Techno? Yes!

Halloween was this past weekend, so last week I brought in Kyle Dargan‘s “The Robots Are Coming.” This sci-fi-ish poem describes some giant robots from outer space who come to Earth with intentions of conquering it and eating us! Even though the poem has a lot of big words in it, I asked the students to focus on the images of the invaders—how are they pictured? What can we do to stop them? I also asked them how this poem looked in comparison to the others we’ve read so far. Many identified its single stanza and the fact that the title is also part of the first line in the poem.

The theme for writing was Halloween: trick-or-treating, costumes, the fall weather—whatever the students chose to focus on. Check ’em out!

Ms. Thiel, 2nd Grade

Candy Mandy!
Jane H.

I love candy, it is mandy! Candy!
Mandy! Candy! Mandy! Trick or
treat! Trick or treat! Yum! Yum!
Rum! I love candy! You love
candy! Yum! Yum! Yummy!
Yaaaaayyy! Candy! Happy Halloween!

Nasir L.

IHOP has pancakes with
candy corn in scary
faces on them. After
you eat it the
face just disappears.

And I’m going to be
Batman for Halloween.

Iron Man Is Alive!
Aryan N.

Ny costume is Iron Man and my
dad got me a zombie bottle. Iron Man
ahh! Now that scared my candle out
of my hand. And today I will get lots
of candy from everyone in the world.
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Marynia N.

All children collect candy and say Trick or Treat.
And yet they dress in costumes. Almost all
children pipes which children not dress in
costumes. I really like Halloween.

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Ahmadalkenani E.

There once was a werewolf and he
also had a friend he was a zombie.
Once they went to the forest and
it was a scary forest. It was full
of ghosts and vampires.

Zombie Guy
Karsten H.

Oh, I will eat your

Whoa ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! You will die! I

will turn you in-
to a zombie.

I will give
a nightmare.

Now you got

zombie blood. I

just scared you

down, to the ground.
Yeah! Boo!!!! Run
for your

lives! Yeah baby.

Maple Leaf
Rishita J.

I saw a maple leaf I
pick it up I make
a costume and my
friends saw it.
Look down at the page.

Kaidan K.

You trick or treat to get candy!
And you can dress up for Halloween.
Yea yea!

Jackson M.

Once upon a time
there were forbidden
woods. It had werewolves
vampires and ghosts. On
Halloween night a
little boy dared his brother
to go into those woods.
But he did! He saw
werewolves, vampires, ghosts,
whites and zombies.
And was never to be
seen again.

Anthony S.

Spooky spooky skeletons in

their graves! What does skeletons
want brains to eat? Yum

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

The Vampire
Chloe B.

The night
was dark
and there
was nobody
around it
was scary
and creepy
but a
vampire showed
up with
a black
cape around
him he
was awfully
scary with
his sharp
teeth and
he said
you’re really
pretty. I
said well
I’m a
vampire too
like you.

The Pumpkin
Sebastian E.

There was a pumpkin small
and round unusually there were
some square and none (but himself)

he was laughed at for
being found but the others
were not bound to the ground

one day a super strong storm
blew and it knocked the
fence in two he was the
only one bound to the
ground so the others
were carried through
the fence in twos

and then one round
in the ground was
happy and sad but
the storm blew
him out the ground

Aiden F.

Sonic is fast.
Sonic is my costume for Halloween.
Sonic is weaker than a ghost.
Sonic is stronger than Knuckles.

Costumes and Candy
Evan L.

Costumes are sometimes
fancy and candy is yummy.
And they both come from Halloween!
Though some are spooky and some are
scary it’s all good.
With the yummy goods, and scary costumes,
who doesn’t like Halloween!
Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns, Wicked Witches, and
Spooky Spiders galore and even more!
(Hey I made that rhyme without even


It all seems so good! When it starts
all over it’s such a big

When the night is over and your
tummy’s full you just hop into

The costumes are good like werewolves, but
most are fun or silly like
Star Wars and Bananas. You can
be anything you want.

