Twain 6th graders get emotional

Twain Elementary 6th graders got very emotional for their 5th week of poetry. We did a warmup theatre activity, where three volunteers were given situations from their classmates such as a dog eating their homework, a rejection from a crush, or getting abducted by aliens. Then the volunteers had to respond with an emotion using emoji masks. The students had fun acting and responding to various emotions.

Together we read the poem, “Confidence” by former Shoesmith Elementary 6th grader Morgan H. In her poem Morgan uses personification, bringing the emotion of confidence to life by giving it human-like qualities. Confidence wears a blue shirt with white pants and blue shoes. Her hair done, nails done, everything done. She black and she proud. By seeing confidence in her physical form as strong black girl allows Morgan who is also a black girl to develop her own sense of confidence.

Inspired by the Morgan H. students wrote poems about their various emotions, to get to know and understand them better.



Mr. Burford’s 6th grade
Group 1


The Joy and Anger Emotions
By Kimarri G.

Joy wears bright things and wakes up happy
Anger wears dark things and is always mad
Joy makes people happy and smile
Anger makes people mad and scream
Joy sleeps and has great happy dreams
Anger sleeps and has bad disturbing dreams
Joy and anger are enemies
Joy does her best to make anger happy
But anger screams LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mauricio R.

Aggressive wears a military outfit and always wants fight and push

He always fights happiness and fear.

He Is strong as the hulk and fast as the flash
He hangs out with anger

Anger wears a suit and is strong too

They like to annoy fear and sad
But in the weekend anger and Aggression train to fight, kick, and block

And Anger and Aggression always respect each other.

But they always help the other emotion.



By Angelica S.

Every Time she’s in a room she gets nervous
People she’s comfortable with calms her down
Every overthinking thought in her head makes her nervous
which results in her being anxious all the time
Anxious wears sweaters and pants all the time
once in a while she takes her sweaters off but still feels nervous
about everyone’s thoughts on her
Anxious has panics attack that make her feel like she has

no control over her body
Anxious is a strong and overwrought person.



Mr. Burford’s 6th grade
Group 2


Little Miss Happiness 😀
By: Kailey C.Her smile is bright as the stars
happiness has a yellow shirt, blue jeans, and yellow shoes.
Her hair is clean, clothing clean, and everything clean.
She’s happy with Little Miss love.

Happiness is happy with whoever she’s with.
Her happiness is the light that shines through the night sky.
Little miss happiness is always with little miss love,
they are like two peas in a pod.
Where one goes the other follows.

The Emotions
By: Nayeli G.

Sleepy is wearing some navy blue joggers and a navy blue hoodie they are always
tired and taking naps

Loneliness is wearing all white and sticks to their self even if they need
something or someone

Sadness is wearing a blue hoodie with black joggers and is always listening to music
because it calms them down after crying

Anxiety is wearing a white shirt with purple joggers and is always worried about something or someone
and can never get a break from feeling scared or nervous

Shame is wearing all gray and hanging out with sadness and almost always has their head down

Boredom is wearing all black and is never doing anything besides staring off into the galaxy

Guilt is wearing a white shirt with green joggers and is always apologizing to everyone
about anything they also like to hang out with shame

Surprised is wearing a pink shirt with black pants and is always shocked about something.


The Emotion’s That Are Different
By Lea R.

My emotions are strong I could love and hate someone
yet one has to be the stronger emotion. When love and anger
are in the same place anger always takes over.
One day anger wanted to talk with Love to get things right between them.
Anger decided to talk in the brain with love.
Love was coming to the brain when they overheard
anger talking about something.

Anger said that he wanted to take over love because he thought
it was not right to have anger and love in the same place.
Love said “I heard you Anger”
Anger did not think twice and began to hit Love.
In the end, Love always wins.


Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 1

My Emotion is Sadness
By Gadiel A.

Sadness wears a black hoodie and hates to smile.
Sadness wants to run away from Happiness.
Sadness hates happiness because he thinks he’s better.
Sadness wears a messy hairstyle.
Sadness takes jokes way too seriously.
Sadness is constantly in fear.
Sadness is who doesn’t care about anything.
Sadness is an emotion that is very sensitive and special.


My Emotion Is Sleepy
By Karis C.

She walks in the school hallways.

Sleepy wears something comfortable like pajamas, she always

wants to rest and not do anything.

She is always tired, not willing to do anything,

and always wanting to be in bed.
She dreams and walk talks.

if you do not talk to her.
She doesn’t care.

She sleeps everywhere and
never wakes up.

By Jacob O.

He walks into the park happier than,
a dog at a dog park,

He is happy his parents got him a new pair
of shoes and some soccer balls,

He’s got a new haircut and clothes,
People also say he’s nice and tall,

If you don’t want to be his friend no problem,
he’s got many more he can trust,

He’s always smiles with his friends laughing and,
cheering he will always put a smile on your face no,
matter what,

He will make your day and bring up your mood.




Mr. Barr’s 6th grade
Group 2



By: Junzhe L.

You stare at it. It stares back at you.
You Blink. It doesn’t blink.
You stand in place and move. It stands there frozen.
It has no color black lines barley resembling a face.
You walk backwards slowly. It still doesn’t move standing there. Staring.
You walk back at a faster pace. It stands with its pupils looking at you.

If those even are pupils, you look away and look back. It has somehow
changed. Its expression changed.

You feel cold sweat run down your neck. It stares once more.
You run backwards not bothering to look back.
It runs at you or at least that’s what you think it’s doing.
You can see the light at the end you reach for it. It sprints at you
attempting to stop your escape.
You dash forwards Exiting the realm. It tops in place and leaves.
You look back and see nothing except a brick wall in pouring rain.
It has left. For now.


By Alejandro M.

Jealousy is not as normal as the others.
He likes to be different.
He also hates having to share.
Jealousy likes the colors black and white.
He sees these colors as a neutral thing.
He thinks those colors are different and don’t

have to share between things.

He likes to stay home and keep his mind to himself.
He has friends but wont give him any advice.
He thinks that he has to be better than everyone.
He has a weak mindset when it comes to losing.
He never likes seeing someone else be better than him.
He’s stubborn.

He never shoves his winning in his competition.
He thinks being alone is better, because than no one is better than him.
He likes music because it motivates him to win and be better.
Jealousy always tries his best in being on top.

By Gianna O.

Mostly wears black and gray sometimes doesn’t care what she wears.
She always brushes of what people say about her like little flakes.

of dust that are annoying.

No one want to mess with her because they know that she will go off.

on them like a flame. She sometime doesn’t defend herself,

but only her friend that are kindness and goofiness.

Everyone knows who she is, and she doesn’t even have to meet them.

If they talk bad about her and she finds out she tell them to tell it to her face.

She only care what her best friend think of her but when worst

comes to worst she will drop them like a fly.
She doesn’t care what they say after she forget they even exist.She only cares about herself and her family.
if anyone hurt her family then you know that you really mess up.

And one thing you should never do is mess with HER FAMILY.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.