Jordan Jace’s “I want” was the poem we examined this week. Unlike the prior selection, Jace’s effort reads as ‘normal,’ with its standard grammar and lack of blank space, and incorporates repetition as a literary device, something we’ve experienced before. Language-wise, there was some vocabulary we had to define, such as revolutionaries and deadbeats, along with the speaker’s evocation of musical figures (Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Brent Faiyaz aka Sonder, Mereba) and philosopher, Frantz Fanon. Yet none of that got in the way of feeling the speaker’s desire to want things both tangible (“pave every road,” “clean my room,” “make my bed”) and intangible (“patch every heart,” “eat the rich,” “move like water”). Jace explains, “I wanted to write a poem about optimism and fostering a culture of revolution,” but even if we didn’t know that intellectually, it comes through via his words.

Want is such a potent concept that students had no trouble expressing their own desires and needs.

Ms. Kawa
4th Grade

James B.

I want
to be
I want
to have
I want
to be
I want to be popular.
That sounds greedy.
But I want to be known
for something
that changes the world.

Want Sports
Jeffrey E.

I want sports all the time.
I want
NASCAR, tennis, basketball, curling,
baseball, hockey, swimming, fishing, volleyball,
football, rugby, kickball, track & field,
soccer, MMA, eating contests, pickleball,
I want to play all the time,
I want to watch all the time.
I just want that.
That's it.
Just sports!

I Want
Divya K.

I want
life, safety, and happiness
in the world

I want
the negative
to stop
and the
positive to

I want
peace and

I want
all the
in the world
to go away

I want
all the
viruses, diseases,
and health
problems to
go away

I want every-
one to have
a better life

I want the
world to
be a whole
better place

I want
in the world
the way
people want

I Want to Go to Asia
Adelyn N.

I want to go to Asia
fly on my first really long flight
have meals on a plane.

I want to go to a place nothing like home
explore a place that speaks a different language
try new foods, do new things.

I want to go to Asia
and celebrate my 10th birthday
but wait it's true.
I'm going there this summer.

My Wishlist of Wants
Josephine P.

I want to buy
Roblox and Minecraft
I want my baby brother
to stop crying so loud
and so early in the
morning that my mom
gets no sleep. I want
a bigger house where
each family member
has their own room.
I want a TV in
the kids' room, an
iPhone, and a
touchscreen computer.
I want my siblings to
not be annoying to me.
I want Squishmallows
and 5 millions dollars
which might not be

Malcolm S.

I want food
I want water
I want life with father
I want life with mother
I want a wife
I want happiness
I want to stop war

Ms. Makris
4th Grade

Needs and Wants
Ryan B.

I want
I need
needs are things
you need.

Wants are things
you want.
But what I want
is to dream.

We don't want peace,
we need peace.
I want to
be nice.
I want to be a good swimmer.
But I only need
one thing, peace of mind.

What I Want
Olivia C.

I want peace.
I want leaves to live.
I want to save the world.
To save the earth.
I want seeds to grow.
I want my family to be happy.
I want to accomplish my goal.
I want the ball to roll.
To save people.
To save animals.
I want.
To live a happy life.

I Want to Dream
Camille D.

I want to paint
I want to build
I want to dream.
Dream about what life is
or what it could be.
Life could be

I want to dream about the day.
The day I become older and can do
what I do.
I could build
I want to dream.

Andrew J.

I want a PS5 but I don't have enough
and I want to have a lot of money but I
have to wait for it.

Manny M.

I want an Xbox
so I can play games with my friends
I would feel happy.

Mariangel V.

I want peace. I want kindness in
the air. No bullying no hurt feelings,
just peace and freedom.

I want people to be happy, to be safe, to
feel calm and free.

I want fresh air and kindness in our

I guess all I want is people to be calm, free,
happy, and safe.

Mr. O’Brien
4th Grade

Unity Is All We Need
Selene G.

