The Beginning

TEAM Englewood – Week 5

Tim Seibles is definitely one of my favorite poets of any era. He is wacky and serious at the same time – which is probably my favorite emotion too. He often writes (beautifully) in the voices of cartoon characters, before persona poems jumped the shark, and there’s a pulsating kindness at the center of everything he does.

This week we read his poem “First Kiss” dedicated to lips. I admit my performance of his poem is a little sillier than his own, and I think the 9th graders picked up on that. One boy said, “I don’t know, man, he seems a little goofy. Especially with the birds driving the car.” I said something like, “Listen, if you want ladies to be impressed with you, this is exactly what you need to sound like.” Please pardon my heteronormativity. Utilizing a lesson created by another brilliant poet, Scott Beal, we wrote about first times.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

5th Period


“First Time I Rode My Bike”



My first time I tried to ride

my bike, I kept falling. It was

like trying to walk on water,

Impossible. As I got up, I tried again

this time my father helped me, then

he pushed me. As I started peddling

I looked back and I was nearly 50 feet away

from my dad. Then I looked forward – finally I got it.

I felt like I was riding off into

the sun like E.T.


“My First Smack”


Ouch, cry, scream

a red print screened

across the face. Laugh

tears, pain, you heard

a bang. Stomp, yell,

smack again & again

I felt attacked like a fly with

a fly swatter. “Runnnn!” is what I

thought as my jaw

slung with a swing.

“Ouch” is all I could

spit out.


“First Boyfriend”

Latara W.


My first boyfriend

is the boy I call my “forever boy.”

Meaning we’re not together,

but our hearts will be with each other

for forever!

Our love is like Honey!
“Sweet as candy.”

Our trust is as healthy as our bodies.

He makes me feel like a Queen

and I look up to him as my King.

“Every Queen needs a King.”

He warms my heart

like the beginning of summer.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

7th Period


“The First Time I got on a Rollercoaster”



The first time I got on a rollercoaster

I was under my skin

I was like a new baby chick

seeing the world for the first time. It felt

like the world was coming down

it took my breath away

like a doctor unplugging my life support,

like an astronaut going into space and not

coming down to see his family.

It felt like I wasn’t going to see the next day,

but it was awesome.

“My First Time Playing a Video Game”

Robert F.


Video games, video games

so fun it felt like I was there

my little sister asked can she play

I said “No! Go play with your hair,”

and she said “Not fair!”

I said “mom, can you come her

before I smack her out this chair?”

“The First Time I got Chased by a Pitbull”

Brandon L.


The first time I got chased by a pitbull

it felt as if I was in a race for my life.

As I ran, I would turn back to look how far I was.

It made me want to stop, but then I thought about

what would happen if it caught me.


I ran and I ran, but never did I stop

and when I saw a truck on top I had to hop.

I jumped on the truck, but thought what if he

jumped up her, too, so I hopped on a garage to get

out of sight and view.


When I hopped on the garage, I tried to catch my breath

then I looked down at the dog, and thought he must

have good health.

Because for him to chase me for four blocks he must

never run out of breath

and if this dog would have caught me, I thought I would’ve

met death.

Ms. Dube – 9th grade

8th Period


“My First Trophy”

D’Shawn M.


My first trophy

was like the Statue of Liberty

in my house.

More spectacular than learning

to speak words up out my mouth.

It was like the landing on the moon,

or the miracle of a butterfly

coming out of a cocoon.

It was like my life had been awakened

or my first time tasting bacon.

“First Love”

Sequoyah S.


He was any & everything I could ask for

funny, like a comedian

crazy, like a psycho

outgoing, like a lion

weird, like me.

He was wonderful, to me

great to see

perfect to meet

& outspoken like me,

but he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend.

He turned into

a liar, like a lawyer

guilty, like a suspect

mean, like an animal

& horrible to me.

I hope I never fall hard like this again.

If so, I hope he’s the one for me,

I hope he’ll be with me till the end

I hope he doesn’t turn into the one above

I hope he’s the one I can forever love.

“What is Love at First Sight?”

Bryan P.


What is love at first sight?

How does it feel?

She was like a warm bottle of milk putting

a newborn to sleep

touching her, seeing her everyday

hearing her stadium loud sounds she cry

when the ball go in.

It was like my new favorite toy

I would never leave her, I was her permanent scar.

Explaining how much I cherish her was like explaining

the taste of water.

Now basketball is in my life forever

I love Spaulding.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.