For my most recent visit with Kozminski students, I asked students to reach into their imaginations to come up with ideas to surprise themselves and me! We looked at the student poem, “Someday I Would Like to See” from the Swan of Bees Lesson to get us going. Even though our schedule has experienced a number of inconsistencies this term, I’m so proud of the students who are gaining more curiosity and confidence in their creative expression.

Ms. Manning
4th Grade

Imaginary thoughts
by Akole C.

I would like to have a cool book bag that flies to you when you forget to bring it to school.
I would like to have a robot that cooks for you when you don’t feel like it.
I would like to have a glitter car that flies to you.
I would like to have a sidewalk that flies you to school.
I would like to have a bus that talks.


Kaliyah K.

I want to see a unicorn watching tik tok
puppies singing
three banded armadillos eating skittles
a book that is dancing
a skittle notebook
a lemon that is sweet
and a plum that looks like an apple.

Can you believe that I slept in a bed that is made out of a trampoline?
(It was pretty bouncy)
Can you believe that I saw:  
a tree that grows twix candy
unicorns at urban air
clocks filled with squishmellows
a ruler watering flowers
and a pair of shoes sleeping in a shoe box?
What about a chair that has a design of Louis Vuitton 
or mermaids swimming in a pool with 
A gucci bag that is best friends with a Louis Vuitton bag?

I want to see a bookcase that looks like a mermaid.


Warning: Funny
by Cymir W.

Can you believe
King Kong is riding a bike?
Also, today I saw a pencil
eating a gummy bear THEN saw a
A chair in my class sitting on a table
doing a test.  In the auditorium I saw
a pot and a pan doing a dance performance and
air eating food and
a car with shoes as its wheels.
I saw Bigfoot swimming,
a cheese stick eating another cheese stick
and a toy car that turned into a real car with a click of a button.
My imagination said “you need to stop thinking about the idea
and make it happen!”
I had a crazy day today.


My Cat is Fat
by Isaiah G.

Snuggling fur on my cat makes me laugh.
The fur helps me read softly.
Cats can do hip hop dance.
He eats my toys, and juggles them.
Cats drives an egg car.
My cat put up groceries with his red nose.
He rings the doorbell.
The cat cooks yellow hamburgers.
He reads a bedtime story on his bike.
He climbs and clicks the light.


Everything different
by Micaela A.

Sometime I see stuff that is not real like
A unicorn with a dog head
A pizza with a book paper
A watermelon with a gummy bear inside
A cat and a dog mixed with a shark
A rose made from birds
A tree with money and puppies and cats
A sky raining candy and money
A gummy bear with love
A water fall dropping bears
A map that looks like a dollar


Imagination Rules
by Xion B.

A twisting rainbow
That zooms through
The sky
A colorful golden medal
That beats everyone
In a race.

A blue, golden and red
Notebook that writes
By itself
A computer of
Smiles and candy.

An imagination that rules
The world, many minds
Open wide and say


I wish
by Phoenix B.

I wish I had a brain of dollars to be rich
I wish I had bags of kittens
I wish I had mountains of basketballs
I wish I had a puppy of sun flowers
I wish I had a television of playgrounds
I wish I had a paint brush that can walk anywhere
I wish I had a tree that can speak multiple languages
I wish I had a pencil that can walk my dog
I wish I had a cat that can do my homework
I wish I had a bird that can draw a picture
I wish I had a bug that can dance
I wish I had a paint brush that combs my hair for me
I wish I had a butterfly that can drive my car
I wish I had a penny that can go on a jog
I wish I had a truck that can fly

5th Grade

A flag out of hair
by Amiyah M.

Flags made of hair

I can dye my hair of flags and turn it into a colorfull wig
I can switch the wigs of flags and turn them into shape-shifting magical carpets
I can swap the shape-shifting magical carpets into a hairy dancing chromebook
And then I can exchange the hairy dancing chromebook into a carpet that sings.


Chuckles and Knuckles
by Cambria H.

Can you believe I saw a balloon that floats
With no helium!

And I also saw a math book solving its own

And then yesterday morning it was raining lions and chickens!

I also drove by a desert made out
Of only water and lemon slices!
But I also wish I could see an elephant just sitting
In the room.

But besides all of that, to see an ant holding the

And then I was eating an orange and peas fell
out of the orange!!!!

And then the craziest thing that I saw was my
plant sunny clapping its hands, can you believe that?!

And then I saw a person made out of nothing
But air!!!


Micah Thompkins

I would love to see food that is supersized
Clouds full of pancakes
Houses and neighborhoods made out of fries and burgers
Trees bloom into delicious bowls of fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch

On Easter, the Easter bunny likes to drop Krispy Kreme donuts if you’re lucky enough
Coffee, more like syrup.
A big cheesy slice of pizza that is built for water slides for the summer
“It’s raining tacos!!” The children say, coming out of school.


Kevin Davis

Footballs filled up with a lot of people
The fans all ate greens and cornbread
The nachos yesterday were cheering “notch yo day”
The scoreboard is tired of displaying losing teams
The football yells after it has been dropped
The grass screams stop running


By Goodness

some things can be
Unreal like
A pillow with teeth
Shoes that walk for you
A jacket with flying wings
A chimney that coughs
Food that jumps
A suitcase that flys
A school with no education
A house that swallows people alive
And shoes that make you jump high


My wishes
by Major B.

I wish I had a TV that I could eat and it would never go away
I wish I could have a computer that is full of flavors like Math is Chocolate,
Science is Bubble gum flavor, and ELA is Chocolate Chip flavor with Carmel.

It would be fun to be able to eat a floor made of strawberries
I wish I could listen to a song that will never ever end
Or watch a movie that will never end, that would also be cool.
I would love a sky of falling graham crackers
Or a sky of my favorite fruit, strawberries. 
Or a sky raining chocolate-covered strawberries.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.