“The sunset is smiling.” Nature Odes @ Avondale Logandale

Last week at Avondale Logandale, we had fun reading Ode to Enchanted Light by Pablo Neruda aloud with excitement – we’ve been having a lot of fun working on reading poems aloud with feeling! Then, I asked the students to explore using imagery, similes, and metaphors to write their own odes to celebrate something they find to be enchanted in nature. 

Scroll down to enjoy this week’s published odes!


Ms. Lozada
4th Grade


Ode to the Woods
Dylan V.

Under the woods
like an acorn, there I was.
Celebrating the woods.
We partied, we played and
then we had another party
Then, I learned how to climb the trees
and we were best friends.
The woods and I learned new
things in the woods
and then I had fun
in the woods and
I was happy.



Tropical Beach
Isaly R.

The magical sand is hot
The sun hits the water
The shimmering water is perfect
The sun is shining beautifully
It’s quiet so you can relax
The palm trees have sweet coconuts
There is ice cream
There’s unlimited food

Tropical Beach Poem Art by Isaly R. –
Ms. Lozada – 4th Grade



Forest Cracks
JanLexis R.

I feel the fresh air
going through my nose.
I could smell beautiful flowers.
I can feel the wind blowing by me.
I hear tree branches cracking,
animals stepping on wood.
I hear those wonderful birds
talking to each other.



Ode to the Pool
A’kayla W.

Big, blue, clear summer
relaxing and cool.
I hear splashing,

The wind is blowing.


Ms. Miller
3rd Grade


Ode to the Enchanted Garden
Angeliz G.

Ode to the Enchanted Garden and…

squirrels munching nuts everywhere in the land.
Rabbits eating and jumping around.
Flowers blooming at the sky.
Tree leaves crunching with every step.
Waterfalls drizzling in the land.
Butterflies flying around.
Birds chirping and singing,
rocks dropping everywhere on the ground.
Nuts falling on the ground.
Dragonflies flying around.
Bees buzzing fast.
Hummingbirds buzzing and zip-zapping.
Rainbows in the sky talking.



Ode to the Enchanted Beach
Camila Z.

There are birds flying
There’s an ocean bubbling
There’s an umbrella
There are chairs
There’s food
There’s a sun and a rainbow
There’s myself



Walking Through the Forest
Mariah F.

Walking under the trees,
birds whistling
like the river.
The waterfall swooshing
through the wind,
wind swooshing through all the trees,
frogs hopping on leaves.
Tree leaves falling on the ground
on a cold rainy day.
Leaves dropping through branches
moving through the grass.
Jumping on puddles,
wind splashing through the rivers.
Flowers growing through the trees.
Wood peckers pecking through the woods.
Trees flowering as rain falls through the ground.

This is my ode to walking through the forest.



Ode to Star Rock
Gabriel G.

Star Rock, the calm place.
Star Rock, the key to relaxing.
Star Rock, the place for celebration.
Star Rock, the place for mother nature.
Star Rock can be a place for romance.
Star Rock, the place of smooth little waters.
Star Rock, the place for warm days.
Star Rock, the place for forward and backward trees.
Star Rock, the place for muddy caves.
Star Rock, the place for smooth moving palm trees.
Star Rock, the place of loving tunnels.
Star Rock, the king of nature.
Star Rock, the place for memories.



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade


Ode to the Forest
Megan T.

Ode to the forest and the…

many leaves I step on each day,
the birds chirping and the crickets singing.
Your leaf colors are so bright.
You produce fruits like
blueberries and strawberries
and they are deliciousss!
The bark is rough,
and the leaves are soft.
Plus, your water is soooo perfect.
Your raindrops are like mini mirrors
falling from the sky.
Pure water sprays like a hose,
cools me when I’m a hot chili pepper.

The bark is most important for the ants.
Nature and animals are always together.
That’s what I like.



Nature Ode to the Forest
Noah A.

Rainbow and rivers,
clouds and trees are all
a part of nature.
Nature is a mother.
Mother Nature has sand,
air and animals.
This is my ode to the forest.



Ode to the Beach
Brandon C.

The beach is like a paradise with…

water streaming in the ocean.
Fish swimming in patterns,
trees growing to the top
of the sand that’s crunchy and soft.
Birds singing all the day.
Water in rocks that are hard,
the wind blowing water to create waves.
People playing with soft, square
sand castles that look like ankles.
Calm people sleeping and dreaming.
Birds with colorful patterns.
the clouds, so white and fluffy.



Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Ode to the Garden
Sophia B.

Ode to the garden and the…

flowers blooming every day from rain.
Dirt all around in a peaceful place.
Kids playing in grass and puddles.
Birds chirping and singing everywhere.
Insects crawling all around.
Puddles splashing.
Rain falling from everywhere.
Skies are bright sky blue.
Clouds covering the moon.

Sunset begins.
My garden is the luckiest,
most beautiful place in the world.



Oh Butterfly!
Jaliyah D.

Oh, butterfly!

The butterfly is colorful.
The butterfly is floating on
a leaf.
The smell is like flowers.
The butterfly is flying around
a flower.
The butterfly is flying
to the fountain.



Ode to the Woods
Silana N.

The sunset is smiling.
Land tickling my feet.
Rain is here.
I see a pretty tree,
cute little animals sleep,
as I listen to the birds’ song.
The woods is so calm.
I see my dog running free.
I see butterflies flying in the sky.
Leaves on my toes,
as I begin running like a lion.
My big cousins chase me through
the fresh air
and out of the woods.

Bye-bye, woods.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.