The Many Layers of a Vegetable (or Fruit)

Reading “Yam” by Bruce Guernsey, we examined a small pile of interesting vegetables and fruits that I brought in for us to look at, and described them in poems. We tried out some ways that line and stanza breaks can impact the reading of a poem, enjambed lines in particular. We also made quite a mess.

Room 314

The Layers of a Pomegranate
Bryan S.

mini juice bombs,
if you squish them they explode.

layers of pods
separated by dry
shedded reptile skin.

A big red apple
with a beehive inside.

Cranberry-color popcorn kernels
with a fragile skin.

That’s the many layers of a pomegranate.

Cassandra B.

Autumn brown ouside
Inside is winter white

Zebra stripes as roots
Torch like the Olympics

Has bumps like a road
Looks like a mini tree

Bark shines like fish scales in light
Hard like a warrior but soft like a lover

Fruta sangre
Genesis R.

Parece una manzana pero no lo es,
su color resplandeciente rojo sangre
habido nuestra mirada nos tienta.

A comerla, para que so sabor nos
vuelva locos y endulce nuestra boca.

Su piel es aspera
como la de un elefante
En su interior guarda un secreto
Sus semillas, las envueltas en
un gran y sabroso liquido

Su nombre no lo puedo decir
pero este es seguro: de que su
apariencia te encantará
y te fascinará tus sentidos

Blood Fruit
Genesis R.

It looks like an apple but it is not,
Its shining blood-red color
Gets our attention, touches us.

Eating, its flavor drives us crazy
and sweetens our mouth.

Its skin is rough
like an elephant’s
In its interior keeps a secret:
Its seeds, wrapped in
a deep and flavorful liquid

I cannot say its name
but this is certain: that its
appearance will captivate you
and fascinate your senses

Room 320

Squashed Squash
Justin B.

the squash slowly walks away,
it uses its back as a shield.

it rushes as slow as a turtle
hoping not to get squashed.

its shell is mistaken for a heart
shaking resembling a heartbeat.

finally it is an acorn
being attacked by squirrels.

Evil Jicama
Naomi K.

It’s alive, a
walking jicama.

Its evil is rom
the underground, it
gets stronger and

stronger by fear.
At night it roams
the ciy with nothing
but evil.

It’s not from Earth.
It’s from the world
of evil vegetables.

The Pomegranate Song

Pomegranate is her name!
she has a lot of beads

you eat it like a corn ear
it looks like a corn peeled

you break the pomegranate
it has a lot of chambers

if you see the chambers
it looks like a beehive chamber!

Room 322

Gabriela G.

An artichoke is like a cake
It has many layers
It is very wet and soft in between the layers
It’s purple on one part so it looks like a design
From one point of view it looks rotten
It smells like a greenhouse
Like plant

Cactus Fruit
Katherine V.

It is small, smooth and soft
like a tiny little mouse

green with some fur
not spiky at all

not at all like a cactus not at all
soft smooth not rough

but like a small

Jocelyn A.

Something brown on the outside
Looking like bark from a tree.

White on the inside,
So white like snow.

It’s so hard,
But hard like a rock.

It smells old,
Old as a sock that hasn’t been washed.

The jicama is heavy,
Heavy as an iPad.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.