Tree Branch Shadows on My Bed

This week week we read “Quiet Night Thoughts” by Li Po. Students wrote poems about what they think about before they fall asleep and gave their attention to practicing using line breaks and stanzas.

Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 1

In Hyde Park
Madison A.

In Hyde Park
in my bed beside
my books

I wonder
if I will have
a nightmare
or a good dream.

I think about
the Dancing Donuts
and all the good stuff.

I’m drifting off
to sleep I dream of what
the world may seem I
close my eyes and
pray myself to sleep.

I dream I
dream I dream
of what the
world may be like

in the morning
until next time.

I Live
Mercedes H.

I live in a
house. My bed
is warm. I live in
a pink and silver room.

When I go to sleep
I hope my dream
is about fun and
my dad.

My Creepy Bed
Bernard T.

I think if I would
see my creepy future
Christmas ghosts in my
dream before dawn:

I live in Hyde Park on Woodlawn Avenue
and I can see
my ninja shadows
before dawn on the walls.

I hear a couple of dawn
birds waking me up
from a nap.
When I wake up I hear cooking.

In the middle of the
night I can see
my future ghosts
on the wall next to me.

On midnight I can
hear the clock
strike midnight and
I hear howls from the wolves.

Before I go to
bed I see my
shadow on
the moonlight wall.

Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 2

Gabrielle B.

Why she do that
get me mad
stop leave me
be so why

Is it me
Why did that happen
I’m drifting in my bed
just thinking why

Looking at my light
thinking should I stop
thinking clear my mind
go to bed just sleep

Should I be going crazy
I need to sleep
sleep! sleep!
but I don’t

I need help
but no one’s there
can’t tell anyone
need to stop just sleep

When I think about
it I get mad
everywhere get parents
called because of it

What do I do
I don’t know
just keep it
to myself don’t tell

I Am at Home
Celiyah B.

I am at home going to
bed I see windows, I see TV,
closets and more.

I think about life, school, family,
homework, stress, and a lot more…

I think about the next thing
that will happen every single day
I think about how I will go to

I think that I will have a good
dream and no nightmares.

When I Go to Sleep
Elycia R.

When I go to sleep in my soft bed
I see my sister beside me
I see my light show above
and I see my dog keeping me snug.

Before I go to sleep I think
about what I will dream of.
I think about the kind of day
I will have the next day.

When I go to sleep in my
room I see the television
powering off. I see my phone
beside me playing mellow tunes.

Before I go to sleep I think
about how scared I am because of
the scary movie I watched. I
think about doing better in school.

When I go to sleep wrapped
up in my pillow I see my head-
phones on my head, I see
my mom waiting until I go to sleep.

Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 1

Funny Nights
Belinda A.

In my bed
at midnight
with my sister
making me smile

Think about
Starbucks and Shane Dawson
“10,000 First Class” video
and laughing

Universe of Mine
Chloe C.

In…my own universe,
feet dangling
I see the Milky Way walls,
illuminated by the sun’s orbit

I think about
cherished memories
and what trivial
tasks I’ll tackle later in the orbit


Thinking About Songs
Ronald O.

I am in my room
that smells like a flower.
I can see my television,
my ceiling, and my dog curled up.

I’m thinking about songs,
songs that touch my heart,
songs that make me happy,
songs that remind me who I am.

Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 2

How I Begin to Sleep
Tristan A.

Under my blanket
red as an apple
seeing the tree branch
shadows on my bed

stretch my body
begin to yawn
put my head
on my pillow I dream

Unicorns for Life
Kaya B.

In my room
there is glow in the dark
unicorns everywhere getting
ready to fly high into the clouds

Dreaming about when the
unicorns will come back
one day I see them appear
back before dawn

In My Bed
Ja’maya L.

In my bed
looking at stuffed animals
fluffy as clouds in the sky
watching Netflix until midnight.

Light out!
Dreaming about
the adventures
of my future all night.

In My Bed
Christopher R.

In my bed I always see the shining
light from my window
by the
it’s as bright as the
beaming sun
shining on a hot summer day

Always thinking about did
I get a
good grade on my
or what we are
going to



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.