The One-Armed Snowman Winter

This week we read “Nothing but Drums” by Oscar Hijuelos. Discussion of the poem concentrated on metaphor and writing with descriptive language. Students chose one noun to focus on for their poems.

Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 1

Just Love
Zoey B.

Nothing but Love
The peaceful cloud of Love.

Love is a spark-lightning-shine in the heart.

Nothing but Love in the world.

Nothing but Love in space between care and thoughtful.

Giving a rose is like a water-splash-waterfall of Love.

Nothing but Babies
Tsehai D.

There are nothing but babies,
babies with bottle babies, and babies
wanting Mama babies.

Babies that cry an ocean’s worth
of water, babies that could care
less babies.

Babies with diapers more full than
a 100 percent battery, babies that are
scared of the dark babies.

Babies that go to sleep easily babies,
babies that scream with the sound
of a siren babies.

Babies who play babies, babies that
are just babies.

Nothing but Friends
Tyler L.

And now nothing but friends
The let’s hang out friend
The you’re my best friend
The I will be your friend to the end
The do you want to come over to my house friend
The let’s watch a scary movie friend
The I will die for you friend
The want to have some pizza friend
The you can come to my birthday friend
The happy birthday friend
The caring friend
What kind of friend are you
You’re my best friend

Nothing but Food
Nina W.

The corner store food
The supermarket food
The food that I can’t eat because
my blood sugar is too low food
The food that’s gross because
it’s veggies food
The food that’s good because
it’s junk food


Ms. Wesson
5th Grade
Group 2

Nothing but Soccer
Justin B.

And now nothing but soccer,
the video game soccer, the
one-sided game soccer, the making
your own move soccer, the watching
on TV soccer, the master plan soccer,
the winning the finals soccer,
the man of the match soccer,
the hat trick soccer, the dream
team soccer, the sad lost soccer,
the free style soccer, the getting
a scholarship soccer, the winning the
World Cup soccer.

Nothing but Dancing
Kalaya B.

And now nothing but dancing
The hip-hop 24/7 dancing
The mom and daughter dancing
The I don’t want to stop dancing
The let’s make a dance dancing
The I love to dance dancing

Nothing but Video Games
Sean J.

And now nothing but video games
the always LeBron James on 2K video games
the winning build battles on Fortnite video games
the Batman vs. Superman video games
the all weekend long video games
the “turn that thing off” video games

Nothing but Roses 
Jasmine S.

And now nothing but roses
Cute surprises roses
Red as juice roses
Small hearts roses


Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 1

Nothing but Family
Phyn’x B.

And now, nothing but family
The Mario Kart playing family
The eating a Big Mac and fries at McDonald’s family
The laughing at funny movies family
The winning all at the prizes at Chuck E. Cheese family
The getting soaked at Six Flags family

Nothing but Food
Damonte C.

And now, nothing but food
The homemade tacos food
The microwave Ramen noodles food
The cheesy Pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s food
The Grandma’s spaghetti food
The Oreos and milk food
The so many choices food

Nothing but Shopping
Nia M.

And now nothing but shopping
The Mommy can you hold my bags shopping
The no matter the cost shopping
The let’s get matching jackets shopping
The looking online shopping
The let’s go to the mall shopping
The already knowing the cost shopping
The girl I’m on a budget shopping
The going to the movies after shopping
The no put that back down shopping
The when we get in the store don’t touch nothing shopping

The Mommy can you pay for half shopping
The back to school shopping
The I finally got my allowance shopping
The don’t ask for nothing shopping
The being broke but feeling rich shopping
The looking for new shoes shopping
The I got the same thing at home shopping
The dang my Momma ain’t gon let me get that shopping
The swiping my card too much shopping
The don’t got enough money for that shopping
The shoe shopping
The clothes shopping
The picture day shopping
The school dance shopping
The buying the whole store shopping

Nothing but Winter
Hamza N.

And now, nothing but Winter
The never stops snowing Winter
The snowball fights after school Winter
The one-armed snowman Winter
The frozen Lake Michigan Winter
The need a heavy coat Winter
The always indoor recess Winter
Nothing but Snow Days all Winter


Ms. Henry
6th Grade
Group 2

Nothing but Food
Jason C. 

And now nothing but food.
The when you’re about to eat food.
The eggs bacon grits sausage breakfast food.
The when you’re sad food.
The nachos popcorn Skittles movie food.
The meatloaf surprise school food.
The frozen cuisine corner store food.
The crackers and cheese sample food.
The chicken sandwich McDonald’s food.

Nothing but Netflix
Madison G.

And now nothing but Netflix
The I’m crying from laughter Netflix
The drama-filled Netflix
The press to continue Netflix
The hand me a tissue Netflix
The never ending chapters Netflix
The three episodes Netflix
The supposed to be asleep but sneaking Netflix
The why do Barry Allen have to married Netflix
The I could have done it better Netflix
The why didn’t you do it sooner Netflix

Nothing but Game
Eric J.

Now nothing but games
A battery of games, the game with action
on PS4 game,
and the raging-nonstop game,
crying-over-virtual-currency game,
the-drawing-12 card-game.

Nothing but Music
Courtney P.

And now nothing but music
The feet-tapping music
The fingers-snapping music
The hand-clapping music
The singing-in-the-shower music
The crazy-dancing-with-your-best-friends music
The Snapchat-video music
The lip-syncing into a hairbrush music
The stuck-in-your-head music
The emotional music
The love-song music
The favorite playlist music



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.