Twinkling Star at Midnight

This week we read “sonnet-ballad” by Gwendolyn Brooks and students wrote Shakespearean sonnets. Some students were able to write all 14 lines, while others made it a little more than half-way by completing 8 lines. Since sonnets are traditionally about love, many students wrote poems for Mother’s Day. Other students chose to write about love or something that they love.

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 1

For My Mother
Zoey B. & Javaris G
My mom is sweet and bright like a red rose
My love for my mom brings out a bright glow
When I first saw my mom my heart just froze
My mom smiles just like the bright sun shows
Our love is not like other people’s love
Her pretty big head is big like a soft cloud
My mom’s voice is so smooth like the soft doves
Mom’s in a nursing program I’m so proud
Sit down and relax with your favorite treats
She heads to work like she’s in such a hurry
When my mom cooks my fav is the good meats
She screams fashion when wearing clothes that’s bomb
Happy Mother’s Day to the Greatest Mom

My Mother’s Heart
Cole B.

My mother’s heart is bright as the star’s light
We need mom every once in a while
I know that some people have to live in sight
And sometimes they have to run the mile
You have had your mom since you came to life
She has fed you and gave you clothes for you
And you have took every point to arrive
And you had to wait to grow teeth to chew
Mom has been there for you all of the way
Your mom has kept your body nice and clean
She made sure I’ve had a nice day in May
I play fun games and slice the weird red fiends
Mom will never leave your side for your life
Mom will always love you for your nice life

My Mom
Karen G. & Tanya N.

I am writing this poem about my mom
She’s super nice and sweet most of the time
When I am crazy she is always calm
Except when her foot steps in my blue slime
I guess she doesn’t like that funny prank
She takes off her flip-flops and starts to chase
My small bottom is what she wants to spank
I run fast and try not to leave a trace
I say that I’m sorry to my mother
She says it’s okay and not to worry

Ms. Wesson’s 5th Grade
Group 2

Mother’s Day
Kalaya B. & Christiana F.

Mother’s Day is a kind day we cuddle
On Mother’s Day I buy my mom flowers
Me and my mom go jumping in puddles
Spending time with my mom for two hours
Me and my mother watching the sunset
My joyful mother brings me happiness
This fun moment we would never forget
Even when my mother is very stressed
Celebrating her very special day
My mother has long and beautiful hair
My mother would never lead me astray
When the haters hate she says not to care
Provides me with everything I need
When I’m home with my mom I feel more free

My Mother
Justin B. & Jalen M.

My mother is the best and very nice
My mom bought me a nightlight and it was bright
My mom made me Kool-Aid and it had ice
My mother made it bright when it was night
I appreciate my mother everyday
My mom watches Lifetime and I hate it
My mom is friendly she always says Hey
My mother likes to drop me off for Rit
I love my mom and she makes me happy
My mom likes to buy nice things for my home
Sometimes my mother’s hair can be nappy
My mother has a roof over my dome

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1

She’s That One Twinkling
Chloe L.

She’s that one twinkling star at midnight
Hands always open to caress my skin
For my sore eyes she is that resting sight
You’re the light that no one can even dim
She’s the calming waves on the salty ocean
Soothing voice to coax my soon ending sadness
She’s so admirable, no love potion needed
Always there to end sudden madness

Latrell S.

Love is playing games with your closest friends
Love is missing someone who is away
Love is a feeling that will never end
Love is when you have something nice to say
Love is like a never ending cycle
Love is like a never ending car ride
Love is like riding a motorcycle
Love is something you can never hide

I Ask You Please
Jakaira W.

I ask you please don’t tell me not to cry
You do not know what I’m feeling now
Please don’t say there wasn’t a reason why
I am a queen and you have to bow down
For no apparent reason I break down
When I rise I will always have a crown

Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2

Joanne R.

The books I read always give me knowledge
Books and me will always have a strong bind
I’d love to read books in a cozy cottage
A good book will never be hard to find
The book could take place in the Seven Seas
The book could take place in a bored classroom
The book could take place on a summer breeze
The book could take place in King Tut’s cursed tomb
You could never go wrong with a good book
You just open it and take a good look

My Mom
Christyn C.

My mom is a bird flying around the world
She gives me courage when she’s not around
Before she died she gave me pearls
When my mom left people pound me down
My mom is the best person I ever had
My mother is in a better place
When she left me I was so sad
When I go to those track meets I win the race
At the game my mom was dribbling on the court
Tanya Monica Wright is my mother that’s my twin
When she races other people she always wins

I Love The Way
Jaylen R.

I love the way the sun smiles at me
In this world it would make me want to fly
It would be another day when I get to see
At night I would fly high in the sky
It would bring me joy if I could see happiness
Instead of people always getting snappiness



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.