The Perfect Dream

For our ninth virtual lesson together, Dubois students explored the meaning of dreams. Dreams are usually images when see in our sleep. Dreams can involve fantasies, but also goals we want to achieve in reality, and wish to happen in the future.

Together we read an discussed the poem “What The Ocean Dreams Of In Its Secret Heart,” by teen poet Sahana Rangooni, who was featured in the anthology “Paint Me As I Am.” In her poem there are two dreamers, the ocean and the speaker. Ocean dreams of sun and birds/ Ocean dreams of summer, sunflowers, and fog. Some students were confused. How can a ocean dream of flowers, when its only water? One student mentioned how water can travel, evaporating in the clouds, becoming the same rain that nourishes the flowers. The same field of flowers the speaker dreams of. I dream of you and I/ sitting in  the middle of a field/ between the flowers. Despite their differences the ocean and speaker share a similar dream.

Inspired by Sahana Rangooni, students wrote poems describing the dreams of creatures and objects, as well as their own unique dreams. Please enjoy these dreamy poems.



Ms. Dydo
8th Grade


By Jayla J.

Close your eyes and dream
Dream of the perfect place to scream
Let your thoughts run wild
Close your eyes and dream
I dream of water
Oceans to be specific
My favorite body of water is called the Pacific
I also dream of gray
Maybe even white
My dreams often change throughout the night


What do I dream
By Talia L.

I dream of completing my life
So my legacy can come through
I dream of going to school
So I can graduate
I dream to go to beauty school
So I can learn how to do hair
I dream of getting money
So I can donate to charities
I dream of feeding the homeless
So they don’t have to live in the streets
I dream of having a family
So all of us can be happy


A balloon’s dreams
By Elijah R

I dream of being filled with air like the others
And being given to a child by their mothers
So They can love and be astonished an by my colors
I dream of fly high above the city and it lights
And even flying so high that I can say hello ,

to the people on their flight

I dream of not just me but all my friends

We would build a colony of balloons and never have to descend

Until we’re need to bring love and joy to the ones that can not ascend


By Adriana S.

Dreamland is a quiet place where we show and share love

We accept all shapes and sizes love in dream land is where no

One can hurt you you can dream of anything and anywhere

My dream is being a actress sometimes

I dream of God letting Me into heaven



Ms. Dydo
7th Grade



Dream On
By Chiyah B.

I’ve had a dream sitting in the stars
I’ve had a dream about being a queen
I know you have had that dream once
I’ve had a dream about living in a mansion
I wanna dream about eating corn all day!
I know you have


Nevaeh B.

A horse dreams of racing
A mouse dreams of cheese
A pen dreams of paper
A book dreams of being read
I dream of volleyball
I dream of being a youtuber
I dream of meeting CoryX Kenshin
I dream of food


Lifeless Dreams
By Kaliah B.

Vampires dream of hot weather
Vampires dream of having a appetite that’s no flesh
Vampires dream of seeing the day of light without sunglasses
Vampires dream of mortality
I dream of being so hot from the humid weather

I start to evaporate of human dretch

I dream of being hungry for a meat sandwich not made of flesh

I dream of being able to go out in sunlight
I dream to see that burning yellow ball everyone talks about without my eyes burning

I dream of not having cold hands all the time

I dream of growing up
I dream of not being 17 all my life
I dream of being able to look in a mirror and see myself
I dream of not seeing a monster when i look in the mirror
I dream of having not having to be awake for eternity for this nightmare to end

I dream to fall in love
I dream of having a soul


Dreams of Shadows 
By Amari

Some dreams are happy some dreams are sad

But my dreams are blank pitch black its like I’m stuck somewhere I can’t get

In that dreamland I dream of getting out of that wormhole to a place where I can see the light instead of the dark

But after all that dreaming I’m still in this dark place I cant get out of The dark dreams of the light the light dreams of the dark

Its a dream of a setsunai meaning of a miserable dream



Ms. Dydo
6th Grade


A dream of a buffalo
By Deniyah L.

Buffalo dreams of meeting there soul mate
Buffalo dreams of
Not getting eaten and becoming hamburgers,
Their home not getting destroyed,
Protecting their young or family
Buffalo dream of the sky, breathing the fresh air, and
I dream of being
A famous gamer and


I Have A Dream
By: Demonte R.

My uncle’s two dogs dream of walking down the sidewalk
My uncle’s two dogs dream of chasing another dog
My uncle’s two dogs dream of running around outside on grass
My uncle’s two dogs dream of eating my leftover chicken bones
I dream of buying homeless people and my family house and cars I dream of becoming

a professional football player

I dream of having my own business
I dream of a 4 story house built from the ground up


I dream
By Kyla W.

I dream that us young people stop signing ourselves to the streets I dream that us young people can stand together and not kill each other

I dream that we can stop being scared to be outside and have fun in our neighborhood without being in fear of getting hurt

I dream that we can have peace and unity

I dream that us young people would stop dropping out of school so early I dream that us young people can live till our old ages

I dream that us young people can make a difference in this world

I dream that us young people don’t have to make bad decisions that will change our lives forever

I dream that us young people can change this world for the better I dream that us young people can stop killing one another

I dream that us young people show these naysayers that we can do more than go to jail or be dead



Ms. Dydo
5th Grade



The Perfect Dream
By Jaylen B.

In this place no one can get
Hurt in this place whatever
You think of becomes
Reality in this place
What ever you dream of happens
What ever you want to do you do
In this place you are who you are


By Janiya P.

The clock dreams of going to sleep.
The clock dreams of walking on land.
The clock dreams of taking a swimming class. The clock dreams of everything.
I dream of becoming a basketball player.
I dream of getting the last hop before the timer goes off. I dream of being a NBA star.
I dream of playing basketball.


World of Dreams
By Marvin S.

In the world of dreams
we don’t know what we are dreaming
the dogs dream that they have a lot of toys to play with and that they have another dog to play with
all the humans dream that they live in a big house and they had a burger to eat but I dream about becoming a famous singer or a gamer and I have a lot of burgers
I live in a big house and I have the fastest car in the world




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.