The Things We Worry About @ Shoesmith 5th & 6th Grade

For their seventh virtual poetry residency Shoesmith Elementary’ s 5th and 6th grade explored ideas about worries. Usually worries involve being fearful or anxious about a situation that can possibly occur in the future. This can be worries about an upcoming test, making a speech, or going to a new school. Students were asked, “In what ways can you overcome your worries?” There were interesting responses such a listening to music, writing in a journal, drawing, meditation, and playing video games.

Together we read the poem, “Fifteen, Maybe Sixteen Things To Worry About,” by Judith Viorst. In the poem the speaker, a young girl creates a list of things she worries about. Some of her worries are silly and embarrassing such as My pants could maybe fall down when I dive off the diving board and My nose could maybe keep growing and never quit. While others are serious and at times scary such as My mom and dad—like Ted’s—could want a divorce and The world could end next Tuesday. Towards the end of the poem the speaker runs out of things to worry about and is now stuck doing her homework. Sometimes by talking about our worries can lift a heavy weight off our shoulders.

Inspired by Judith Viorst students wrote poems about their own worries. Please enjoy this week’s published poems.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


Mykhi’s Worries
By Mykhi C.

I’m worried that one day the earth will be destroyed and we won’t have a home.
I’m worried that life will be gone.
I’m also worried that I won’t be able to see again.
But one thing I’m not worried about is that I’ll be able to see my friends
and family again.
All of them and we will not have anything to worry about.
I’m not worried that I’ll carry on a legacy with my own story.
I’ll have a story to tell everyone in heaven and they’ll already know
because they have been watching over me and taking care of me all my life.


Samia’s Worries
By Samia J.

I worry that A monster could come out of my closet.
I worry that my little sister’s Elmo toy will come alive.
I worry that Stranger Things will keep me waiting for season 4 .
I worry that the picture that I made with a lady with one big eye and mouth comes alive.
I worry that there will be a zombie apocalypse.
I worry that Black people and other races will never get freedom.
I worry that all of the shows will be cancelled.
I worry that I will catch the virus.
I worry that I wont see my brother after he leaves for college.
I worry that I will have nightmares all my life.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


Morgan’s Worries
By Morgan H.

My dog could start talking to me.
My phone could maybe become broken.
My god brother could hurt himself.
The cats could take over the world.
The school could close.
Maybe I could be taller.


Worries About Falling
By Khary N.

Falling is very dangerous
Falling is very deadly.
Many things can make you fall.
Like skydiving and hang-gliding.
Falling can get very scary
and many people do things that can make you fall.
Falling is not fun at all.
You are going to get hurt.


What if
By Ashton S.

What if the car stops in the middle of the highway?
What if a tree falls and hits the road?
What if my building falls down and hits the floor?
What if my tv breaks and hits my desk?
What if the microwave blows up?
What if the mirror shatters?



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


Elijah’s Worries
By Elijah G.

I am worry that I can fall at any time.
I am worry that I can die at any time.
I am worry that something embarrassing can happen at any time.
I worry that I can have F’s in all my classes.
I worry that I can be killed because of the color of my skin.
I worry that I can grow and get too tall.
I worry that a cat can come out of the toilet.
I worry that my house can just get up and move.
I worry that if everything I touch breaks.


Worry Is A Game
By Jakar T.

I worry if I will make it to heaven.
A Triceratops could eat my fingers.
I worry if my grandma will survive COVID-19
A flower might destroy the whole earth.
I worry if my headphones will break
A rabid dog might be created to kill you
I worry if I eat too much yogurt my yogurt might eat me back.
My sister might not wake up.
I worry if I brush and comb my hair too hard my hair might come out.
I wonder if my marker would turn into a knife and go on a killing spree
I worry if I leave my dog outside, it might run away.
What if a 20 foot tall demon came to this earth and crushed everyone
What will happen if my house collapses while I’m sleeping.
I worry if police brutality happens to me, will I survive.

I worry if I go to sleep without brushing my teeth my teeth might fall out.
I worry if a saber tooth tiger will bite my arm off.
I worry if I forget my multiplication, my knowledge would fall off.
I worry if saber tooth tigers are secretly still alive.


Landon’s Worries
By Landon W.

I worry that I could have a heart attack and die.
I worry that I will lose my PC.
I worry that my friends would hate me.
I worry that I will get Covid-19.
I worry that my house will just burn down.
I worry that I will lose all my money.
I worry that my favorite rapper will die.
I worry that I will lose my arms.
I worry I will lose my room.
I worry that I will lose my nephew and nieces.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2


Nyla’s Worries
By Nyla G.

What if there was nobody to watch me?
What if anime could become real?
A tornado could take me away from my family.
What if the earth’s reality could glitch?
What if anime didn’t exist no more?
What if my parents could disappear?
What if my mom decides to have another child?
What if my umbrella breaks while raining?


Alyce’s Weird Worries
By Alyce J.

A car can crash into me.
I could die in a car accident.
I could lose my leg by jumping off a roof.
I could die by eating poisoned food.
I could lose my arm from playing with knives.
A fire could maybe destroy my mom and dad’s car.
A tornado could maybe swift me up.
A ocean could maybe drown me.
A bird could maybe poop on me
I could lose my fingers from a disease.


What If I Catch A Sleep Paralysis?
By Demetrion P.

What if I catch a sleep paralysis?
The state of not being able to move.
Trying to talk like a fish gasping out of water.

I might see things that aren’t there.
Seeing a big shadowy figure over me.
What if it feels like it goes on for hours?
Paralyzed not able to move.
What if I catch a sleep paralysis?



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.