Ugh, Gross!

Sometimes, the ick is real. Last week, Grissom’s 6-8th graders had lots to say about their pet peeves. We spent some time sharing some of our icks like chewing loudly and flies buzzing in our ears, then jumped into brainstorming some bodily sensations that our icks bring. After spending some time with our senses, students moved onto writing poems about what bothers them most. Check out some of them below:

6th Grade

All Eyes On Me

by Chloe R.

I can’t stand when people stare at me

All I hear is the little voice in the back of my head

the one that I try to tune out but still hear

the screeching of the voice. Screech, screech, screech.

All I feel is a slow tingle crawling up my back

I feel unreal like I’m wearing shoes on my head and a shirt on my feet

I hear a screeching sound, like fingernails on a chalkboard, scratch, scratch, scratch

or the quiet buzz of an old TV, buzz, buzz, buzz

I can’t stand when people stare

I can’t stand when there are all eyes on me


by Ethan G.

My body crushes inside when people are cringy.

It’s hurtful like a cactus that keeps poking me

Loud like an alarm that keeps going for hours.

Annoying like someone that keeps asking the same question over and over

I feel like I step on one million legos at once.

Like a volcano erupts in my heart and body for hours.

Like I want to punch my pillow into pieces until they stop annoying me.

Like acid seeping into my soul. Like my heart suddenly turns black.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

by Marcelo G.

Just got a bag of chips

about to sit down

watch on the T.V.

But how am I going to watch T.V.

without my remote?

All the way to the table,

too lazy to get up,

but need to finish the movie

Like how I’m finishing this poem


by Admaris H.

I can’t stand when someone is spreading or saying things that

aren’t true.

Annoying like a person speaking

over you

Annoying like an alarm clock going

off during the weekend

Annoying like the train passing my house at 6am

Flipping train

Makes me wanna break stuff

I’m trying to sleep or be at peace

makes me wanna scream when they

speak over me. It makes me feel


makes me wanna say “stop” or

“leave me alone.”

7th Grade


by Kamiyah G.

I can’t stand when people write on

chalk boards

“skreech, skreech, skreech”

my body feels tingly, I feel so annoyed.

“You know what I can’t stand?”

“HOT BREATH.” It stank.

Makes me wanna throw up

Blah ugg bhah.

The most annoying thing is

washing dishes and I feel smoshy food

in the sink.

“glop glop ssmosh.”

My Number One Enemy In The Summer

by Nicholas H.

Where do I really start

It is a beautiful summer day

the sun starts to go down

that’s when they attack

annoying like a fly buzzing in my ear

I feel bothered like I’m getting picked at

At any second I feel like blowing up

But finally I go in the house

and get the bug spray

Please mosquitoes, go away!


by Joaquin C.

Please don’t!

The noise screeching

in my ear.

my brain tells me “LEAVE!”

Humming to get rid of

this terrible screech.


My body aches

I want them to stop


I can’t stand this!

Teeth aren’t meant for


Please don’t!


by Ernesto M.

My brain explodes when to read a book

it’s like a teacher saying “louder, louder, louder!” or “boom!”

dropping the book and ruffles of the pages flipping

my body feels like mad, nervous, and confused

Pet Peeve

by Collin V.

When some is bothering me like a bee flying around you

Or when somethings on your mind everyday feels frustrating or worried

when my little sister doesn’t get the memo of things my brain explodes

when things I say or do isn’t understood

I Can’t Stand Tests

by Kenneth A.

My brain explodes. bang bang bang when having a test.

tump tump tump my heartbeat gets louder

I can’t stand when my body stiff shivers

can’t stand when I feel nervous

my teeth jitter jitter

8th Grade

I Can’t Stand

by Thomas S.

All I hear is

yap yap yap

loud like a

farm. oink. moo. neigh.

Loud like when a

dog sees someone on

the front porch

woof. woof. woof.

sounds like the fly

that won’t die

in my room.

buzz. buzz. buzz.

my blood starts

to boil I want

to scream


but I hold in

my anger and

nicely I say

“please stop talking”


by Karla P.

A room full of people, I’m trying to stay calm.

I want to tell them to leave me alone but they might

take it wrong. Blah blah blah is the noise I hear

in the back. My feelings in a stacj. I feel my

heart go beat beat beat.

I finally build up the courage to say

“can you guys stop touching me please?”


by Axel M.

It feels like stepping on a ton of nails

having to wake up early

and hearing ring, ring, ring

having to hear my alarm siren

it’s as loud as a lion

and makes me want to start


All Over Me

Maria Guadalupe R.

I can’t stand when people

tell me what to do. My body

feels hot like a pot with boiling


All I hear is “yap yap yap”

the words they say are confusing

it makes me feel like the one

that always has to do stuff.

It always makes me feel like a

kid yelling at my ear (let’s

play, let’s play, come on)

like please just shut up



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.