To Bee or Not to Bee

In classes last week we read Jean Toomer‘s poem, “Beehive.” We first clarified who was speaking in the poem, then discussed what a drone is (and does). There’s a lot of repetition in the poem, so we next examined why the poet used it, as well as imagery; are millions of bees really “passing in and out the moon . . . escaping out the moon . . . returning through the moon”? (Are there bees in space? Can they live and breathe there?) Some students then pointed out how unusual it was to describe honey (and bees) as silver—what could that mean? Maybe it has something to do with the moon’s glow, and how light looks as well as reflects.

Since there was a full snow moon last week, putting a moon into poems was this week’s prompt.

Mrs. Brown, 4th Grade

Layla D.

The moon so bright, shines through the night it will go up and down
without a fight when it’s up in the sky you don’t need
to ask why.

The air grows cold and the night is bold that’s
the moon.

Jahlani E.

The half moon, it looks pretty cool. Shaped like
a banana. Lives in the sky, also cannot fly.
Hides in the morning, comes out at night.
Half moons will always be cool.

Kota G.

there was a day when bees were
on the moon it was amazing
to watch it was fantastic.

Oriana H.

The moon so bright
at the lovely night
half or full don’t
matter as long as
we have light
A shooting
star passes
with a gleam in
the night sky.

The Moon
Jesse K.


The Book
Tori P.

The color was dark as night.
It was hard as a rock.
It was titled “Wonders of the Moon.”
The book reminds when I was little, I
was as curious as a cat wondering what the
moon has, what it needs and will I one
day visit it.
The moon is as round as a ball and as rocky
as a cave and gray as a mineral.

Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

Deshontay B.

It was night you can hear
wolves howling at the bright in
shining moon as you walk out
the house you can see the

Rebeca C.

They say there is a full moon
I start to howl,
The shiny, silver moon,
Reflects in the water,
The crickets are singing,
But the moon,
The big gray moon,
Shining over me,
Is the thing,
I like most.

The Moon
Shifa H.

The moon the silver moon
the moon so pretty the moon
astronauts go to the moon

so silver so bright
not anyone can take a flight

my sparkly shape shifting place
if I don’t like the moon, my name
won’t be lace the chase

who’s lace the chase
a big person who runs a race

to where my loon
why of course the moon!

Cameron K.

In a full moon
people become a werewolf

a werewolf starts attacking
everyone they see.

Cars are getting demolished
houses are getting destroyed

all because he is hungry
and looking for food.

The Moon
Rileigh M.

I was bored I didn’t
want to do anything else
but to go out but then
yet it was raining it was
on;y 6:30 the sun went down and
something went up I didn’t
know what it was somehow I
snuck out to see what it
was it’s the moon.

Heidi P.

There was a glistening shine
from up in the sky
I turn my head towards the light

And in the black night was a grey moon
shining bright

“Oh what a lovely night,” I said to myself
“Oh what a lovely night.”

Xya P.

The moon is not cheese
actually beautiful with more stars
above the earth next to the
moon amazing beautiful moon

Moon & Sun
Brooke S.

The moon
trying to compete with the sun
which one is brighter? Better?
The moon is bright you always see that
shining light following you home
your moon
your friend’s the sun it is
like arguing over something petty because
both of you are awesome!
Just always remember be your
own person and nobody else!

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

The Perfect Moon
Jordyn B.

I, the star
is jealous
the moon
is so perfect.
It can change
into different shapes,
different colors.
It could look
big or small.
It’s perfect.
But I am so bland
some nights you
can’t even see me
I am tiny he is big
I wish I could be
the moon

Preston D.

The moon is shiny
it shines in the dark sky
because it is shiny
it makes the night sky shiny
because it is shiny
it looks like cheese
because it is shiny
a guy called Bob ate it
because it is shiny
and it tastes like cheese
because it is shiny

Talking with the Moon
Mireya L.

I was just walking,
and talking.
No one was around
but then I got
an answer.
I looked around
but no one was there,
so I ran home but
as I walked in the
door I saw the moon.

The Moon
Benjamin M.

The moon is a moon. The moon is

Nicholas Z.

The moon is a moon
it is made out of cheese

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

Antonio A.

the moon is beautiful it is cool
it has so many forms it has
half, full, banana, and bloody
but when it’s all of its
forms shine bright like a

The Moon
Ben H.

It stares down every night giving you a fright
stares down at everyone giving them a terrible
night. With the eyes it looks at you as its
next sight.

The Orange in the Sky
Tanix L.

Once there was an
orange it is so annoying
he is also very
very mean he
is only nice to
his best best
friends one day
he was on the
moon he is scared
as heck he went

Eli M.

Hey Mr. Armstrong did you leave your boots on
the moon, are you the first person to walk
on the moon, are you as great as everybody
says you are?

Jamier M.

One day I was sitting on the moon
and it turned red and I fell off the
moon and fell on a wolf and he
started to make some weird
sound and I looked up it
was red and the wolf
started to chase me and
he bit my little butt then
I hollered so loud every-
body in the neighborhood
heard me

The Moon
Russell P.

full moon
super moon
lunar moon
solar moon

Banana Moon or Boomerang
Andrew R.

The banana moon is a moon
that is shaped like a banana
why does it look like that it’s because
half of the moon is covered or shaded

Sofia T.

The moon. The big bright
shiny silver moon
every day at night-
fall I see its
shiny self—crescent,
half, or full,
gleaming, just staying
there while
gleaming some night
I daydream and
dream about
stepping on it
seeing our wondrous galaxy



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.