Virtual Poetry Lesson #5: Question Poems

Have you been wondering why it has taken me nearly two weeks to publish these poems? Poets, kids, scientists, and private investigators all make it a point to ask lots of questions.  Oh, and you, too, of course. It is a human thing to wonder. After reading Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem, “Who’s rich?” Swift Elementary School students were tasked with writing Question Poems.  Some students asked AND answered questions in their poems, while others leave you to come up with the answers!

Ms. Popovic
2nd Grade

Where Is My Watch?
Ayusha R.

Where is my watch?
I remember,
I put it on the table last night.
But I could not find,
It was my favorite one,
That tells me the time.

Where is my watch?
it was tired of being on my wrist,
It went somewhere to rest.
I miss it very much,
I wish I could find it very fast.

Elizabeth G.

is there a chick in the house?
What happened?
Where were you?
is he okay?
are you okay?

Why are you here?
Khaliani M.

Why are you wearing my sweater?
And why is there a spot on it?
Why are you wearing my shoes? and why are they dirty? and why are you wearing my bow And why is it broken?

why am I so happy?
Why am I laughing so much?
Why am I so excited?


What is my friend’s name?
Suramya P.

What is my friend’s name?
They play with me
We play at recess together
What is my friend’s name?
We have fun spending time together
We are best friends forever

girl in the rain
Laila R.

Why is that girl in the rain?
When will she go home ?
Is she going to the store?
Is it her shower?


What is the weather like?
Ines I.

It seems like its going to rain.
There are lots of clouds in the sky.
No sun out today
Summer should be soon here.
best time of the year
what is the weather like today?


Who Took My Toys?
Youssef L.

Who took my toys?
Is it mom?
No, mom is cooking dinner
Is it dad
No, dad is watching tv
Who took my toys?
Are they in the toy box?
I found my toys


What does it take to ride a bike?
Samantha F.

What does it take to ride a bike?
It takes balance
It takes to start slow and then go fast
It takes to go straight ahead not sideways
Keep your feet on the pedal
What does it take to ride a bike?
To keep your eyes in front of you not down
It takes to be brave
It takes falling down and getting back up again


How Do I Survive Without My Friends!?!?!?
Greyson R.

How do I survive without my friends?
They make me super duper happy when they play with me.
I see them at school I see them at the Armory
We play together and we make an army
I can’t go to their house but I can do a video call
We see it each other but it’s not the same at all
How do I survive without my friends?
All I do is draw and play games
I play with my sister but she is mean to me
Someday I will teach my mom how to play Minecraft


Alina P.

How many teachers are in the school?
Who broke the crayons?
What did the scissors do on the paper?
Why did you not do your work?

Where did you go?
When are you going home?


Ms. Amato
2nd Grade

When will the flowers bloom?
Marcelo L.

I wonder why


Who is really popular at school?
Tunmise F.

Who is really popular at school?
is it the blonde girl,
or is it the tall girl.
Is it the smart girl,
or perhaps the teacher’s pet.
Even nerds.


When was Hampsty born?
Oliver B.

When was Hampsty born?
The 20th of May 2017, maybe
or any other date, any other time.

Where was Hampsty born?
The desert, maybe
or any other place, any other time.


Kimar M.

Who is the greatest football player?
Maybe it’s Jerry Rice.
What is the greatest WWE match?
Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesner.
When are you old enough to drive?
I think it’s 16.
Where does salt come from?
I think from the ocean.
How do they make jewelry?
from wood and rocks.
Why does homework exist?
I think so we can learn.


What is it?
Milo D.

What is that bird?
A wonderful blue jay.

Did I keep my word?
I will do it on the way.

blue feathers
are very better.

He was flying in the sky
I just saw it, I don’t know why.


Ethan B.

Who is the strongest person in
the world? Why? How do you
know why? What did they
do? I don’t know. How many
pounds did they lift? I don’t know.
I think they lifted a hundred
pounds a day.


Where is my Toy?
Lacey V.

Where is my Toy?
I left it on the table
Maybe it rolled off.

Where is my Toy?
It’s not on the floor
Is it by my door?

Where is my Toy?
There it is!
It was under my pillow
Protected from my siblings.

I’m glad I found my toy.
I can’t wait to play!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.