“The sounds of friends laughing” Imagery and Memory with South Loop Poetry Club!

This week at South Loop Poetry Club, our poets studied imagery and asked ourselves, how can we put someone else in our shoes? Using Nikki Giovanni’s Knoxville, Tennessee, we drew inspiration from the different sensory details of one of her favorite memories to write our own poems. We talked about how first and second person can change what a piece of writing sounds like, and decided to implement it in some new pieces. Hope you enjoy!


South Loop Poetry Club


The Migrants…

By Cole C.


Every time you going somewhere

you past…

a police station

you see migrants…


Sitting here feeling safe

kids using

donated stuff…


You think about

how they got here

and know….


They were


from Africa

and escaped

for freedom.


You felt sad for them

you wanted to help them

your feeling made you

feel bad…


You walk again

to the police station again

you decide to give





The migrants

really thanked you

You were so happy

you helped…


A Trip to Midway

Totally not the other airport

By George


I see planes all around me


laughter and talking is what you hear


you smell not that fuel


your fresh air


and smell the melting of a fighter jet



By Mia P., 5th Grade


Friends at a

Asian restaurant in

Chinatown, laughing, talking, singing,

chewing. The smell of Asian food

that makes your stomach rumble.

Delicious sauce and meat

with the sugary, sweet, fizzy

taste of strawberry ramune.


Birthday Story

By Audrey


I had

Birthday presents

My friends sang me

happy birthday

the birthday cake

smelled like vanilla

whipped cream at

the end I felt happy

that people came.


Championship Game

By anonymous


Opponent faces in a champion game

People cheering and screaming

Smells like turf and rubber


The Pool

By Annabel G.


Best friend in the pool,

with me and her siblings


The sound of friends laughing,

and water splashing.


Warm food I eat after the pool.


tastes like pool water because it is.

light and warm


My big bro

By Morgan F.


My big bro breaden


As quiet as a chicken on a grill


smells like too much perfume on a woman


tastes like boba tea


smooth as a baby’s butt.


“Do-or-die” A Dream

The Battle of Midway

By Zachary G.


Zero’s blackening the sky

with the Rising Sun on the



Anti-air-craft fire pounding bam-bam

and the sound of fighter planes


Smells like gunpowder and fuel


Tastes like blood and dust


My finger on the cold metal trigger of

an AA gun aimed at the sky




Land of Dreams

By Oliver G.


let me take you to a

world dreams a lush forest

covers my mind leprechauns run

free and sirens roam seas I

smell fragrance in the place of

m favorite myths of kings and

queens fairies fly and dragons

die when I find the end of the

rainbow I know I’m there.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.