All you do is just tell trick or
treat and you get all the
candy you want depending on
if you want a lot.
(Which I know you do.)

Tyler L.

mom is sleepy I
am not we are trick-or-

now I’m sleepy she is

Bennett S.

Halloween, Halloween is so fun.
You could dress up as a bun.

You could carve a pumpkin just
for fun or you could trick or treat.

The Ghost
Londyn W.

Oh oh there’s a ghost so
oh everybody hating me so oh
how can I sleep without the ghost
touching me? He is the worst thing
in the world!

He’ll eat me oh no!

It is scary to look out
there. You are there!

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

Mechanical Things
Aidan C.

When pumpkins shine
and leaves fall
jack-o-lanterns blow
& Halloween comes.
Farmers decorate
scarecrows and they
scare off birds.
But when robots
come & they’re
painted orange,
people run.
Zombie apocalypses happen
& hordes of witches comes.
People have cooking knives
even though they don’t
know how to cook. They throw
yogurt & sugar
& books & pencils.
Mechanics come &
are destroyed with
a touch of
ice cream.
Lakes of water
are orange
and a festival for
Saints’ Day.

Plant vs. Monsters
R C.

Once a guy he plant plants and
multiplied them on Halloween then
the guy shouted at them to frighten them
so at 12:00 am they fought the
monster and won

Gabrielle P.

Halloween is
my favorite day
because you
get to trick or treat.
And you
get to put on
costumes. And
have fun. You can
have cupcakes and
a ton of candy.
It is like you can
do whatever
you like. Remember when
I said you can have
candy and trick or treat?
You can do that but
only if you want
to. You can even invite
a friend and celebrate.
I love

Alexander R.

Halloween is a day
when the monsters come with play
they will try to spook you.
If they do
you will have nightmares. Yes you.
So the best thing is to
try to not let them spook you.
It is not pleasant.
It is not right
but tell it to them
on Halloween night

Mostly Ghostly
Jordan W.

One day there was a guy
named Max the Magnificent
actually they just say that
he’s not a magnificent
he’s just an ordinary boy
pretending he’s a magnificent.
So one day he said
a spell this is what it said:
from the light of earth
the dark descends who
shall return in all depends.
The ghoul said that cursive
words. I forgot to tell you
he was at the house when
Max was at his magic
trick. Then something
funny happened to
Max he saw two girl +
boy ghosts they were people
not white flying through
the air.
Then they told them
what their names were.
Their names were Nicky + Terra
so they became friends.
Then the next morning
Max was going to school.

What I’m Going to Do on Halloween
Matthew W.

It is almost Halloween.
I don’t know what
costume to wear
and I am not
trick or treating.
I’m going to have
a Halloween party
and my friends are
coming too.

My mom is going to hide
the candy and we
will find it. Whoever
finds the most candy
wins. Then we’re going to
eat our candy and
we’re going to play games.
After playing games I
think we’re going to
eat pizza. I know
at least one of them
is going to sleep over
because one of my
cousins always goes to
my house and mostly
have a sleepover at my house.

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Sydney A.

green mean mice
are making midnight
micas in the moon
light daylight with
mumbling zombies
are eating eyeballs
and eating rats

Ella P.

One night all monsters
came out on a
dark night.

And the day was
called Halloween.

And everyone
was scared.

They were so scared
because of a ghost.

Janiyah P.

I saw a Charles
Lee Ray doll in my
friend’s window. It
was very scary. I don’t
go over there. I am
serious and his wife

Gigi S.

Every Halloween
I see a lot of scary
things like witches
and ghosts and zombies
and I go trick or treating.
I go up to each house
and say trick or treat?
I love all the scary
things I love
Halloween it is very
very fun?

On Halloween
Derrion S.

I am seeing I am
going trick or treat
I will love to see

Caleb W.

The walking talking bottle
The killer lips
The farting Devils

Jade Z.

will tear down
your life
there are tons of vampire
bats they will eat your
blood! You won’t hear
them will you! Ha ha ha!



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.