As I walk on the street I wonder 
what the world turned into. I wondered
what happened to the unity? What about
equality? I don't know what to feel
anymore. Grief, anger, confused and scared. I
wanted unity again. I wanted to stop
all the wars. I wanted to stop people
from getting injured, killed. I felt like our
world came from happiness to grief and
anger. But all we really need was
equality and unity. We need to
stop racism. Unity is all we need.
For me nowhere felt safe anymore. I
feel scared. I thought that unity is too
late for the world. But unity, equality
is never too late. It's never too late to
have unity. Some people don't change.
But most of the people in the world want
to change. And sometimes it might hurt to
see someone die. But it's okay to feel these feelings.
Because all you need is unity.

Anna I.

Para a mi algo pegajoso
y que se estira y es de colores
y tiene decoraciones es
magnifico y se llama slime para
mi es algo gracioso como los
chister de mi abuela jajaja
gracias por leer

Kevin M.

Hello world. We universally want no homeless-
ness. Also, I want a Windows computer at my
Mom's house. We universally want no cheat-
ers. I want to be able to play Fortnite.

Un Carro Para Jugar
Valerie N.

Y un taller para guardalo y
manejar tambien para
areglarlo sera rojo y negro
para muchas cosas

My Barklet List
Simon R.

I want a bigger kennel
I want some extra treats
I want to have an owner

I want to be known
for something other than
a tiny little spot

I Want a Lot
Zoe W.

I want all people off the
I want no bad hair days.
I want a lot and one is for happiness
for all.

I want to have new clothes for me.
I want to be smarter for school and
I want for everyone to be
pretty or handsome.

I want to become a doctor.
I want for no blind or deaf people.
I want no more bad people.

I want a lot.

Arthur W.

MK3 for all robottttttttts
300,000,000 K that's for mc^^^^^^^^^^^^^
60,000,000,000 dollars
it will be fun
enjoy 🙂

I Want
Jiyoon W.

I want my friends to be kind
for being friends 
I don't want to get in trouble
because if I get in trouble then
teachers gonna tell my parents
I wanna be wizard because
I can do some magic.

Ms. Nelson
4th Grade

Deep Wishes, Deep Meaning
Adysun A.

I want to live in a mansion,
where I would run around all day.

I want everything to be fair, that way
no one stresses.

I wish no one ever judges, that way
you'll be yourself.

I wish people never did violence, I
want the world to be safer.

I want joy everywhere, that way no
one's bad day would affect others.

“Man, I wish a shooting star would
visit me!”

What I Want
Vivian B.

My friend asks what I want
I say I want a lot.
Better get a paper.

Better get a pencil.
I'm gonna start with no hesitation.
Be ready for no humiliation.

I want to end pollution.
I want to go all clean.
I want not to litter.

No garbage, no trash, no anything.
I want to end racism, homelessness,
poverty, kidnapping, stealing, scamming.

I want more nurses, doctors too.
I want more love for me and

I want no wars.
I want some peace.
I want people to appreciate

the small things people do.
Like Dinner Ladies who give us free food.
And actions that make people move.

Sophia L.

I want to get more sleep
every day when I wake
up it feels like the bed is
telling me to go back to sleep.
I hear my mom's voice
telling me to come
and eat breakfast.

I tell myself to get out of
bed but I just stay there.
3 minutes later I get out of bed
slumping over to the dining table.
I wish I could sleep for just 10
more minutes but if I do,
I will be late for school.
When the weekend comes
I'm going to sleep all

I Wish
Alex M.

I want my dad back. I want good grades.

I want my old life back. I want to stop

I want my friends back. I want to sleep 

Marco P.

I want the Nazis to be
driven out. I want the
Allies to win. I want the Nazis
to stop torturing the Jews.
As I write this I am on a 
boat to France.

I Want the World
Ella R.

I want to
in the

I want there to
be unlimited

I want there to
be . . . . . . 
to be good

I want nothing . . .
bad ever

I want everything in the
to be good not

I Wish
Zoe Y.

I wish I
could say goodbye
before he passed.
I wish I had a
cat so it could cheer
me up when I feel
emotions I don't like.
I wish I could have my
own room so I could peace
and quiet without a kid
yapping away right above
me. I wish I could sing
out loud and not be
shy about it.
I wish I could
hang out with my
cousins every day so
we could laugh at
really bad jokes.
I wish racism was
gone, like a magic trick
but to never come back.
But only if I had
done that sooner.
I'm 100 years old and
in heaven now. I wish
younger kids would make a change.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.