! They wanted to
feel better and the
princess too so the dinosaurs
breathing out water fire
air and soil finally winter
went away so it’s the dragon’s
job to do seasons the
end. Where? I just
told you!!! Who
makes seasons? The dinosaurs!
That’s it I am
getting out of here again!

Spring Break
Albert S.

Here comes spring break
going to my dad’s
hip hip hooray!

Going to my dad’s
Going to my dad’s
Going to my dad’s

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Kyndall C.

I love spring because
spring is fun
spring break
green grass
I love spring

Ahmad E.

Spring is coming Winter is leaving
seasons reason running coming
Seasons are approaching years are
ears go ahead and have some
fun stop crying quit whining

Me, the Seed
Roxane L.

I am a seed
Inside a flower.

A strong hand pulls my flower out of the
ground and puts it in a flower pot

on a windowsill.
It is a windy day
The wind blows me and my
brother and sister seeds away from our mother,
the flower
some of us go east, west, north I go south
I land in the ground I grow……

Max M.

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
Leaves are growing the sun is
flashing I’m jumping in leaves
no one I mean no one can
make the day worse spring oh
spring you make grass grow
you make everyone grow
you can make the whole
world feel good I say put a
crown on you spring.

Spring Shows Up
Lorenzo P.

Spring hands take away
winter and spring shows up.
When spring shows up like
that I’m amazed. It looked
so beautiful.

Mother Nature
Lucie R.

Mother Mother nature
let spring sprout from the
Best to the super best.

Let it spring from the
window to the sky,
into the space, to

Jupiter, Neptune, to Pluto

to the furthest as can be

Anthony S.

Spring is for soccer players because
most soccer is played in that season.

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

Ilani A.

Once there
was a frog
who said “I’ll
spring my way to

He sprung there.

He sang this song:

“Oh spring,
S is for spring,
P is for popping
I is for Ilani,
N is for nibbling
yummy treats,
and G is for
going to spring!
Then he hopped home.

Easter Egg Hunt
Chloe B.

I went to my back yard and saw a pink
plastic egg I asked my dad what is
this pink plastic egg for he said
It’s for the easter egg hunt I’m
making for you and your family. When
are we going to start, now?
Not yet. But I started collecting
eggs without anyone knowing then
put them back so when it
really starts I’ll know where
they are and…I’ll…
and eat candy

Paige R.

Spring my birthday
in May. Flowers
bloom after Winter.
Sunny skies for playing.
Bubbles to blow. My favorite
season is spring.

Josiah R.

Spring is a season spring is nice
spring is a recovery from snow and ice

Ranya S.

Spring is on its way
and I am in complete

The bees and mosquitoes
will sting me till I
bleed…spring is coming and
I am in even more

Spring is coming and
I am in complete

It will pour on me
really hard in rain
and my birthday is
now 3 months away

OH! All I wish is that
spring would just

Triniti W.

Sprung it’s so pretty
Sprung birds soaring in the sky
Sprung so many flowers
Sprung oops! I mean

Spring it’s so pretty
Spring birds soaring in the sky
Spring so many flowers
Oh I’ll stick with SPRUNG

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

The Easter Bunny Is Killing Me!
Audrey H.


Butterflies in the Morning
Erik I.

Flapping colors flowers bloom
hot sun so much

Bailey M.

The Rabbits Hop.
The Babies Are Born.
Everybody Has Adored Them.
Spring Is Here. Wait. It’s
Near. Today Is The Day To Celebrate.
We All Feel Great.

Beautiful, Wondrous Spring.

Spring’s Flowers
Sophia S.

Spring’s flowers bring spring’s
happy smells in the

It makes you go to
a garden to look and

leave the cold winter

Then apple blossoms

Keenan V.

The leaves come up the sun
shines bright the flowers come
up the day is good the final
ship comes down to earth the
countdown comes and this day
is spring spring is long and
I wait ’til the next fun day.

Matthew W.

Spring looks beautiful.
Spring is when plants
grow, Spring is when there
are warmer weather (I mean perfect weather) Spring
is close to Summer. Summer
is when people go on vacation,
Summer is when people
play outside.

Spring is when birds sing,
Spring is when it rains a lot (:().
A lot of people like Spring. So, I can’t
wait till Spring is here, and IT IS THIS
WEEK (:)).

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Sienna B.

I love Spring because it is
a nice season and we can have
a wonderful Spring a lot of
people like Spring it is a
season that stuff grows
like flowers and other stuff
and the S in Spring is my
first initial in my name
people garden in Spring.

Spring Is Nice
Christian C.

The sun comes out it rains too
flowers bloom trees bloom too
kids come out and play in the park

leaves are on winter is gone
people walk, no more vehicles
animals come out from their hibernation
no cold no hot just in the middle.

Ava J.

Spring time is here have a pool party with me
and be good like me and have fun with me
wow wow you’re here I’ll be glad you’re here

Jacob L.

Spring is like a soft petal
(even if it means
something else).
Leaves come back softly
who’s with me?
Leaves are as soft
as a soft cheek.

Trees raise leaves

it is the bark
like a dog barks
what does the leaves
do when they
leaf me alone.

Leaf me alone when it is autumn.

(it’s so different,
leaf me alone).

Everything will go up
without breaking.

Zia Rey R.

In the spring it’s
cool out side with bloomed
flowers in the air it is so
awesome in the out doors

Emily S.

I love spring because
it’s not too hot
and not too cold
it’s perfect plus in
spring there is easter
I don’t know if
I should tell you
this but I will tell
you in spring my
best friend moved
away and ever since
I was never
happy we met
when we were
3 years old
every day I would
go to his house
every day
I am not
telling you any
more because
I’m going to
cry soon.

Raagvi S.

Flowers are as roses
Leaves are as roses
Trees are as roses
Everything as roses

Gigi S.

the fresh spring
air the trees
blow the wind
whistles the cool
fresh air
it goes hot
it goes cold
the wind blows
the wind blows



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.