Waiting to be inside this hat

This week students chose one poem from their portfolios and practiced reading aloud for our school poetry event. Here is a selection of poems from the school-year:

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 1

Inside This Hat
Christopher B.

Inside this hat
there’s a Mongolian
Inside this hat
there’s a chief of
a tribe.

Inside this hat
the horse wagon
and a man going
to Oregon.

Inside this
hat there’s a man
in a cowboy showdown
and sheriffs everywhere.

Inside this hat
was a freedom man
from the British
the first president.

Inside this
hat was a man
who could trick a
man with moccasins.

Inside this hat
was a soldier who
saw a war.

Inside this
hat are revolutionary
people all over.

Waiting to be
inside this hat
people who fight
for a change.

Bernard T.

I was born 2008, July 7 in Wisconsin by Plover Square.
When I was born I was the oldest child.
My sister was born.

In Wisconsin I was born by Plover Square.
I was the oldest.

In Wisconsin I was born oldest.

I was born.

Bernard born

Mercedes H.

Flowers are blooming day after day
at the park I play toys with my friends.

I’m a Student
Taylor S.

I’m a smart student.
I’m a hangry student.
I’m an eating student.
I’m a night student.
I’m a baby student.
I’m a lazy student.

I’m a trippy student.
I’m an iPhone student.
I’m a music student.
I’m a sorting student.
I’m a sleepy student.
I’m a pool student.

I’m a book student.
I’m a colorful student.
I’m a technology student.
I’m a morning student.
I’m a skinny student.
I’m a branch student.

I Remember
Gerald S.

I remember helping my teacher.
I remember playing Mickey Mouse.
I remember Christmas breakfast.
I remember my stroller.
I remember when me and Tyler went roller skating.
I remember playing music in the car.
I remember playing basketball with my brother.

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 2

I Remember
Elycia R.

I remember in 2nd grade I kissed someone by accident.
I remember my V-tech tablet.
I remember at Thanksgiving my brother and I ate a lot and got sick.
I remember when I was a toddler.
I remember I was dancing in front of the classroom.
I remember I used to always hear cartoons when I was a young child.
I remember I used to always smell medicine when I was little.
I remember throwing up on a stranger in the summer.

Bailey L.

The springtime is just like the day
So light so bright just wait till May
We sway against the gazy day

Summer is yet to come one day
Sometimes spring acts in different ways
We gaze upon the moving blaze

Inside the House
Sean J.

Inside the house
there’s a family.
Inside the house
there’s pets.
Inside the house
there are parties.
Inside the house
there’s a big tv with that
good old cable.
Inside the house
there’s an airplane.
Inside the house
there is a tank.

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1

I Am
Phyn’x B.

I am a young man
I am an old man
I am a tall man
I am a black man
I am a boss man
I am a batman
I am a YouTube man
I am a pizza eating man
I am a chicken eating man
I am a taco eating man
I am a game-maker man
I am a funny man

I am a God
Dartel R.

I am a 2K19 god
I am a 2K18 god
I am a 2K17 god
I am a 2K16 god
I am a 2K15 god

I am a 2K god
I am a Madden god
I am The Show god

I am a positive god
I am a negative god
I am a good god
I am a bad god

I Am
Egypt B.

I am a sports gamer
I am a god gamer
I am a sweaty gamer
I am a goated gamer
I am a trash talker gamer
I am a funny gamer
I am a 2K gamer
I am a Black Ops gamer
I am a Jump Force gamer

I’m a Woman
Laila M.

I’m a beautiful woman
I’m a special woman
I’m a helpful woman
I’m a funny woman
I’m a work hard woman
I’m a smart woman
I’m a crazy woman
I’m a sleepy woman
I’m a respectful woman
I’m a learning woman
I’m a careful woman
I’m a creative woman
I’m a brave woman
I’m a dancing woman
I’m a left-handed woman
I’m a responsible woman
I’m a caring woman
I’m a summer woman
I’m a shining woman

The Life of Dogs
Gabrielle B.

The life of dogs that have courage and love
They protect us and are always loyal
They bark and howl at the night sky above
They play outside and dig out the soil
To hide their toys and treasure, their treats and bones
Dogs are the most sloppy monsters
I’ve buried my bested buddy to stones
If I was the only child, dogs are like brothers and sisters.

I Am
Leah H.

I am the goofy friend
I am the food lover friend
I am the caring friend
I am that always laughing friend
I am the nice/mean friend
I am the happy friend
I am the generous friend
I am the always jumping on people friend
I am the kind friend
I am the Facetime buddy friend
I am the stubborn friend
I am the annoying friend
I am the playful friend
I am the uptight friend
I am the never giving up friend

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2

Jacques W.

I’m the Super Mario Capricorn
I’m an eat everything from everyone Capricorn
I’m a bossy Capricorn
I’m the don’t touch it until I get back Capricorn
I’m the raging while watching Capricorn
I’m the aggressive brother Capricorn
I’m the cringey but corny Capricorn

Desire B.

I am an in the dark eater.
I am a couch eater.
I am a table eater.
I am a room eater.
I am a car eater.
I am a walking eater.
I am a don’t tell me what to eat eater.
I am a midnight eater.
I am a snack eater.
I am a chip eater.
I am a picnic eater.
I am an ice cream eater.

I am an eat whatever I want eater.
I am a park eater.
I am a McDonald’s eater.
I am a Chick-fil-A eater.
I am a Netflix eater.
I am a woman eater.
I am a hot fries eater.
I am a Subway eater.
I am an in bed eater.
I am an outside eater.
I am a candy eater.

I am a chicken biscuit eater.
I am a chicken eater.
I am a sausage eater.
I am a pancake eater.
I am a cereal eater.

Madison G.

I’m a happy Gemini
I’m a sad Gemini
I’m a loud Gemini
I’m a loving Gemini

I’m a May Gemini
I’m a swag Gemini
I’m a flexible Gemini
I’m a gymnast Gemini
I’m a track Gemini
I’m a volleyball Gemini
I’m a singing Gemini
I’m an as soon as I’m at school I’m on Dubsmash Gemini

I’m a goofy Gemini
I’m a successful Gemini
I’m a smiling Gemini
I’m a secret Gemini
I’m a sleeping Gemini
I’m a strong Gemini
I’m a lazy Gemini
I’m a depressed Gemini
I’m a giving Gemini
I’m a tough Gemini
I’m a vulnerable Gemini
I’m a unique Gemini
I’m a rising Gemini
I’m a loyal Gemini
I’m a laughing Gemini
I’m a fighting Gemini
I’m a flying, swimming, running Gemini



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.