‘To my brother/best friend’: Night Poems

Students thought about what occurs at night, the concept of home, and short forms before penning their own very modern poems inspired by Li Bai’s, ‘Quiet Night Thoughts.’

Quiet Night Thought
At the foot of my bed, moonlight
Yes, I suppose there is frost on the ground.
Lifting my head I gaze at the bright moon
Bowing my head, thinking of home.

Jìng yè sī
Chuáng qián míngyuè guāng
Yí shì dìshang shuāng
Jǔtóu wàng míngyuè
Dītóu sī gùxiāng


Ms. Romano, 7th Grade

Quiet Night Thought
by Aniyah A.

My bed keeps me comfortable
My TV is very bright
My nightstand holds my beauty products
My cover keeps me warm at night when it’s cold.

Before I Go To Sleep
by Jakayla V.

I turn my lights off.
I turn my TV on.
I grab my phone and put it on the charger.
I grab my phone and put it on the DVD.
Then I go on social media and sometimes send funny reels
To my brother/best friend.
I sometimes just leave my phone alone and lay in the dark
and overthink.
Sometimes I still stay on the phone I go to sleep. and fa
fall asleep with it my hand
and sometimes my best friends/friends go to sleep on the phone.
And sometimes. I’ll be on my phone all night.

and before I go to sleep, I make sure I’m hydrated
and if I’m hungry or dehydrated, I make sure I eat
and when I’m done eating and drinking, I use the bathroom
so I would feel calm at night and not have to wake
ip in the middle of the night.

Ms. Turner, 6th Grade

by Jamarion C.

At the foot of my bed
I look out the window
Getting a phone call
dreaming of money
Hoping to wake up the next day.

At Night
by Jia B.

In my house at night, I look
out the window. I see cars and
people walking by. In my house, at
night, I see paintings and pictures
on my wall. In my house at night
I think bout tomorrow wondering
and worrying what tomorrow may

Ms. Romano, 7th Grade

by Antonio F.

At night I see my feet
as I look down, I hear my
mother. I don’t know what time
people go to bed. I hope to wake
up the next day.

by Lyric W.

At night, I see my phone
cause it helps me sleep
and the music from it keeps
my asleep. I think about
what I’m going to eat when I get
up from this really good sleep.
Every night I hope and pray that
God will wake me up the next day.

Ms. Turner, 6th Grade

Night Thoughts
by Josiah W.

Lying in bed, I think
about food while I hear the
raindrops touching the ground
outside while looking at my
TV hoping for money.

The Beauty of Nature
by Penelope H.

While I’m listening to my TV
I turn my head, doing off
but see that plant’s bright green
knowing that plant is going to see tomorrow
but hoping I will.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.