We Are The Universe

For their fifteenth week Hale 3rd-5th poets took a trip to outer space. We explored the poem “The Day the Universe Exploded in My Head,” by Allan Wolf. Wolf incorporated rhyme and onomatopoeia (sound effects) words to described what happened when a young boy had the universe exploded inside his head. I heard a bong!/ And then a whoosh!/ My eyes flew open wide/ I felt a jolt of wonderment / from somewhere inside. Together we wrote a group poem about what happened when the universe explored inside our heads.

Then later in the week we traveled to a new planet in the poem “London’s Planet,” by 6th grader London R. In her poem, London creates a planet that is as shiny as diamonds/where the trees sing/and the water farts on everyone. Inspired by London students wrote individual poems, designing their own unique planets.

So get your tickets ready readers so you can blast off into space.



Ms. Degiulio’s After School
3rd-5th Grade



The Universe Exploded In Our Heads
by 3rd-5th grade Hale Students  

Earth went Boom!
There was an explosion of unicorns.
Dinosaurs were recreated.
Mercury started bouncing and pouncing.
My brain went bounce and Pop!
Venus was sizzling, sizz, sizz.
Stars were giggling.


Ava’s Planet
Ava F. 

My planet is as hot as the sun.
Crabs can make rain.
My planet is as funny as me.
People cry rainbows on my planet.
My planet is shaped like a heart.
There are crazy unicorns.
My planet Pops! like chewing gum.
My planet has smiley faces.
My planet is as colorful as a rainbow.
People cry rainbows on my planet.
My planet has ice cream.


The Abuela Planet (inspired by Encanto)
by Milania G. 

My planet is as magical as la casita.
The birds are talking about Mirabel
not getting a gift..

My planet is filled with a bunch of
yellow butterflies.
The butterflies see Abuela and Mirabel

My planet is filled with Mexican food.
The Mexican food sings

My planet is shaped like a colorful candle.


Chocolate Dream Planet 
Jayce L. 

My planet is crawling with lizards
My planet is as sweet as sugar.
Chocolate bits fill the air.
My planet tastes so good like Kit Kats bars.
If you stand to long you’ll get stuck.

People eat chocolate mountains for breakfast.
The chocolate birds poop white chocolate on cars.
Cows make chocolate milkshakes.
When you eat the cows, they are chocolate steaks.
People teeth are even made of chocolate.


The Evan Planet 
Evan Q. 

My planet is as warm as a desert.
On my planet monkeys are dancing.
My planet can be as cold as ice.
On my planet showers are ice.

My planet is as warm as a pool.
On my planet they are playing tag.
My planet is like a fish.
On my planet trees fight.
On my animals have arms.


Dream Planet 
Federico R. 

My planet is as gassy as a stinky fart.
On my planet its so stinky even the whole
planet is wearing a gas mask.

My planet is crawling with seagulls.
The seagulls wear robber masks and steal.

On my planet there are luxury underground bunkers.
On my planet the house comes free with a robot
that does all the house work.

On my planet you have superpowers.
The powers you get are teleporting,
flying, and super strength.


Alexcia’s Planet 
Alexcia S. 

My planet has flying unicorns.
Unicorns start to say “How was your day.”

Glitter rain glitters on the planet.
When the glitter touches the ground,
it has a smile on its face.

My planet is shaped as a star.
It glows bright.

My planet will have a candy pool.
The candy sings.

My planet has a fruit punch fountain.
It is not that sugary.









“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.